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  1. Deep T- Actually maybe not.
  2. So I'm running noscript while I browse the internet. I have yet to run into any blacked out sites.
  3. Steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/burrowss/ Screenshot: http://img815.imageshack.us/img815/4420/2012011700003.jpg
  4. +1 to the 20's. I try to get mine around 25. 25 is pretty dang far.
  5. Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Xillos/ Screenshot: http://img840.imageshack.us/img840/7269/2012011700002.jpg Can't find any games today without someone like this in it. Maybe I'll just go to bed.
  6. Steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198045754014/ Screenshot: http://img716.imageshack.us/img716/7682/2012011700001u.jpg
  7. http://img171.imageshack.us/img171/1544/2012011600001e.jpg I think even with set bonus I hit a soft cap of 30% on any one resist, after that I will need to wait for every 5 upgrade levels before I can increase it past 30%. Yet this person got phys res to 42% while getting 4 stats over 300 off a 96 upgrade item. And the fact they're rolling 2k in 4 stats.
  8. My first thought on this topic was the Trendy staff members pit against Dark Elf Warriors in a battle to the death. Color me disappointed.
  9. I know what dropped packets would do, this isn't an issue of dropped packets.
  10. All my characters are 74, I don't care about the exp. But one person is ruining it for the other 2 people who are trying to level. Trying to do a public service here. Not everyone has 20 million to spend on a single glitterhelm run.
  11. My server will be called "Do nothing but hit ready" in the server browser. Two things that are extremely difficult for many people out there.
  12. I host glitterhelm insane runs. On any given day I can have 3 afks just sitting there and still get a flawless victory, no sweat. So I tell people who join, "Just go afk and we'll get a flawless". But for some reason, about 50% of the people who join want to "help out" by summoning a random spike blockade, or selling my towers so they don't lag as much from the animation. I even had a guy who made a portal from enemy spawn directly to our crystal. So I say to them, "Stop that or I'll kick you". To which they reply, "I'm helping". Oh and by the way, running around getting all t
  13. So people joining my server have reported that enemies go invisible and the game is really laggy. I know exactly what they are talking about because it has happened to me when I joined other servers before. The game wouldn't announce combat phase etc until far into the wave, after I place a tower it will take up the DU but disappear from my screen. I can then stack another tower at the same location. And some enemies just plain don't show up. You know they're there because you can see the damage numbers. I'm on a wired broadband connection and I haven't had problems hosting games for
  14. In your mind, do an autocorrect. Anyone that suggests hacked gear, replace that with.. "Man I'm so jealous you have stuff better than I do. I am not capable/willing to accept that your skill and time/effort has yielded your superior gear.. so my brain is going to make me feel better by claiming the only way to achieve these things I haven't achieved is by cheating. Thanks for helping me feel better about myself!" Actually this one time I joined a server where someone had a tower that was doing over 1 billion dps, it had a shot interval of 0.00 seconds. I was really jealous that he had st
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