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  1. You did over look something. As for the conversation being moot, there's no place to put bug reports for the switch so I have to resort to crapping up forum space so that the devs will hopefully see it and fix it.
  2. Again though, numbers shown above their head say that they're taking non-elemental damage but their health bar doesn't change. I'm not sure why you're defending this. It's an obvious bug.
  3. That's dumb. The weapon does straight damage and elemental damage. Why doesn't the enemy take the non-elemental damage? If an enemy gets through my strength drain, I literally can't kill enemies at the crystal that match my weapon's elemental attunement.
  4. Enemies with an elemental attunement that matches the monk's weapon's attunement take no damage at all from the player resulting in unwinnable games.
  5. My wife and I both have this game and are experiencing the same issues. We're not sure if this is a bug or just shoddy menu design but we have yet to figure out how to reliably get to our equipped gear. After selling unused equipment the inventory screen freezes and must be exited out of before you can continue working within it. Otherwise it seems to work, but it's not in any way, shape, or form intuitive.
  6. Is the Switch version part of the kickstarter rewards? Cuz y'all are doin a sh-crap job getting it to the players too.
  7. I personally think that instead of coming out with new modes and new items and new skins and new enemies the devs should come out with the switch version they promised us a year ago.
  8. Let's just flood the forums until they talk to us.
  9. I'm a BackerKit player, and I just got codes for the Crystalline hero skins. The DLC I'm referring to are the extra levels and monsters released to the Steam players available before the game has even come out for the consoles. I just feel that the console guys are being left in the dark about where their product lies. Even a simple "Hey we're new to this whole making games for consoles thing, it's not as easy as we assumed to push the product out, please bear with us as we move this game through the myriad hoops. Our bad." But not a peep has been uttered. We have to contestantly bug [CG]
  10. So I just got an email for a code for the crystalline squire, not gonna lie I'm pretty peeved that instead of finishing the game and getting it to the console peeps, they instead are devoting energy and resources to DLC for the game that some of the backers haven't even received yet. I've also been looking for a way to submit for a refund, but I'm beginning to think I'm just out my backer amount. Do let me know if you end up with any luck getting your money back.
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