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  1. Also, Alhanalem -- You constantly keep talking about "reaching limits" w.r.t. stats, are you seriously under the impression that a majority of the current playerbase is at that limit and can steam-roll through the maps like the 1% top-end playerbase can?I'm not under any impression that any number of people are at any particular point in the game, it has nothing to do with what I said. Where are you drawing this conclusion? (I also don't even post that much and even less on this subject, so where does this "constantly keep talking" come from? But to answer the quesiton, no, I'm absolutely not under any such impression. I am certainly not a top player with near maximum potential stats on my characters and I know that most people are not either. But as I said, I'm not sure what led you to believe otherwise.
  2. Couldn't you just add a function that says "if the roll lands below x quality, throw it out and reroll?" conceivably possible but not as simple as it sounds on paper. Remember also that the loot system is deisnged to throw some basically certain garbage in there. You can't have every piece of loot be awesome. The garbage loot generates mana for you, so it's not without purpose. It probably wouldn't be difficult, for instance, to increase the rate at w hich the quality multipliers increase when a wave is reached, but that wouldn't guarantee the quality of anything, only increase the maximum potential. I am not an unrealScripter but that can be done in Kismet (the in-editor event scripting system) so I know that's techncially possible. But you have to be careful when you mess with these numbers, as it's easy to cause unintended results.
  3. The th ing is, we're effectively nearing a ceiling as far as how high we can take stats on gear. if LA were to be nerfed, even a little, it would mean more other maps are viable to play. It would be difficult to make other things better enough for people to care. It's not really good balance policy to buff everything else when one thing is OP, either. Of course there are other options that arent loot related, such as increasing the difficulty of LA instead of reducing the loot. Obviously if everyone opposes this we can't really do it, but I would implore people to consider what would be good for the long term rather than what benefits them immediately. It's a win-win for everyone if high end Survivals stop dropping Myth and lower after Wave 23.Just for informational purposes- The loot rolling system (for dropped loot) is based on a system of scalars (multipliers) and other numbers plus a bit of RNG that combine to determine potential drops. We can't just say "On wave X, only this that or the other loot can drop."
  4. When the site was created, it was pretty promising. unfortunately Duxter (at the time, I think the company h as transitioned to a new name) dropped the ball on ongoing support and getting them to fix any problems more than a week or two after release was extraordinarly difficult, like pulling teeth. Let me tell you, I've been a mod on multiple forums with multiple different systems in the past and this is by far the least functional of them all. Duxter allegedly designed it under the mantra "has all the features you do need and none of the ones you don't." Unfortunately it seems they didn't really have such a good handle on what forum features were good and what were unnecessary. The difficulty is the site was custom built to support the game (e.g. the influence voting system is built into it) so transitioning to a new system is going to be difficult if they do it. Because Duxter's system is proprietary, there is no import/export to other forum systems, which is w hy a lot of material would be lost (I suppose we could archive the site if necessary). I certainly support switching to another system. Most other well known board systems have extentions and enough customizability to mimic the appearance of what we have now (well, the good parts of it at least). For the sake of clarity, I had deleted the post you quoted almost right after posting it because this terrible forum didn't show me a bunch of replies that were made *hours* before I even loaded the thread.
  5. I know we have had this conversation a few times, but what kind of music are you looking for. Its hard for one artist to recreate another artists music point to point so I don't know if I could do something similar... but I could try. I'm in a poetry class this semester for school and my poems are always set in a musical like theme and eventually incorporated into songs so I could easily work on both projects at once. Send me a message with an idea of some themes you could be looking for and I can see what I can whip up with a couple of the free music makers. If I need to get a paid program I can but I won't worry about it till I get a "Yes, we will take this stuff" since the good ones can get a little high in price. At this point it's probably a little late for what I had in mind, but we had to use existing DD1 music for the Polybius temple because of legal issues (it's not exactly what you might expect though). I suppose we could add something after the fact, but if you have some experience in this area feel free to message me with samples. You can also play the Workshop version of the map which is still freely available on my workshop to get an idea of the sort of style (it's more ambient than most DD tracks but it still felt like it fit) http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=228141056 (Disclaimer: the map is undergoing substantial updates for the CDT but the basic structure is still the same) Of course we can also try to get you on board if you think you can/want to contribute on a reuglar basis, but there's some legal stuff. If you're curious about this you can PM ddace to find out more.
