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  1. Edited your post to remove the witch hunting. Please report these people directly, do not post them on forums.
  2. They aren't backpedaling. That was the plan to begin with, it was just communicated poorly.
  3. What you're requesting is not feasible to implement, it is not as simple as you would think, and it would also require a massive patch as every single map would need to be altered to accomodate, and this would be extremely time consuming to set up (To put into perspective, this would require work roughly equivalent to building a whole bunch of brand new maps) In most cases, you should not be reaching such framerates if your system is within the reccomended specs (and plugged in as many laptops will throttle your CPU/GPU when running off battery)/ From your descriptions, your laptop seems to be below reccomended spec (it is higher now than when the game came out as nightmare mode is more intense and many of the newer maps are larger). (Related side note: For those who have played the workshop version of Temple, we have made some dramatic performance improvements to the map so that FPS is not murdered looking down the main part of the map)
  4. The mobile version was defunct long before the console versions afaik. DD1 mobile only has the content prior to shards release, and 1 exclusive map (which I'd like to port but am having a hard time getting the original map file)
  5. Click the dot dot dot symbol in the top right corner of the post for a menu of options. The difficulty is editing is semi-broken on this side of the site. You can cheat and change the dungeondefenders.com/1/ part of the url to /2/ which will change the site to the DD2 skin. Because in their infinite wisdom, when Duxter was badgered by trendy to fix some glaring issues with the site, they only fixed them on the DD2 skin. *rolls eyes* If you don't do this, you can still edit your posts but you won't have a toolbar and you won't be able to add quotes images etc because there is no "bbcode" to do the same thing.
  6. I don't feel that there should be some kind of hard time based cutoff on being able to make changes that would improve the game (particularly if much of the community actually seems to support the change. In the grand scheme of things, this is a pretty minor change and lab will pretty much still be the go-to quick upgrade path for people. However, pepole wanting very specific items will now have more reason to play different parts of the game: There are tons of levels in this game, and I truly feel it's a darned shame that hardcore players pretty much just spam one map in their quest for ultimate power. Ask yourself: is only really having one map worth playing for endgamers really a good idea? Even with us releasing new maps, it is difficult to equal or surpass LA. The only reason we are discussing this is due to your post about making the holiday maps great again. How is taking accs from another map going to make those maps great again, exactly? You either enjoy them or you don't. Not sure why you are so insistent on this change which will have no bearing on the maps you apparently no longer think are great. The trouble is that even if you love certain maps more than others, its hard to justify playing them if they do not contribute to progression or cosmetics or even collecting every distinct item type.
  7. [[149747,users]] if you could, please edit existing posts rather than making a second post to add more to the same thoughts.
  8. Please do so again, thank you very much, with steps to reproduce in as much detail as you can. Please use the bug report section of the forums instead of General for this sort of thing. Thanks! :)
  9. You know that the tavernkeep's stock is based on the last completed map right? it can't really break progression because of this.
  10. We've had discussions on ways to make the costume obtainable again, perhaps by having the eggs drop in a certain map or by some other method. Nothing has been decided, just noting we're aware of this problem.
  11. There's a tool out there that can modify steam achievements for any game (even if you dont own it or havent ever even installed it). Valve will most likely be giving him what he deserves eventually.
  12. PLS TELL TRENDY TO BRING BACK DD ONLINE FOR PS3 It's not possible, as it wasn't Trendy that took it away. (Also posting stuff like this in a completely unrelated topic is not constructive)
  13. Thanks to everyone for providing feedback. The discussion is getting a little off track here so we're going to close it for now. Please remember to be mindful of other's opinions and keep the discourse civil for the future.
  14. well how about all those builds in the people guides 2k builds or lower all the new players that visit those will build a build that does not work anymore = all the guides of low stats have been destroyed As far as guides go, people will write new ones. Long before this guides would be obsoleted by patches, and it has proven to not be a big deal. If any of the players who wrote such guides are still active, they can of course update them as well. Any guide t hat is so specific risks being obsoleted by even trivial patch changes- Some defenses were buffed and this could impact guides as well. ThePoet424 for the most part I personally share your opinion, however the effect seems to be a bigger problem in the mid=tier area than it is early or late (mid tier being like 1-2k, early game being less than that and lategame being more). So we should review the changes because it is affecting certain parts of the game more than others.. However, for a hotfix the only option is revert or don't. Any other gameplay change requires testing and thus must wait until a full update. (as I mentioned previously I do like the idea of altering a wyvern's behavior when golded)
  15. You can easily do what you're suggesting with a macro. Anyone that isn't uber enough to AFK survival isn't going to appriciate build timers being enabled same as campaign (I'm assuming that's what you mean. I've never played the PS3 version) for survival.
  16. All feedback is taken seriously, I assure you [[82645,users]]. While it is nice to hear about someone who is happy we also need and want to hear about what isn't working as great and in fact we need more of it. Whether it's a a bug, a problem, or just a suggestion, it really helps to have multiple people telling us the same things. If you identify an issue and report it to us, encourage friends or anyone you know who have also seen it to do the same. You have to understand as well though- skill level in game doesn't necessarily add to or detract from the validity of feedback (like the bug with godly items dropping on low difficulty deeper well- anybody can reasonably report that as a problem, for instance) and if someone voices a concern, it should be taken seriously whether it's a known veteran or a newer player.
  17. Personally, I always play alone (or with one specific friend) so I don't concern myself much with playercounts. Outside of the community events it was actually rather rare for me to play public games. (The spike when we introduced trading cards was considerably higher than with previous updates, interestingly enough- I for one have never cared about steam trading cards but apparently a lot of people are really into this) As noted above though, the game is on sale rather frequently and doesn't really cost that much when on sale. only Trendy (or Valve with a sale) can change the price of anything.
