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  1. O_o really i thought its a council to discuss important things on DD or something like that xD It was at the time. Basically, it is a title given to people who supported DD2 prior to its release. It is also part of the lore of the game (see opening movie)
  2. 1) Not all of Mastery's rewards are difficulty specific. Beating the maps with gear limitations and special conditions is much harder, yes, but you earn rewards that can't be obtained elsewhere. Nobody expects or wants you to farm C1 Mastery for gear loot. For regular gear farming, you're still going to want to do Trials. 2) All Chaos tiers will be made available. When you do C7, you'll get C7 drops. I fail to see the problem here or how this "ruins" anything,
  3. I heard the world was ending, but when I got here, the crisis had already been averted :p Carry on!
  4. As a minor update, currently towers built on moving objects will remain at their original location when the ground moves, unless pushed upward. I originally stated that we couldn't address t his, but we have found a solution, so you will be able to build on moving platforms your defenses will stay with them, if all goes well. (assuming there are no major issues with this, it does open a door towards maps that are more dynamic in structure...)
  5. I don't know the model numbers well, is your CPU a socket AM4 chip (it would be a new CPU, the same socket that s upports AMD Ryzen)? Because I'm having a similar issue in DD2, and possibly other UE3 games.
  6. This has been discused time and time again and has been responded to by Trendy, and probably us at some point, but while this sounds easy on paper, it is anything but in terms of actually implementing. It was actually looked into whether or not this could be implemented around the last Trendy update (Moonbase) if I'm not mistaken and it was determined there that this wasn't doable.
  7. for the connection issue, can you post a speedtest.net result for us?
  8. DD1 and DD2 have pretty different styles about them. DD2 has more elaborate mechanics as it tries to experiment with a wide range of gameplay elements and mechanics with loot using unique and customizable effects. But DD1 also has beauty in its comparative simplicity and focus on the loot grind with more straightforward attributes. It will be up to you to determine which game's style you like more. DD1 will continue to see some new content in the future thanks to a community partnership with Trendy known as the Community Development Team, while they channel their focus into finding DD2's niche and making it the best it can be. As far as community goes: Do remember that if you're just starting out, you may see little to no pub games in the game list because the population is mostly veterans at this point and by default, game lobbies have a minimum level set. As you level up you will see more games. Also keep in mind a LOT of people play privately, either alone or with people they know well. But the forums here and on steam are a good place to get to know people in the community.
  9. -- As a Monk, I couldn't even get on the last hook which takes you beyond the spikes. Because the crystals that trigger the black silhouettes, water levels, or activate the water lifts, all 3(or 4) of them have weird hitboxes. They don't get triggered no matter how many times you hit them. Are you shooting them or hitting them with melee attacks? Due to technical limitaitons, melee attacks won't work. The object itself is the "hitbox", btw- the static mesh itself has a kismet "on taking damage" event trigger. -- Harbinger... OMG... these have the worst hitbox in the assault level! Do you not have this issue on embermount as well? As far as hints/help with puzzle solving... I realize that this type of thing is somewhat uncharacteristic of the rest of the game, and I thought of some sort of hint like an inscription with a riddle or something- but I think the problem with this is you'd have to recognize the object that provides the hint and know to activate it the same way as the other things. I don't want to just flash a message on the screen saying exactly what to do because that takes all the thought out of it. It is supposed to be a little bit cryptic.
  10. If you have myth or trans heroes and want to keep them at levels 74 for myth or 78 for transYou're still losing me on why exactly someone would want to do this. Are you trying to artificially limit yourself for challenge sake? I've never quite understood this, i.e. what's the difference between, say, playing a map at level 50 on insane and playing a map at level 100 on nightmare (don't fuss over the particulars there, I just threw out arbitrary numbers for the sake of example)- If it's hard it's hard and if it's not, it's not. Level isn't really important to the task of finding a challenge within the game. Down below I get into a somewhat different situation where this makes more sense. Perhaps that is what you're really after and I'm misunderstanding. UncrownedData Unfortunately, what sounds like something that would be simple to do is often not the case, and we don't currently have an UnrealScript expert that could implement this kind of a feature (freezing XP gain). While there (for example) does exist a setting on the kismet for spawning enemies to make them not give XP, we would have to know before starting the map if we should tick the box for this for every such kismet action in the level; this would require unrealscript to set up such a variable and send it from the lobby level to the level chosen to play, along with work on the UI to put in the option and make it work. Now, if the game's stat system were designed better, an option that would help the situation of people wanting to play with a friend without having to make a fresh character for it would be a level sync feature (each player would be clamped down to the level of another player and their stats would be scaled accordingly) but unfortunately with gear having very arbitrary stats that have little connection to the equip level, it would be extremely difficult to fairly scale equipment to match what's possible at a given level (I've played some games with a feature like this).
  11. I really don't see what the use of this would be. If you don't want to spend you points on a respec right away, just hit ESC? If for some weird reason I don't understand you don't want the full value of all your stat points, just don't spend them all? What's the use of freezing a character at a level below max?
  12. Xbone backwards compatibility requires some kind of work on the part of the developer (i.e. it's not just "put it up on the shop"). I doubt Trendy has the resources to put toward that even if they want to right now.
  13. Pretty sure the despawning thing is map specific as a kismet action is used to sell everything when a game is won.
  14. Jester tower spawns are set up the way they are partilaly for balance reasons - e.g. deadly strikers spawn less than fire balls because of the bigger DU savings - and because Jester defenses have higher scaling. What I can look at is further reducing the amount of non-tower things (again, can't really be zero for balance reasons) and maybe turning up certain defenses like darkness traps that have very low spawn rates but have become more used in recent years.