  6. Really, almost any type of talent has a place. I myself have personally been hoping to find someone with musical tallent- but that's definitely a real challenge to come across. :P
  7. I envsion any new difficulty not introducing higher stats but simply, rather, being more difficult in unique ways- and rather than raising effective stat caps it would just offer better odds as far as rewards go.
  8. Because GameSpy, which powered the online system for PS3 (and DRM free PC version) was bought out and shut down like 2 years ago. Unfortunately this means complete and permanent closure of PS3 (and DRM free PC version) online features.
  9. Why anyone would think the answer is anything other than 42, I have no idea.
  10. You can always message a mod if you have any issues. My message box has been mostly empty for a long time outside of a small handful of reports. (We've been begging for a post report option for a long time but Duxter or whatever they're called now has been dragging their feet)
  11. Please don't call them modders. Call them hackers or cheaters. Modders are people who create things for games, like levels / skins / characters / etc. It's a disservice to those of us who make good things for the community. I don't really understand it either, you see someone cheating in almost any other game, they will say "that guy's hacking" or something- Never "modding".
  12. I rather like the idea of golding an enemy changing its targeting priority. That would pretty quickly eliminate the golded enemies rushing past defenses issue while keeping the golding a reasonably impactful effect.
  13. That's not entirely accurate; The stuff the CDT does does get a checkover (though sometimes they and we miss things of course). But while the CDT has power to bring new things to the PC game, it is not within the scope of our ability to udpate console. (Having said that... if you think the PC version is "too easy" I don't think you've gotten very far into it...)
  14. The Phoenix boss does seem really buggy and inconsistent, though. We're aware of a number of issues with the phoenix, if you could check the main discussion thread and post anything that seems new based on what's already in the thread, thatt'd be awesome! BTW: If your "lag" is low framerate and not network lag, you can try adjusting some options. If you are using fireballs, inferno traps or other defenses that light up the ground and such, you can uncheck the option for dynamic lights on defenses. This will greatly reduce their impact on performance and may help.
  15. I probably shouldn't be chiming in here, but it did strike a nerve with me enough that I felt the need to say something. To start, I don't intend to be antagonistic, so if what I say comes off as too abrasive I apologize; I'm merely concerned about this particular comment and its implications towards DD1's future. Essentially, this kind of mentality is exactly what I was afraid of when the CDT was announced. Concerns that don't fit a particular opinion are shouted down as noob fodder looking for easy farm. People have been playing this game for so long, it's hard for them to remember that they've mastered it. This kind of response is incredibly troubling to me. People want challenge? Okay, I can understand that. You've been playing to an extent where now content feels trivial. Well, you've mastered the game, it's going to be a lot easier. That doesn't mean, however, that changes should be catered only to the players who already reached the higher end of the spectrum. A universal change like this effects *every* player at *every* skill level. If you want a solution that brings challenge to high end players, by all means that's perfectly acceptable. But what about the people who *aren't* at this level? You're setting the bar higher for anyone who's below it. So to respond to your question, what about the people who want to enjoy the game? Are their opinions now unnecessary because players at the top want it to be different? As far as the golden enemies are concerned, I think there are perfectly reasonable adjustments that can be made. But keep in mind that any change is going to effect everyone, and not everyone is at the same spot. Perhaps the ability itself can be changed to something more engaging, something that requires attention but not overwhelming dps meters. But for me, I get greatly concerned when ideas are shut out for the sake of adding challenge. The mentality itself seems