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  1. Hello, Since July 30, I still no have response for my inquiries with a message to [CG] Philipp on Discord, few mails send at " Support@Chromatic.Games " and few request send at this website " https://chromatic.zendesk.com/hc/en-us ". My problem; After playing 80h normally and only play in Coop with my brother (who don't marked as "hacker"), I'm marked as "hacker" . In mail, request on the website, I asking if I can have a Reset or something like that even if I don't "hack" (one day I playing with my brother and the next day I was marked as hacker...) but still no response. I already delete all my character (6 in total, even if it was like a little hearbreak to have to delete my characters after this numbres of hours on them). In hope that will proves that I really want to play this game again in a fresh start but still no news... PS; In July, it's was my brother who asking help after a week or two with no response. In the hope that my issue will be resolved quickly. And hoping, I will finally have a response. Balze
  2. Well, almost one month since my last message and few more mail at the support page and mail at support@chromatic.games But still no response...
  3. I've sent request twice in 50 days, in addition to emailing them directly, I got 0 answer, it looks like the support for this game is non-existant.
  4. I'm the person in question, after trying to get help on Discord and sending the email at the provide address 5 weeks ago, I'm still getting ignored and haven't received a response. 2 weeks ago I found a support page on steam (https://chromatic.zendesk.com/hc/en-us), I provided all the necessary information and same thing is happening again, still no response. What should I do now?
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