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  1. We should be able to tweak that so its a little easier to find/press. It was positioned in such a way that you would have to look up to where you're going. But I agree it is ab it hard to reach.
  2. Hero damage isn't "the star", the game is just a lot harder now. It's more that optimizing your combat ability is much more straightforward. I don't feel like I'm way stronger than my towers (obviously I am to some degree a bit stronger, but I can't be in several places at once which means my defenses have to hold up).
  3. Well I think it's largely because the difficulty of the game is drastically increased for peoiple right at the start of the update launch. TBH, I think everyone forgets the time from DD1 when you had to play a late Nightmare map and lose after the first wave over and over just to get gear to do the other maps. Losing a few times to make progress should be expected. I think it's mostly people are used to the game being too easy. So even though I've been seeing people ask for it to be harder, it got a LOT harder for many people and caught them totally off guard, because they were probably kicking arse before. I think people shouldn't forget, as well, that there's no cap to Ascension. While it's not going to replace all the passive effects that your gear will end up with, if you are close to clearing a map, a few more ascension levels may give that little edge you need to break through.
  4. It is safe to say that after two years of early access they don't have any idea what they want to do with the game. They continue to be stubborn and stick with the awful hero deckI don't understand. The hero deck was basically redesigned to be essentially the same thing as splitscreening four heroes when playing alone in DD1 (meaning you can use any of them at any time, and you get EXP for all of them). So what exactly is so awful about the hero deck in its current state? You can build with all heroes and you can use four in combat- swapping between them instantly at any time without having to find some object on the map and interact with it. That's more than you could do in DD1. Help me out here, I'm confused.
  5. I don't really see how iPWR helps in the above circumstance, because I could just look at the stats on the item and come to the same conclusion in the same amount of time. You'd have to do math to adjust for upgrades either way. I actually like markdevox 's idea to preview how upgrading affects the item- Then you don't have to do any math or know how many stat points or iPWR an upgrade gives.
  6. No, it's still very black and white. When you know what stats you want, the ONLY thing that matters is which can reach higher values. You don't seem to understand. If all you look at is the iPWR, you are potentially putting on an inferior item because iPWR only considers the total stats, not wh ich kind of stats or anything else. As I wrote, things also became more complex with per-tower relics. I don't find iPWR very useful or constructive personally in the first place because I would rather make a direct comparison rather than see if this generic number is higher. Finally, sometimes one stat will be larger than the others and two items can have the same iPWR but one has much more of one stat and the other has much more of a different stat. While the iPWR remains the same, one item may easily be much better for you than the other one. This is like, the same as trusting the thumbs up/down icon in DD1 which weighed all stats equally when some are more desired than others, leading to many items that are definitely upgrades (or not upgrades) being flagged as the opposite. I mean, if you really want this number back despite how unreliable it really is, perhaps they will add it ba ck. But, and this is just me speaking personally, I can tell easily enough if an item is an upgrade or not by looking at the specific stats or stat changes. I never looked at the iPWR.
  7. Hom-Sha-Boms I know what you're talking about, I was simply pointing out that iPwr doesn't care which stats are on an item, so it isn't very reliable by itself. On top of this, we now have four gear slots that use the same kind of item th at can all have vastly different stats, that may be better for one slot but not for another. For example, a relic that has 39874 tower damage, crit, and speed vs your item with a lesser amount of Health on your Spike Barricade slot., damage, and crit damage. that item may be superior for one of your other defense slots but not your Barricade slot.So, whether an item is better or not is a lot less black and white than before. Also, I already compared the attributes on items and more or less ignored the iPwr anyway. Note I have no idea why the second par of my post is like that. it has no formatting on it when i type)
  8. If I recall correctly, in the inventory screen, pressing the appropriate F1-F4 key twice will clear that slot in your hero deck. But maybe I got it wrong.
  9. But with Ipwr you could tell if an item was an upgrade since Stats are just a function of Ipwr...This isn't entirely accurate. An item with 100 Ability Power, Hero Crit Damage, and Hero Health may not be as useful to you as another item with 97 Hero Damage, 97 Hero Crit Damage, and 97 Ability Power. But the first one would have had a higher iPwr because the stats weren't weighed differently. In other words, a higher iPwr item isn't an upgrade if it doesn't have the combination of stats you're looking for on it.