  15. Your ranked data is not carried over when you switch between the Beta and the Normal versions of the game. Are you certain that this isn't the reason? e.g. if you tried the beta branch and saw your ranked data gone, switch back to the regular version and it should be back.
  16. something ppl seem to have omitted, for basic things mana is more functional as a currency than in the past because we vastly increased the bank and sell limits.
  17. here are the weights for each defense that can spawn. To determine the frequency, divide the weight value by the number of defenses listed (multiply by 100 for %). As an example though, if tower A has a weight of 1 and tower B has a weight of 0.5, tower B will appear half as frequently as tower A. Towers with the same weight value have the same chance to spawn. Small box: Spike blockade: 0.9Magic barricade: 0.35 (this normally costs less DU so its basically a penalty inclusion, which is why this one is low)Magic Missile: 0.8 Slow Aura: 1.0 (known as "sticky goop aura" internally)Gas Trap: 1.0Proxy trap: 0.7Darkness trap 0.4 (Around the time the Jester came out, this defense was pretty undesireable so it was set low) Jack in the Box 0.9 Medium box: Bouncer blockade: 1.0Fireball Tower: 1.0Electric Aura: 0.9 (Known as "deathly hallows aura" internally)Enrage Aura: 0.6Heal Aura: 0.8Party Popper: 0.85 Large Box: Bowling Ball: 0.8Harpoon: 1.0Slice n Dice: 0.7Deadly Striker: 0.6Lightning Tower: 0.9Strength Drain aura: 1.0
  18. Although I was not involved in the previous thread, the only thing I can say about the issue at hand is that nobody on the moderator team will lock a thread because they disagree (or feel that Trendy) disagrees). However, a lack of civility in the discussion may result in thread closure. On a personal level that is all I ask- feel free to discuss whatever you wish as long as it remains civil and constructive and within the rules of the forum (which can be found at the top right corner of the forum index). My assessment after reviewing the thread in response to seeing this one (again, I didn't make the decision in this case) is that this was the logic used in this case, as the title of the thread is quite rude/intended to provoke. For reference, here is the list of "Don'ts" in the forum rules: Be Uncivil Spam or Troll Trade Accounts Harass or Defame Make threads untidy Reply to Provocation Discuss Disciplinary Actions Use Inappropriate Language Practise Obscenity or Vulgarity Disregard Commenting Etiquette Impersonate a Trendy Employee Reference Illegal Drugs or Activities Insult Someone’s Sexual Orientation Perpetuate Unconstructive Negativity Negatively portray Major Religions or Religious Figures Advertise any Non-beneficial, Non-Dungeon Defenders Content Use Trendy or Any Community Team Member’s Name in Thread Titles I feel like the thread is pushing on the bolded ones above. Likening a certain group of players to a disease in the topic title is almost certainly provacative (#6) and/or trolling (#2, thus can not be replied to without replying to provocation (rule #6), and directly intended to defame a group of people (#4). The topic title itself definitely breaks rule #1 and probably #9 in context, and the nature of the thread topic makes it highly likely that #14 is going to be an issue. Since the transgression was relatively minor (and the response was likely preemptive to a degree), I would say locking the thread in this case was a reasonable choice to make (Although the closing reply, perhaps, could have been improved upon). If you have any questions about the forum rules, do not hesitate to ask.
  19. We should be able to tweak that so its a little easier to find/press. It was positioned in such a way that you would have to look up to where you're going. But I agree it is ab it hard to reach.
  20. Hero damage isn't "the star", the game is just a lot harder now. It's more that optimizing your combat ability is much more straightforward. I don't feel like I'm way stronger than my towers (obviously I am to some degree a bit stronger, but I can't be in several places at once which means my defenses have to hold up).
  21. Well I think it's largely because the difficulty of the game is drastically increased for peoiple right at the start of the update launch. TBH, I think everyone forgets the time from DD1 when you had to play a late Nightmare map and lose after the first wave over and over just to get gear to do the other maps. Losing a few times to make progress should be expected. I think it's mostly people are used to the game being too easy. So even though I've been seeing people ask for it to be harder, it got a LOT harder for many people and caught them totally off guard, because they were probably kicking arse before. I think people shouldn't forget, as well, that there's no cap to Ascension. While it's not going to replace all the passive effects that your gear will end up with, if you are close to clearing a map, a few more ascension levels may give that little edge you need to break through.
  22. It is safe to say that after two years of early access they don't have any idea what they want to do with the game. They continue to be stubborn and stick with the awful hero deckI don't understand. The hero deck was basically redesigned to be essentially the same thing as splitscreening four heroes when playing alone in DD1 (meaning you can use any of them at any time, and you get EXP for all of them). So what exactly is so awful about the hero deck in its current state? You can build with all heroes and you can use four in combat- swapping between them instantly at any time without having to find some object on the map and interact with it. That's more than you could do in DD1. Help me out here, I'm confused.
  23. I don't really see how iPWR helps in the above circumstance, because I could just look at the stats on the item and come to the same conclusion in the same amount of time. You'd have to do math to adjust for upgrades either way. I actually like markdevox 's idea to preview how upgrading affects the item- Then you don't have to do any math or know how many stat points or iPWR an upgrade gives.
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