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  1. I agree with the statements on a lack of communication. Here is my 2 cents about my 2 experiences with customer support tickets. 1st Ticket took 3 weeks for an automated response that closed the ticket with out resolution. By the time it was answered, I had already leveled past the legacy transfer error and just let it drop. 2nd Ticket is STILL OUTSTANDING! Opened 9/22/20 the same day of the patch, We moved to a new house and my son logged into my account from the new IP to play. Since that day I can only see 1 - 3 online games, I can join them, but they are never at my game play level, so pointless. I can NOT invite or join my steam friends games... I have updated my ticket/email repeatedly with supporting screen shots. Why do I now mention this? A month with Z E R O feed back from customer support and a game I paid to back (I have finally received my rewards) that I can not play with my friends, just some low level strangers. Not that I don't mind carrying them from time to time, but that is not the point. Don't bring up discord, I don't use it and refuse to add another piece of software to my system. They have a support system already in place, they should not ignore it. OR their loyal customer base. At this point, communication is the key to their success or failure. They did a great job communicating while asking us backers for cash though!
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