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  1. Account issues can't be addressed in a public setting. You need to contact Trendy's support which you can find here. As a general rule if someone offers you what looks like really good items, you should ask a reputable member of the community about it first here. There are many people who can tell you if an item is legitimate or likely hacked or not. Generally though, it is on you to make sure your items aren't cheated and you are responsible for your own account. In some cases, if you can prove another person's malicious intent in giving you bad items, it can be reversed but you should not expect it to be likely. Even if you are banned from Ranked (or VAC banned) you can still play Open and Local games. Also: Please do not use the word "Modded" to describe hacked items. Modding normally refers to creating custom content (maps, characters, etc) for a game- it should not be associated with cheating.
  2. You can only get it from steam, no download links outside of steam are valid. As acen said, if you own dungeon defenders, you'll see it in the tools section of your steam library.
  3. any 0s you see on hitting the kraken in purple are hits on its body while it's protected. It's just a regular kraken although the HP values may be different.. There werent any pathing problems (any really CRAZY ones at least) in the version I uploaded, so we're looking at this, it might be a build issue. There can only be one boss health bar on the screen, so if you have multiple bosses, we have to use the regular kill count bar.
  4. Yeah it was basically a now or never thing. Would probably have been at least 2 more weeks when we were already taking longer than we really wanted and we desperately needed feedback before we could proceed further. :)
  5. I'm not understanding what that is supposed to do. Also the "Significant Digits Displayed"Significant digits are the number of digits after the decimal point. Basically, how precise do you want the displayed values to be (e.e. 321.23 M vs 321.2342 M). More precision also means more space required to write the text so some ppl found it annoying.
  6. All angles and opinions on an issue are of course welcome. We do have an ongoing thread abotut the DST subject. That thread is still relevant so I think it would be best to focus that discussion there. However, nobody should be criticized for merely offering their opinion. That's part of what a forum is for.
  7. /limiting for sales.While I would accept "the application doesn't really need it" as a reason, this is not I'm not even sure that you can buy a brand new computer that doesn't ship with 64 bit hardware and 64 bit OS anymore. While Windows 10 still comes in a 32 bit flavor, I don't know anybody personally that is running it.
  8. While I didn't realize at the time it was a prime number, I knew long ago that those values were stored in signed 32 bit integers. :p This problem was only recently worked around in DD1.
  9. As far as farming maps: I've got an unfinished updated version of Rainbow of Death kind of sitting in my back pocket. It would probably be better for veteran players to grind EXP for new heroes than for loot, however. But if you guys want it, I could go back and finish it.
  10. I feel this; I've (on and off for the past week) been looking at how loot is generated in the hopes of creating a model outside of the game - the code is not easy to follow and relies on some things from the DDDK and some things from the code. A definite here be dragons situation but I still think it needs addressing. To put it simply, the loot system was added to, changed, tweaked, addded to some more over the game's official development. The end result was a complex web of stuff that sort of worked but trying to make it work better than just "sort of" is a nightmare. The system is needlessly complicated.
  11. I think they are kind of OP right now, however I think they were basically garbage after you got to nightmare historically. They were fun because you could hit a ton of enemies with them and the effect was continuous but the damage per hit was just really low and you were better off with a lightning aura which effectively functioned almost the same way (and couldn't be destroyed like a physical tower).
  12. Messing with the RNG system is a really risky business. Theres like a gazillion scalars and modifiers and other parameters that modify how loot and other things roll and it would almost be easier to design a new system from scratch than to fix the original. Also, any such changes have the huge potential to please some people and upset others, so it would be very difficult to get more than minor changes accepted.
  13. The gesture is appreciated, however as DDAce wrote, feedback (and thank-yous!) is by far the best thing you can give t o support us. It really really helps a lot!
  14. **** *** ******* **** **** forums logging me out right after writing a post(TWICE). I hope whoever coded this piece of inflammatory *** gets punched in the face.There is a small hack that improves some of t he problems with the forum UI. If you look at the URL, after the .com\ there is a number 1, change that to a 2. It will give you the DD2 version of the site while being on the DD1 forum. The DD2 side had a handful of problems addrressed that didn't carry over to the DD1 side. It's still a piece of &*(#^$, but it's a little bit more functional (Especially when editing posts which is really messed up on the DD1 skin) That aside, you've basically expressed what is running through my mind as a player. :p
  15. Sorry for quoting, but I wanted you to know, for this moment, in this thread, you might just be my favorite person on this board right now. It's true, I guess it just drives me crazy that I can get every achievement/costume but one, so it's like I'm stuck at 99% completion forever. But I can pretend I'm at 100%, so it doesn't really matter too much.By this token, anyone who has the costume before anyone else gets it because of us making it available again can be not bothered too much by the fact that they got it FIRST. So what if someone else gets the costume? You got it first! Just pretend no one else has it. (Also, as a side note, it was said by Trendy staff that they had intended to run the event again) Seriously why does any of this matter? The fact that somebody has an ugly/funny costume they may or may not even use does not affect you, or your gameplay. This game is 99.9% PvE and what one person has doesn't affect another person's ability to enjoy the game (outside of cheating, which is another discussion). The costume doesn't even have trade value like event items do, because you can't trade it. A player who came to this game later can never ever get the bunny costume (right now), while they can, if they hunt and farm and find someone willing to part with them, find event items even iif old events never come back. So I don't find drawing that parallel to be reasonable. There is a massive difference between the costume and event items because people can still obtain the event items through trade. You can't trade a bunny costume.
