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  1. a simple baseline metric is "can I play other Unreal Engine 4 games on it?" But official information won't be avialable for a while.
  2. We and anyone else who might want to get involved do stand ready for any oppertunities to contribute to the game and to the community. :)
  3. You should have a switch anyway. XD As a long time Nintendo person, I'm happy to see Dungeon Defenders make the leap, even though I'll probably be playing on PC.
  4. I think the variety in approaches to level design through the original game is one of the things that makes it good. Different levels will challenge some people in different ways (I liked the closed in feel of Servant's Quarters, personally, but modern camera pass-through and transparent-izing objects that get in the way would make such things a lot nicer.) And yeah, I'd like to see a truly endless survival mode, rather than survival just being "longer than normal mode."
  5. I'm sure they will be interested in various ways to help strengthen their community. Let's let them make the game and figure out that stuff as they go. XD
  6. The primary reason the mana is strewn around the map is so that when a player first visits the map they're required to essentially explore the map- Chests are typically placed near places you might consider defending (at least as a new player). This is in place primarily for the benefit of the person playing the map for the first time rather than the veteran who knows everything already. (It's worth noting in DD2 they recently removed this mechanic and just give mana directly to the player after each wave because of feedback + they didn't see it as valuable enough to retain). I don't care one way or the other in all actuality, I'm just making observations. (The new map I'm working on will only have one chest for mechanical reasons, but this isn't an endorsement of applying that to all maps, which by the way would result in an absolutely ginormous patch)
  7. Even when they weren't as good, I did like using them just because they were fun to use, crazy spammy action is entertaining. :D
  8. "Someone and 72 other users replied to a thread you track" *clicks* Oh, it's this thing. I guess that kinda gives away how often i've been checking the forums recently lol... I'm so bad.
  9. To my knowledge there is no special meaning of this. There is no ARG (alternate reality game), secret meaning, or anything for the number. We're adding accessories in each update so the number that exist is not fixed, and the other examples are coincidence.
  10. This forum seems to be full of unban requests, so in the interest of avoiding more, here is a quick reference. Please do not make threads asking to be unbanned. They will be locked. If you any further questions, the Players Helping Players forum section is the place to ask! How did I get banned?There are two kinds of bans: VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat) bans and Trendynet/Ranked bans. VAC bans are the result of known cheat programs/hooks/other tools that can be used to mess with games. VAC bans are game specific and only restrict you from playing on VAC-enabled servers (All online games are VAC-enabled). The only tools explicitly authorized for use with the game are the game's editor (DDDK) and the steam workshop tool used to launch the editor and upload things to Steam Workshop. Be aware that VAC bans operate on a delay system, so you won't be easily able to determine exactly what triggered the ban. They do this to make it harder for hackers to develop ways around the system. Trendynet/Ranked bans are the result of various rule infractions while playing Ranked games. While some of these infractions can also result in a VAC ban as well, others may not. These infractions may include but are not limited to duplicatiing or modifying items, Running a paypal shop, buying anything from a paypal shop, or trading in or otherwise knowingly purchasing modified items.If you are VAC (steam) bannedThere is nothing that can be done. Valve will not lift VAC bans under any circumstances. You can still play (and cheat) to your hearts content in local play. If the Play Online button is grayed out, it may be due to Steam Community maintenance, so you can check if you are banned or not you by reviewing your steam profile. If you are Trendynet (Ranked) banned only You can visit this link and ask about your situation: Trendy Support However, usually, unban requests won't be honored. If you are certain you have reformed you can consider getting the game on a new Steam account (or use Family Share to play the game on another account), but if you are using tools or attempting to cheat or knowingly purchase hacked items you can expect to get banned again. So please don't do it.
  11. I'm pretty sure the mobile version was essentially a tech demo.
  12. Your only option is to play on a new steam account. Bans can't be reversed.
  13. I didn't realise ToW had a performance issue. I've played a bit of the survival, only up to wave 23 though, and wasn't getting any lag, just the usual 25-45FPS. Is it really bad past that? edit: Lag as in, so little FPS you can't roll properlly, like on PI, TL and MB. The performance tanks most on ToW when looking down the hallway between the north and south crystals- it's the most open part of the map with the most stuff visible, including multiple water planes. The water actors themselves can't be tweaked much more without ruining their apeparance, however, we could disable the effects entirely on low detail settings.
  14. I believe that this "bug" might actually have been a poorly implemented design decision. "Max chain length" better reads as "max segment length" or "max distance between targetts". The "bug" is really that our endgame stats have reached a point where the number of times it can chain and the max distance gets stupid. Personally, given that this behavior has been this way for a very long time, I'd rather tweak the damage output with the current functionality rather than change the functionality. I mean, if it doesn't have drastic implications as stated I'd be okay with it, but I imagine quite a few ppl would be opposed.
  15. I think it would be a tiny, tiny edge case where having a line of sight check on the explosion had any measureable impact elsewhere in the game. Most maps don't have paths with the sort of arrangement that would Those edge cases might include a low rock or bump in the terrain somehow shielding a defense from an explosion, but I'd estimate it to be an extraordinarily rare occurrence. Of course, we will do some testing on this, though.
  16. While we can potentiall fix get out of the map stuff, it can be a significant amount of effort. It would also result in a gigantic patch, particularly if we fixed more than one map at a time. If you find something that really trivializes completing a map though, we can look at it.
  17. Seperate issue with same mesh. The mesh has "Accepts Decals" set to true.
  18. I believe the godray mesh may be colliding the aiming reticle or traces. We will look into this.
  19. We can add a line of sight check to the kobold's explosion, which will prevent any cases of them causing damage to objects on the other side of walls/floors/etc.
  20. VAC bans can't be reversed under any circumstances. VAC banned players can still use Open and Local modes to play. If it's not a VAC ban, it is generally because the player obtained ridicuously hacked items, whether they did it themselves or got them from someone else. If something looks way too good to be true it probably is. Unfortunately they won't do anything about such bans either. In some rare cases where items are only slightly illegitimate and you can demonstrate that you had no way of knowing there have been a few cases where second chances were given, however don't hold your breath. If you were VAC banned and you truly believe you did nothing wrong, it is highly advisiable that you at least scan your computer for malware, but ideally the best thing to do is reset/reinstall Windows to ensure that no traces of any cheats/programs/etc remain before attempting to create a new aco*** or rebuy a game, because if you don't do that you could just banned again.
  21. you can't get in trouble for asking ppl to leave or kicking ppl from a game.
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