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  1. We may be able to address how the script picks targets to recieve the damage, so that any case of a kobold blowing up won't harm things on the other side of geometry. Otherwise, we can slightly re-position the crystal to make the probability of this happening much less likely.
  2. I'm pretty sure Orcs and Ogres are rarely used because they move off of buff beams when they swing. JitB would be too powerful if it could both knockback and do significant damage to ogres. I would strongly prefer that it knockback ogres as opposed to doing any significant damage. We already have towers that do that. Currently though, nobody uses them outside of people who create a jester as one of their first characters. That was one of the pruposes of it, of course, but I would like to see them get some use. The damage is obviously not high enough to be compelling, and like I suggested, I'd like to take more of a utility approach, which is why I suggsted tuning up the knockback. Unlike bouncers, jack in the box only goes in a single direction, which is part of the reason they were granted the special ability to push ogres around- but the rate is pretty low and the amount of knockback isnt great because we were concerned it might be OP (especially if you could easily knock them into the lava). But I'm thinking maybe we erred too far on the side of caution.
  3. Honestly minion stacking is pretty harmless. I don't see any reason to change anyhting here.
  4. Fish wyverns go after it, which they are supposed to be able to do since it is in water. I will not change this. However- Kobolds shouldn't hit the core through the floor but I'm not sure if/how I can prevent this. In fact in general kobolds shouldn't be able to hit things on the opposite sides of walls/floors in general. Adjusting the height at which the core "floats" may be able to address this though.
  5. physical beam doesn't need changes. As noted, physical beams still see some use late game. While a cheaper wall shouldn't have as much health as a more expensive one, the magic blockade does little of value past a player's initial campaign run since its special attribute is negated by aura stacks, so it should really have nearly as much HP as the 3 DU alternatives (which themselves should also have more HP other than the physical beam) I don't know if this would be difficult to do or not but perhaps enhance the Magic Barricade's effect to reduce the damage dealt or attack rate of the enemies that hit it. The orc summon was also intended to be something of a moveable wall, however they are mostly ignored because they lack range. I kind of think something should be done for these because currently people would rather just use archers and mages (maybe spiders) exlcusively. The jack in the box is also pretty expensive considering its limited coverage. It does have a unique ability in being the only defense that can apply knockback to ogres; however it doesn't always do this- I thought it would be too powerful otherwise. I had the following idea for the JITB: -buff HP in line with buffing the HP of other walls. -Increase rate and amount of ogre knockback -Limit the attack rate of the tower substantially but have it really send the enemies flying (edit: we're talking about distance, not damage) The one carveat to all of this: Buffing all blocade's HP will likely make the early game drastically easier. Does anyone have a problem with that?
  6. Due to the constraints on what we're able to do, the most helpful thing to us would be unreal engine experience- UnrealScript scripting and general Unreal level design/editor experience. We have the ability to add members of the community who have a skill the team needs. Get in touch with DDace who has already responded to this thread. If you have something the team can use you can be sure we'd love to have you. [[51772,users]], for clarity, the DDDK doesn't include source code except the unrealscript for the actors/objects/etc in the game. We can't make changes to the engine itself (i.e. C++ code) nor core engine scripts which are at least partially obfuscated behind C++ code.
  7. "Hello, I have been an active player for many many years, first on xbox and then PC. I was wondering if there's a specific reason why you don't make the game open-source kinda." The simple answer here is Trendy still owns the game. They have just granted us permission to make changes to it. Those changes still have to be vetted by Trendy who can ultimately decide not to do it if they don't want to, since only they can upload the builds to Steam.
  8. can you come up with a system for variable beam length? It's not that important, though i do remember the original planner having that.
  9. I think in most cases, people who wanted a new tavern more accurately just wanted a bigger tavern. from a visuals and curiosity standpoint I like the outside, but it is causing problems that were not forseen.
  10. frankly it amazes me how these spam bots figure out our terrible forum software.
  11. Keep in mind the benefits stack in parties.
  12. Check the url. it's actually just http://bugs.dungeondefenders2.com. He accidentally had the forum URL in front of it.
