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    Hey developers, how about you fix you class system before anything else. We should be able to use any class to hunt down end game content instead of 1 or 2. You have made to the huntress and monk are the only chars worth playing for farming. You made it so farming for anything in the game is nearly impossible unless you have 3 specific weapon and need to have a 4-man team to attempt to get it on mass. Bad enough you nerf the hell out of us on nightmare, then screw us on mass for nerf. I mean seriously it crap. I get that 10% of players like that level of a challenge but the other 90% do not. Anyone should be able to play the game solo on all skill levels and get end game content. Yes, I know this was deigned to be a group experience. but you make that completely point less by making ever mob increase in power per player joining. Multi player is supposed to make it easier not fucking harder. Yes, I do expect some challenge as I progress. but watching my dmg on insane be 1.135 go it to 113.5 k on nightmare and then drop to 11.35k on massacre. all the while the mobs just get more fucker power and gear does not even remotely scale to help. My own wife who love this series stopped playing with me a while back because it cease to be fun having to play an action tower defense and that starts off that way and ends up being a crappie tower defense. I should be able to play any class and handle all levels with those classes and those defenses only if I choose. Also, your stupid timers need to completely disappear. If I am stuck using multiple char defense, we as the play should have unlimited time to set up defense. now if you want to make the time as part of hardcore, that is fine you manual choose that difficulty. I set you right now as your game stands you have lost 80% of your fans do to lack of communication. I thank you all for putting in hard work. But no talking to us cost you fan base badly. Further note. unique drops should be on at the very least nightmare but also insane. not to mention there should be more than just 6. hell, where is the unique armor sets. speaking of which what is the point of having 4 styles of armor when there is on 1 slight difference between them. it makes it virtually pointless. Yes, I know there are many who will give me crap for what I wrote here. Yet some needs to tell them the truth the rest of you do not seem to want to. At the end of day this game should appeal to all on ever difficulty not just the 10%. making so on 2 classes are playable on nightmare and mass is a serious screw up in development period. Making so a player must make 4 of every char so you can make perfect builds and then make 1 special char to be dps is not only irresponsible but just down right unfun. last fix the bug that make so you tower stop change the dps per map you play its beyond bull.
  2. @Valthejean Apply for what? If they had lack of sales one has to wonder why. not enough people steaming it, not enough people talking about it. not enough publicity for it. so what would anyone be applying for. I feel like you know something we don't and are trying to bait us into following for scam you are employing.
  3. The main issue with the game is lack of updates. Every keeps say DD1 was the great game compared to the rest. But the only thing that made it great was it was fresh and new. it took them forever to finish the whole game and polish it to were its at today. which is great and shows they believed in there own game. I like DD2 more then one. that just me. But my major drawn back on DD2 was the micro transactions for skins. This game has the potential to be something great. Yet as it stands right now. its failing. Hell the made set gear that is pointless. yes its nice to get the 40% bonus but nothing other then that. Don't even get me started on the stupid useless times between rnd on the campaign from insane on. it causes so much useless stress. Then there is the nerf the do to you on nightmare and mass. basically making the grind pointless. My issue is the lack of any unique drops till mass. Grind should be fun and never feel like a chore. but at the end of the day. the developers prove they gave up. they don't respond to the fans the helped them get the money to make the game in the first place.
  4. @Batophobia You are right. I do hope they want to move the focus else were. Yet if this is the case. they need to state as much. I also get this year is not a normal year for anyone. At the same time they could at the very least acknowledge us as the consumers. This game isn't like FNAF were its one person doing all the work. because if that was the case we would all be beyond patient between updates. I do love this game series and know for a fact it has a lot of potential. I also know this was suppose to be a 9 act game tell a whole complete story for once. Yet as a fan. if I hear absolutely nothing from the developer. once can only assume they have given up on the game. Its getting mad down votes on steam due to just this.
  5. I do believe this game is dying. the developers give no feedback to us. the game is buggy as hell. I personally watched my own tower Nerf them selves. this morning I was do mass in alchemy and electric aura was doing 13k over clocked. I took a break for 20 mins came back and not doing only 9k over. same gear. In just the last 4 weeks I have watch the amount of player drop by 60%. because they are made because of bugs or have nothing else to do. Yet we keep asking the creators whats up and get wall of silence. Now they have all this kick starters money and we have little to nothing to show for it. So developers if you are reading this. giving us at the least once a month updates letting us know you still care is the least you can do. If you have giving up on the game then have the common curtsy to say as much so we can uninstall and move on.
  6. Have you as the developers given up on your own kick starter? If so please have the common decency to tell us so we stop wasting our time on a dead game.
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