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  1. Earlier today, I was looking at the Ranked game list and I saw one that had "Custom Mission" listed as the map. I thought mods couldn't be used on TrendyNet? So are custom normal gameplay maps allowed or something?
  2. OK, this is going to be long, so bear with me. :) Hiya. I'm a not especially great 72 apprentice and mostly have fresh-from-finishing-campaign-on-hard gear. I'm playing the first eternia shard mission on Normal (kinda silly that I can get through most of the campaign on insane but this one is tough on Normal). I have no problem for the most part making it up to the boss. But first, the spiders drive me crazy. This is normal so they die easily, but they still manage to be really annoying. The main problem I have is with the large group of spiders that appears all over the place near at end of each wave. They get behind your turrets and disable them with their web attack, then hack away and wreck your defenses if you don't get to them in time. This was especially problematic with the southwest Crystal- with proper defenses, no monster will go near it, except for wyverns, so you just need one turret there to take care of them. But no- the spiders will get behind it and destroy it. so I put a lightning tower nearby. This is where things get strange- The spiders would attack the death striker I was using, but the lightning tower which was completely within range did not fire on it, even though the spider wasn't lightning immune. Is there a reason for this? Finally, I resorted to surrounding my wyvern defenses with magic barricades to stop them from destroying them- This works, but it uses up a lot of extra defense points, and is impractical to use at all of my defense locations. I tried using lightning towers all over the place, but sometimes they wouldn't shoot them and I can't figure out why (again, in most cases they weren't lightning immune). I tried pointing a magic missile turret in the opposite direction of my main defenses, but this didn't work very well either. So does anyone have any advice on handling the spiders that will work with just an apprentice? I'm still working on other classes so other class defenses might not be good enough yet. The spider queen I only find difficult because of the normal spiders wrecking my defenses. I try to focus on killing her, but if I do, my defenses go down and I lose. I placed four death strikers aimed at eachother around where she appears which took down half her health really quickly along with em shooting at her but my defenses failed before I could finish the job because of the DAMN NORMAL SPIDERS! So for the queen itself the only question I have is- is there a trick to opening up her obvious weak spot? Honestly, she isn't even the real threat to me, but knowing that would help. I know my gear is terrible, I don't need to be ridiculed for that- but I can get through the regular waves- I'm sure I can do this right now, so I'm just looking for some advice.
  3. I just found the suggestions section, so if needed a moderator can move this there. :) It's cool to see people are on board with this. It would really help us to fine tune our defense placement strategies. (Didn't know there was a mod for it either- yeah, not for ranked but that means other people have thought of it as well. :) )
  4. I'm sure someone will call me noob for wanting this, but it would help a lot to avoid placement mistakes.
  5. Topic- The range of towers generally increases when upgraded- I would like to be able to place them based on the range they will have after upgrades- but it's hard for me to judge distance and it would help if I could at least see the area of effect cone/circle on a tower after it's been placed. Is there any way to do this? If this is not possible I strongly suggest it be implemented, as it is easy to have unintended coverage overlaps or wasted coverage area if you can't easily gauge the upgraded area of effect. Since AoE also often varies, especially when you respec your character, you're forced to relearn it all over again when it changes. The way I would do this is simply have the AoE cone/radius appear when you press the E key (or whatever controller button does the same thing) looking at a tower to show its statistics.
  6. On steam's feature list it says "controller enabled" but it seems like the game only supports xbox controllers. Is there any way to get the game to use generic controllers? My friend says he can't map the controls to his gamepad buttons in the button configuration in the game's pre-launch option screen.
  7. i kno the server is down, but i cant export my character to open play...is this normal? No, it's totally not normal that you wouldn't be able to retrieve your character from the server while the server is down. Because that's where your non-open characters are. (Obvious sarcasm... The whole reason you need to export a ranked character to use it in open is because the ranked characters are stored on the servers so they can't be tampered with- it's just like Diablo 2's system if you ever played that)
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