  18. The short explanaation about "hitscan": A hitscan is when you draw a line to see if you hit something. e.g. you're "scanning" for a "hit." Basically, an instant attack that hits as long as something is in the line of fire at the time of firing. Many shooters use hitscan for gun/bullet weapons where realism isnt completely necessasry (as bullets don't actually travel instantly to their target). So basically, making the DST "hitscan" would essentially mean the travel time for the shots is eliminated and they thus never miss. (That doesn't mean the visual effect has to be instant)
  19. We're a small group of people. We need the community's involvement to help make these updates the best they can be. That's part of the reason we have the betas. We even do surveys on them asking if people think the updates are ready (e.g., if a lot of ppl are saying 'no' it clearly isn't). That's part of the reason it's the "Community" devleopment team. It's not just that the people behind it are members of the community, the community itself needs to be involved for it to work its best. We are regular people like you doing this in our free time for free, and the updates are free. We're humans. People miss things, people make mistakes. You might find a bug and be like "how could they have missed this?". There could be many reasons why. But that's why we need your - the communty's - help. Of course I'm also involved with the DD2 RQA team which is a similarly sized group that spends many hours testing things and you still get people saying "why didn't anybody test this #&$%?" despite the fact we DID spend a lot of time testing it. QA testing is one of those things that seems easy from the outside, but if you aren't directly involved in it you really don't know. TL;DR. Consider checking out our next beta and giving your feedback if you're reading this and haven't participated in the past. It is extremely valuable for us and everyone.
  20. Our last beta update was available to the public for like months. Just saying. It's not like you or anyone else doesn't have the chance to give feedback on it.
  21. @EV AI thing: It's well known that the EV bot behavior is ridiculously dumb. :p I"m actually not sure if it is improvable. But hypothetically, let's just say we could. How do you think people would react if the EVs were smartened up a bit (e.g. don't commit suicide as readily) and also adjusted the time limit upward to compensate for the reduction in stupidity? I would think that would make the experience a little more fun, personally. But I could also forsee people not liking it taking any longer even if the actual difficulty doesnt change. Just random thoughts, really. Totally hypothetical, as I tend to ramble.
  22. I don't know. I guess it just bothers me that something that doesn't work as intended can't easily be fixed just because a certain unspoken amount of time has passed. Yes, it's true that such issues should have been dealt with much sooner, but it doesn't make it less frustrating when you have the ability to address something but can't for reasons outside of capability.
  23. When a beta update is available, it will definitely be announced and if you have any problems at that time, be sure to let DDace know :)
  24. What I'd like to see is DSTs doing hit-scan attacks at a slightly reduced firing rate and slightly increased damage. That way they are not crazy OP, but can take out Djinns etc. with accuracy. We already tried reducing rate and increasing damage and this was met with opposition. I'm not sure if a vast accuracy improvement would offset any rate reduction enough for people to find it acceptable. Having said that, particularly considering the name, I feel like accuracy should be a feature of a tower called the "deadly striker."
  25. (sorry for the double post our forums suck) And that is precisely what I said a few posts ago. If people are complaining NOW that Lab is too easy and too rewarding, they should've done so when it was released. But I guess back then the self-interest prevented as many people to make noise about it to have it fixed. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Someone correct me if I'm wrong but im pretty sure there were people critical of this when it was new. And there were probably others who realize that it was probably bad design, but didn't speak up because they were benefiting from it. So we have people theatening to quit if lab is nerfed. I'm not sure if such people ahve considered the fact that other options are available or will become available to bridge progression. To those angry about the thought of this: Do you really find it fun to spam one and only one allegedly easy map to get the best gear? I'm confused why people find it acceptable that a map seen by so many as so easy drops the best or near the best of almost anyhting in the game. We have people telling us that that they think the game is too easy, and then we have people urging us not to do anything that will make the game any harder. That puts the CDT between a rock and a hard place- even adding new content can potentitally impact difficulty in unexpected ways based on how the loot ends up dropping. I still feel bad about the incident when Tower Wars was added to the game and was dropping then-OP accessories even though they were supposed to have been removed by Trendy) and they were OP and so that forced them to add accessories of similar quality elsewhere in the game. The questions I'm posing here are mainly philosophical in nature- It's up to you guys to decide if any solution to the perceived problem is acceptable. I certainly wouldn't want to make anyone upset here, but let me be frank: From a game design perspective, lab assault is terrible and majorly disrupted the flow of progression and weakened the game by surpassing most other farm options despite its comparatively weak difficulty. From a game design perspective, the proper way to address this or any other balance issue is to address the outlier- that is, strengthen the one thing that's too weak or weaken the one thing that's too strong. Not only is adjusting everything other than the outlier far more work, but it can box you into a position where you are forced to make an unfavorable decision because you can't go any higher/lower. Let me use some other game for a game design example here. Let's say you're playing starcraft, and you've found that you can play Terran and beat anyone by just building a couple barracks and spamming Marines because they do so much damage. Amongst three races and dozens of different units, marines dominate. Does it make the most sense to nerf the marines or buff everything else? and let's just say in this hypothetical scenario, it would take 5 minutes of a developer's time (not counting testing) to make the change to the marines, where as adjusting every unit in the game would take a full day of a developers time (a day that couldn't be spent fixing other bugs and issues). Even ignoring the amount of work, by changing so many other values, you risk breaking something else. So if you do th at, you could end up with Ultralisks being OP and Archons being too weak. Do we buff everything again and risk breaking even more stuff (just because people like buffs and dont like nerfs)? I'd like to reiterate that I'm just commenting on this discussion. The will of the community is what matters, not what I think. All I can do is try to help people understand certain things and also understand how I personally feel about the subject, as a player of the game.
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