horribly exclusive. I don't think anyone is "shutting out" any ideas. As I said, I'm totally open to making changes. I just don't think we should completely undo it because it didn't turn out 100% perfect. I understand how you felt when you decided to comment, buty you really shouldn't be troubled. I'm not sure where you got th at I'm shouting down opinions as noob fodder. I'm pretty much a noob myself. I don't have 12907432845 stats on my characters. I'm a content creator more than a player and have been for quite some time now. The point of this change wasn't simplly to "bring challenge to endgame players." The point was to rebalance the enemy so that it is a relatively balanced threat at all levels. Right now, based on feedback it seems that the middle game is not where it needs to be- Which is why we should look at adjusting this, not reverting it. I'm well aware that everyone plays at different levels. as noted in General DIscussion, I've been doing a series of live streams with a friend who's rediscovering the game after years away from it. He has given me incredible insight at how a lighter player is seeing things (e.g. frustration when XYZ thing doesnt do what he expects, or reaction to an enemy killing something, that sort of thing). While I understand well how the game systems work and I know about the numbers and such behind it because I'm a content developer, I am just as casual as many of you are when it comes to actually playing. So please don't think I have some goal of making the game more hardcore-oriented than it is. I know full well from playing a variety of games (especially MMOs) where focusing too much on the smaller hardcore playerbase can kill a game. I hope this helps you understand my feelings on this. Also I'd like to remind you that the CDT is not some exclusive club. We would welcome the help of anyone and everyone who wants to contribute, that's why the C stands for Community. :)
  16. There is no way to do this, unfortunately. The data isn't compatible, even if you got it off the system. The console and PC versions of the game are too different.
  17. Colored dots were originally used because they looked less messy on the map. My thought on this would be using distinct icons instead of colored dots. The problem is that it could look messy iwhen there are a lot of dots in one spot (Though, this could be mitigated depending on your filter level). I'm not sure what people would think of that idea (assuming it was doable. I'm not sure- I'm not good at the UI stuff).
  18. Read my quote above... do you read a posting just partial? No. I'm reading it. Is there possibly a miscommunication? Maybe. I will accept you at your word that you aren't intending to be abrasive. Also, when I said "some people," I didn't mean you exclusively, even though you may have felt I was trying to be passive-aggressive. That wasn't my intention. I'm not saying that the values can't be re-evaluated. But it would be my preference to adjust the values rather than revert the change entirely- As I said before, the djinn's dificulty was previously porportionally harder the lower the strength of the enemies, which is unlike everything else in the game. Maybe we went too far in terms of trying to restore it's place. I can understand that. That's what these discussions are for. But just to make my personal stance clear: I am personally opposed to reverting this change- however I'm very open to seeing it's values adjusted if most people feel the increase in pressure from this enemy was too large. Keep in mind that this change, as was illustrated earlier, also reduced the extremely high values at very low levels. Exactly this is the case what happens with mediocre stats on survivals right now, crystals are getting destroyed for them. You are again still thinking exclusively about high-end. A revert of this change is not required but a better buff system, adjust previous buff system!You misunderstand excatly what I'm thinking about. My idea of "high end" is almost certainly a lot lower than yours, and so I assure you, that's not how I'm looking at it. Having said that, I think we're really on the same page here given your comment. I certainly didn't say that it couldn't be better. By all means, let's go further into how you want it improved.
  19. I'm not sure that bosses should be fully affected by it, but I could get behind partial effectiveness. Either some but not all of the effects or reducing the effect values.