  10. Look at the stat differences and see if you feel like the item is better or not. See the problem with iPWR is, an item isn't 100% guaranteed to be better just because the ipwr increased. So they decided to go back to the DD1 style of using the stat comparisons to decide. Another part of this is what's good for one defense isn't necessairly good for another so the "higher ipwr isnt always better" mantra became especially true for relics.
  11. OK, I think I misunderstood, because spawn notifications can already be turned off in the options. Acen already commened on other aspectse of the discussion but- Changing colors would be a big project tbh because the re are a lot of things in the game that appear on the map and they use a lot of different colors.
  12. Although it may be semi pointless, dont forget to add the boss stage for CD for the sake of completeness.
  13. Once you get VAC banned, there's nothing you can do. You should know better than to cheat when Steam has a very clear policy about it. Steam will not reverse VAC bans for any reason, and game developers do not have the power to do that.
  14. Please report suspicious/bad behavior t hrough the link above, but please do not post about it here on the forums. Name-and-shame ing is against the forum rules. Thanks for understanding :)
  15. We have some things in mind to address the performance and other issues, including the removal of theme selection and making other structural adjustments as necessary. As far as theming, an updated tavern, even with the theme selection removed, doesn't mean we can't do a special theme in the future, but the issue was letting the player pick the theme meant a lot more resources needed to be used and it was causing problems. Your patience and respectful feedback is appriciated as we work to update the beta build.
  16. If you want to see what happens when there is no wave cap, play Karathiki Competitive Tower Defense, which has no wave cap. Then you'll probably agree there's a reason survival isn't infinite.
  17. @Etheral Gamer quote: Glad to hear :) I may add the harbingers, and potentially replace the goblins and just increase the continuous trash spawns instead. The increased mana generation may speed things up slightly anyway. You can check on this but the spider queen should work properly on NM now.
  18. Yeah. Your characters etc. for beta and live are seperate. Do not worry, your data is still there when you switch the beta on / off. It's just seperate because the beta branch is for testing new things before they're official.
  19. If the achievements are actually on your account you can't revert that without a third party tool. While it probably won't get you in trouble re-locking your own achievements, you do so at your own risk.
  20. mHm, and for AMD people it also now support's AMD's hardware encoder as well.
  21. Cut the Ad Hominem. Seriously. Can we have a discussion without you insulting people who disagree with you for more than 1 post? Apparently not, but I tried. Literally all I said was "Strongly disagree", and somehow that requires insulting my capability in this game? Also this entire game is about "progressing". Making big numbers bigger. Am I missing something? I'd like too see the part with the insult highlighted. Just curious because I DID NOT insult anyone. If you feel offended by my posts, just ignore them? About progression... are you really discussing with me now that players with several hundreds if not thousands of hours have a right to progress farther and farther? The game will be always cut to the latest maps -.- How about balancing it a bit better so players actually have a reason to play other maps than the latest? I'm just guessing here but I think the person took issue with you putting "vets" in quotation marks, as if to suggest most so-called people aren't really veterans of the game. I don't think you intended any harm to anyone, so just be careful how you word your posts.
  22. Rest, I still can't play either of the Temple of Water maps due to crashing soon as I launch them. Game settings are at low with VSync enabled and Multi-threaded thingy turned off. Drivers, .Net dependables etc. are all updated & latest. So any suggested fixes for this? I can't reproduce this crash. Can you give us a dxdiag?
  23. OBS is a bit more clunky to use for just plain recording but you can still use it for that purpose (and combine sources, put text on it, whatever). TBH though, i'd never heard of that nvidia software before reading this thread.
  24. @OP: If you're trying to livestream, I reccomend using OBS Studio (google it) instead of Nvidia's or a capture device's included software. It is much more compatible with various games and software. Even in Windowed mode, OBS can capture just the game window and not show the rest of your desktop if you're concerned about people seeing things you dont want them to see.
  25. The parameters for the challenge are set very high, because the original challenge was very difficult (and intended to be so). We did not want to nerf it because we wanted people to be able to experience it in all its evil glory. It is actually possibly a bit more difficult (particularly right now due to a bug) thanks to the addition of the harbingers. While it can be cleared solo (we've done it), the challenge was designed for a group. Also, if you can beat it with Hardcore on, well, you da man, I'll just say that now :)
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