  13. I imagine it would be easier to just call up both item infos.
  14. I do not agree with changing the boxes. If I recall correctly, Eternity used this method and I didn't like it. The jester's towers are more powerful on raw stat scaling. Because of this, the tradeoff is that you can't easily pick which defense you get from the boxes. This on top of the fact that the jester gained two fixed defenses that can help anchor a builder jester a bit in a sea of randomness. When I worked on the new towers for the Jester, some rebalancing of the present boxes was also done- Specifically, reducing the amount of bad outcomes and adjusting the tower appearance rates. I would be hesitant to mess with this again. The random nature of the present boxes is the tradeoff for her power- a power that was already enhanced, as noticed, by the party popper- which is already a very good and yet surprisingly under-used tower (i could not find a single build on the new DD planner that included any jester defenses except for using the present boxes as markers for hints or tips. I've only seen the one jester build mentioned above, and that one didn't seem to be based on the larger DU limit granted by the jester or the use of its new defenses) (Side note: If you're passionate about jester, with a little patience you can beat survivals with lower stats by using Jester to get everything you need other than beams and minions- both because the jester has better scaling and because the presents reduce the DU cost of most towers, allowing you to build more)
  15. I think that the reason they laid the game out in this way kind of goes back to DD1, where most of the time, end game players would only ever play one or two out of the many, many maps available in the game. Some map layouts are easier than others, so most people would gravitate to whichever map was seen as easiest for the rewards it gives, while the rest of the maps in the game just sit and rot. You could just say I'm playing devil's advocate here, it is something to think about though.
  16. There is supposed to be a consequence for failiure. So yes, it's punitive, but I and others have proposed making it a little less such. I wouldn't necessairly oppose the idea of reducing the number of maps you need to play, but the whole ancient power system, for instance, was probably designed and based on projections of how long it would take a player to do. So it could trigger a lot of extra work that would make such a change expensive, time-wise.
  17. I had a thought as far as easing the floor clear requirement a bit while keeping the spirit of it- Earn continues for every X number of completed maps or floors. If you fail on the second or third map, you can use a continue to retry without repeating the floor. (to prevent abuse it should probably need every participating player to have one)z I guess kind of like what Sniper said but without the monetization (I wouldnt be against allowing the use of gems/medals though)
  18. You got pretty far this time. Funny enough id never gotten a notification on this thread until now for some reason XD
  19. Pathing is just one of those things in this game that's so derp that you're lucky if it works right no matter how hard you try and how much you do to accomodate the AI. While some maps are worse offenders than others, enemies get stuck on just about every map. I will be playing around with it, if I can find a better result we'll make sure to include it in an update.
  20. DD was definitely not really designed with dynamic map layouts in mind, and it shows on every attempt to design maps that are more dynamic with their layouts. I did run some tests after the last "Final" beta and the ground enemies from the north were and should be only spawning when there is a land path to the core available. It worked fine those times that I tried it, but we'll take a closer look at this. it's possible an out of date version was included in our final release- I noticed some issues that I know for sure were fixed re-appearing on the live version- for example, the godrays in the northern area that are supposed to be descending from the ceiling somehow got rotated 90 degrees on the Z axis and it looks really bad. =\ We do know about the leaderboard bug- The actual leaderboards are being updated correctly, however for some reason the forge on the map isn't getting the memo and acting as if every play is the first ever time the map is being played. Not sure if we have a fix for that or not yet (but coincidentally, Tower Wars has magically sprouted leaderboard signs on its forges even though it isn't tracked and isn't supposed to be there, and hasn't been since it was released)
  21. Finally; I've been accused of "misusing my power"... for doing absolutely nothing. Just for the record, the OP h as not received any punishment action from me (I can't speak for anyone else but I don't think so) as of yet. As Lawlta said, however, we do not publicly discuss punishments that actually did occur.
  22. Just because your "post history" isn't filled with this unannounced stuff doesn't mean you're not guilty of exactly the kind of behavior this guy is talking about. I could mention a few specific instances, but you and I both know what you would do if I did. My experience (and admission to my own level of participation) is that both myself and the other moderators are probably not as active as they should be. That being said, I don't feel what I posted was "aggressive" nor do I see this happening on a regular basis. If you can cite specific examples and explain why you felt they were aggressive, I'd be happy to hear you out on it. That being said, occasionally actions are necessary- but compared to every forum I've ever visited, all of the staff here are very lenient. It is also exceptionally rare that we actually ban or suspend anyone (except maybe obvious spam-bots).
  23. I really have no idea why you thought another forum thread was necessary, but nobody said they were kicking you out of anything. I personally made a short, civil response to your thread as a result of another user contacting me being concerned about the post. It was also the first post i'd made in this forum section in quite a while. It wasn't aggressive by any stretch of the definition. I encourage anyone who has comments or concerns about me or any other moderator or staff member to message them directly with their concerns. And, if for some reason they don't appear to be forthcoming, you can file a support ticket.
  24. Aggressive? I hardly ever even post. To be frank, I should be more active than I presently am. VikingStone: "Still people just keep judging if i am worthy of a having a mic instead of helping me fix the problem. Sad." If you left the... fluff... out of your post, you probably would have gotten better responses. Instead you wrote in an inflammatory manner and then act surprised that it doesn't go over well. (I also did not take any action against you nor did I say or suggest that I was going to "kick you from the forum.") Just be consise and to the point. That's all it takes. When you add the sort of extraneous information that you did, it's only natural that people are going to focus on it.
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