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  1. Odd, it won't let me. I can change my email address, but not my display name. That seems backwards :(
  2. I emailed them last night, and when I spoke to Philip today that is exactly what he said to do. So now I'm just waiting on support.
  3. I think if there was a target priority it would be helpful. In Bloons TD you can select "Closest, First, Strongest, Last" That was so helpful as I could designate one or two specifically for the stronger guys, or for the first. At the very least a target priority should be built in with Fliers first. I would have some of my DSTs set with Fliers then Strongest, and some set to Fliers then Closest
  4. I got 4 codes for the game from KS. I redeemed one a while ago, and just tried to redeem a second one for my daughter to play with me. None of the other 3 codes worked. They all said they were already claimed. Who do I need to talk to to resolve this? Thanks!
  5. I will agree that I hate the build timers. I'm a slow builder, and my daughter can't build at all because she isn't a hardcore gamer. The timers kill any casual aspect of the game. There needs to be some kind of storage in the tavern! I'm carrying around 2 screens of pets because I want to keep them! Simply give us a place to store things and it's added collecting as a whole other task! I like the idea of item reforging a lot. Looking forward to seeing that, hopefully it isn't months away. I thought the trading that Blizzard implemented was pretty good. Can add items and/or money, both players click agree, if something is added after one player clicked agree, then it resets so they have to click again. DO NOT DO ANY KIND OF AUCTION HOUSE! 1) That destroyed the economy in WoW 2) There isn't enough of a played base to make spending time on it worth it. But to be honest, I think there are so many other things to work on/fix before trading. Lastly, why are you splitting time with console ports right now? Why not complete the game, THEN port it over. The console will have to wait a little longer, but they would have a much better experience overall as they would get a full game that has been well tested, and hopefully a more thriving player base. Splitting your time makes EVERYONE unhappy and gives EVERYONE a less-than-ideal experience all around, and the risk of players bailing is much higher.
  6. I can't understand why some are grey'd out and others aren't. There are even a couple that are the same thing, but one is grey'd and one isn't. If they were full or something it would make sense, but they aren't, so it doesn't.
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