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  1. I'm a BackerKit player, and I just got codes for the Crystalline hero skins. The DLC I'm referring to are the extra levels and monsters released to the Steam players available before the game has even come out for the consoles. I just feel that the console guys are being left in the dark about where their product lies. Even a simple "Hey we're new to this whole making games for consoles thing, it's not as easy as we assumed to push the product out, please bear with us as we move this game through the myriad hoops. Our bad." But not a peep has been uttered. We have to contestantly bug [CG] Philip for him only to say "Nah That's wrong" and then stop talking again.
  2. So I just got an email for a code for the crystalline squire, not gonna lie I'm pretty peeved that instead of finishing the game and getting it to the console peeps, they instead are devoting energy and resources to DLC for the game that some of the backers haven't even received yet. I've also been looking for a way to submit for a refund, but I'm beginning to think I'm just out my backer amount. Do let me know if you end up with any luck getting your money back.
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