  16. The difference being lab assult could be construed as a malfunction / unintended design whereas the bunny costume is a "we never got around to doing another event" thing (not a bug or error or other unintended situation) Bunny costume also has 100% zero impact on gameplay whatsoever, so the only reason for objection is "haves" not wanting "have-nots" to become "haves." At least, that's how I see it.
  17. *cough* *cough* not to get off the track but this kind of argument leads inevitably to lab assault but we keep it as is... just saying :) I'd like to see more seasonal stuff but new stuff :) This discussion has nothing to do with lab assault, I'm not seeing the parallels here.
  18. Honestly I don't think the costume was intended to be this exclusive, I'm pretty sure they intended to have done it again the following easter but they just didn't for whatever reason (or lack of reason)
  19. I don't think people understand that I don't have the power to ban people from the game. How many times do I have to say it? If you want to be banned or want to get someone else banned, you need to report them. That's all there is to it. There is a place for that, and that place is not here.
  20. This has nothing to do with being lenient- Even if it was someone else posting about this person, that would be a violation of the forum rules. Witch hunting is not allowed on the forums, ever. Not for this person or anyone else. I'm not setting any kind of bad precedent (not precedence, btw). I am following the forum rules by which we are all bound. You or him or someone needs to report him through the proper channels. If he is indeed cheating in some way, it will be properly handled by Ice or someone else at that time. Until then, there is nothing I can do. These rules apply to everyone, no matter what. This does not in any way set a "bad precedent", because the rules are being applied equally and fairly to everyone. Want to report a cheating user? By all means, go do so- you can find the proper channel here: https://trendyent.zendesk.com/hc/en-us. But this isn't the place for it, end of story. You can not be banned from the game by posting on the forums and asking to be, nor can you get banned by someone else calling you out on the forums. This is the way we've always handled witch-hunt threads and it is the way we will continue to handle them in the future. This kind of behavior is generally forbidden on most forums/sites/games.
  21. My concern and reason for my post was with the underlined part, I don't see what is the joke in that. That is what is setting a bad precedence, There is no bad precedence here. As I said, I can not punish him for posting here and claiming to be a hacker. So basically what I wrote was the equivalent of "Well, if you're really a hacker, you should probably stop now before somebody else DOES report you." There is nothing wrong with saying that. I want hackers to be punished. I simply can't act on this poster for claiming to be a hacker. It's as simple as that. I'm not setting any kind of precedent, and if another user reports him, then he will get in trouble. If they don't, well it is up to him to either stop hacking if he is a hacker, get himself caught in the act if he really wants to be banned (as anyone else would if they did this), or stop posting if he isn't. This is not intended to be a message saying "if you are a hacker you won't get in trouble," which is what I think you're concerened about. This is a message saying "I can not stop you right here and now, so, if I were you, I'd clean up your act." I hope I've made myself more clear here.
  22. I don't keep different yardsticks for anyone. What are you tralking about? what bad precedent? I can not act on someone claiming they are a hacker. It could just as easily be a made up story, or a compromised account by someone else trying to get the person in trouble,, or a "suicide by cop" situation where someone for whatever weird reason wants to see punishment meted on them because they don't want to play the game or be a part of the community anymore (in which case, the appropriate action is to simply leave if that's what one really wants) people are liking your post but you and they don't understand the problem with this. I can not ban someone or report them for claiming they are a hacker. There is no evidence or proof other than them saying they are a hacker. I am treating this the same way I would treat anyone else claiming somebody is a hacker. It needs to be reported in the proper place and not on the forums. I am sorry you don't like my response but other than the slight bit of humor thrown in, it was an appropriate response. I am treating him the same as I would anyone else trying to report a hacker on the forums. This is not the place to report hackers, even if the hacker is yourself. The reason I wrote that last bit about reforming is because I can not put him "behind bars" for claiming to be a hacker- Therefore, if he really is hacking, he has a chance to clean up his account before he gets caught doing it again. And if he isn't really hacking, then I haven't gotten an innocent person banned (or an unscrupulous one what he wanted)
  23. Witch hunting isn't allowed on the forums, even if you're hunting yourself. :p If you really want to you can send in a report to the help desk. Otherwise, if you want to reform you can just discard any illegitimate items and we'll call it even.
  24. DDplanner was great, it was sad to see it stop getting updated and eventualyl disappear. A lot of new maps never had it, and then we added the jester towers :D
  25. On the topic of FPS, can we pin-point a particular reason as to why certain maps(& challenges) get massive FPS drops the moment there is a high inflow of Ogres and other mobs?Ogres in particular have both a high poly count and a lot of bones in their skeleton- seriously, every toe and finger has a bone and can be articulated for animations. So the ogre has a higher than average performance drain per enemy than any other enemy except maybe the bosses. (originally the ogre itself was treated as a boss). This may at least partially account for why performance drops more substantially when many of them are spawned vs. other mobs.
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