  20. I can't see why you're taking such a hard line. It seems unreasonable. I don't think anyone enjoys the game more following the change, so how was it an "issue that broke the game"? It's easy to say you enjoy the game more when it's easier. Who doesn't like easy? But what about the people who want a challenge? Don't they deserve to be able to have it? I'm taking a hard line (personally- my statements do not necessarily reflect the precise feelings of others involved) because I think the enemy should be the threat it was supposed to be, rather than just an HP sponge or number on the enemy counter- That's what goblins, orcs, and archers are for. The Djinn's golding ability essentially had almost no effect on NM and above. The Djinn was the only enemy in the game that was drastically harder on easier difficulty settings than other enemies were. Can you not understand why I would see that as a problem? It was an issue because it didn't function as intended, trivializing an enemy that was originally designed to be a threat such that it basically wasn't anymore. But you need to be careful about saying things like "nobody enjoys this" because you don't speak for everybody anymore than anyone else here does. It seems to me that if people are still able to do what they did before (perhaps with a little more difficulty), then the settings are in the right place. If the change meant people couldn't find a way to beat maps anymore or the difficulty changed very drastically, I could understand this more (and would probably advocate for reducing the values). Feel free to make a case for it, but since it has been said that people are still able to win, I would lean more towards looking at the exact values rather than entirely reverting it.
  21. 1) please don't reply to me as if this is some personal decision on my part, thanks. It's not. I didn't even have a hand or say in the proposed changes, which were ultimately reverted. Additionally, was corrected by Acen after posting, that there was far more feedback than just your example, and so I apologize for assuming that this was the only reason. 2)You are putting words in my mouth that I never said. Please stop doing this. 3) You make a lot of grand statements about things we should/shouldn't do but you haven't chosen to get directly involved in the process. You could get in on the team as an internal tester or something. You don't have to specifically have development expertise. I'm sure the team would be happy to have you on board and more closely involved with the process, should you choose to inquire. It's called the CDT for a reason, and that's because any member of the community who may want to or have something to contribute can participate. 4) thanks for implying that I don't deserve to be here. I am a level designer first. While I occasionally comment on certain aspects of balance, it is not my main field. You do not need to be so inflammatory to get your point across.
  22. I'm still awaiting that you will prove me wrong with a run by you done with 3k stats, not using a Rainmaker but even if you do so, don't forget that you always was in practice the last 3 years, knowing about new/better fighting strategies. It sounds more like you are disagreeing that Ember on NM is new jump in difficulty but then... well I know you are currently discussing this internal. I'm not giving commentary on Embermount's difficulty- if people really have a problem with that, it's certainly something we can look at, but it's not an argument against achievements. I'm merely stating the fact that achievements were added at other points in the game and nobody complained, but now that some arbitrary and undisclosed time period has passed, it's not okay suddenly.
  23. The biggest issue is do you go for a faster shooting camp design or a slower shooting surv sniper type buff.We tried to do the latter but the change was opposed because one build by one person in one map didn't work. I still think it needs to be addressed but it will probably end up being just a straight dps buff.
  24. Do I need to say more? Adding achievements relative soon after release is absolutely fine but 5 years later when people already had completed the game for 3 years? I see no significance to the amount of time that passes after an achievement is added. So why is it okay after X days/weeks/months but not after Y weeks/months/years? There is literally no way to please every single person. Some people like to have new goals to aim for, and that's what achievements are for to begin with. Other people get all upset because they had 100% and now they don't. Quite frankly though, if you can get every single one of the other achievements in the game, these newest two should be no trouble. It's something that probably would have been done sooner BTW, but we didn't know if it could be done or not at the time (as I understand it, as that's not my area). Achievements are new content in a way, and some people have asked us why the new stuff doesn't have achievements. So now it does.
  25. So what you're saying is an enemy that was trivialized by an error should stay trivial because one very sepecific build on one specific map isn't as good despite the fact that it still works but "isn't as safe"? The fact is, due to a scaling problem, the djinn golding was strong when first encountered, but rapidly became trivial as you progressed further in the game because every other stat value scaled to drastically inflated values while the effect of golding became tinier and tinier to the point where most people dont even know if an enemy is golded beyond it changing color? Dijinn were basically a joke and you didn't have to account for them at all. They may as well have been removed from the game for all the impact they had. Would you rather they have done that? It's just one of several issues that broke the game, but because some people got used to it, they've accepted the way it became and now they dont want it to be different because they're too lazy to develop another build, even if (in some cases) they acknowledge that there was a problem/bug/technical glitch/etc.
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