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  1. [QUOTE]And that is why we have these threads and comments to help them improve.[/QUOTE]This thread isn't aimed at helping them improve. It's simply a player raging. The post and thread are in no way constructive whatsoever. An admin posted to reach out to help and as far as I can tell, it's been ignored. Saying "THANKS A LOT, YOU F*$KED UP" does not help anyone improve. This is true both of the subject of this thread and is also suprisingly true of the game itself- I see to many people get kicked or raged at for being bad instead of offering constructive advice. [QUOTE]Ugh, is it bad that every time I see a thread titled "thanks trendy" I know it's going to be negative. You PC players players are such a downer. Maybe one day you could actually post a thread thanking trendy. [/QUOTE]Practically the main purpose of any forum is for people to complain. People rarely feel any need to go find a forum and post when they're happy with everything. Complaints are what brings people to forums, so naturally, you can expect to see lots of these threads. Nobody ever posts a thread saying "thanks!" that is actually positive or appreciative of anything.
  2. So you solo'd Xmas on Nightmare. Unlocked costumes for your character. and Don't know how to change into them. I'm sorry, but I'm calling shenanigans on the legitimacy of this. How is it possible that someone who doesn't even know how to change outfits manage to solo one of the hardest challenges on the hardest difficulties within a few days of its release. If this was on Open, then so what. But if this was on ranked, I'd be willing to put money on modded gear/DU etc. being used. Uh, it's completely plausible for someone who has beaten large portions of the game not to know how to do this. You don't exactly unlock costumes left and right all day, and the game never explicitly tells you how to change them (yes, you do it once when you create your character, but most people would expect a simpler way of changing costumes than having to leave the game and go to edit hero).
  3. Dungeon Defenders is Trendy's first project. Need I remind you that this game started off as an Unreal Tournament 3 mod. These guys are new to the business and deserve a certain amount of slack. It's oging to take some time before they ge6t everything right. That doesn't undo any damage that's been done, but as long as they reach out and try to resolve it, they're still worthy of some respect.
  4. how about ways to farm mana for non-uber pros that aren't ready for nightmare?
  5. It's not, but it's technically possible with the PS3 (meaning it would be possible for them to enable it, but it is not possible right now). with Xbox it's not allowable because of microsoft's closed system.
  6. A friend of mine approached the westernmost creep entrance between waves, and when he got near the entrance, he somehow magically got pulled inside the creep when jumping. Now (as we speak) we're both trapped in this little room and can't get out . .... Is there any way to unstuck yourself when something like this happens?
  7. Making money in a capitalist economy is such a horirble thing! By the way, some people paid a lot less than the OP thinks. I paid $11.49 for a FOUR PACK during the steam sale. That's less than $3 a copy. OP is overestimating their income and grossly overestimating their profit.
  8. If the "reccomended level" is 30, one would expect that the level is winnable with level 30 players. But it seems to me like this map was really designed for level 74 huntresses with a lot of points invested in speed.
  9. [QUOTE]The trick's to coordinate your deliveries. [/QUOTE]If the first tree is the southwest one, we time out every single time. We literally have someone waiting at the present bag to get the next present, who immediately picks up the second present and we STILL can't do it in time. With 1 or 2 players, we can do it just fine. 3, you have to be perfect, 4, I don't see how it's possible. There's a minimum amount of time needed to make each delivery. The time limit needs to be set such that as long as you take the fastest route and immediately pick up the next present, you should be able to do it. But that's not possible, at least not for us. "Reccomended level" is 30, yet if you don't have a ton of +hero speed, you're not going to make it. Side note: yet another mission where tower defenses just aren't good enough. Defense Apprentice and to a lesser extent Squire really need a little help... We only really have a major problem when we get the tree in the southwest corner, especially on the first wave. This is the crux of it- the RNG (random number generator) can fail you.
  10. I don't care about the monsters. They're not the problem. You're not listening. The difficulty level is irrelevant. The problem is the time limit. The more players you have, the harder it is. It's easier to do it solo. Any more than 2 players is a hinderance. The player scaling needs to assure that the difficulty is roughly the same or slightly easier with mroe players, not harder.
  11. Seriously, how could this have passed QA? Each additional player in the game increases the number of presents to deliver by one per tree, but THE TIME LIMIT STAYS THE SAME! If your first tree is in the southwest corner, YOU WILL FAIL EVERY TIME ON THE FIRST WAVE unless everyone has extremely high speed and even if you can win, one slight mishap and it's over, EVEN ON EASY. Anyone can melt through the monsters like butter, but the time limit will ruin you. The more players the more time it will take you to complete each present drop. The time limit needs to scale with the number of players. Yes, people could just solo that, but the whole point of playing on line in a co-op game is playing with friends. PLEASE fix this.
  12. ^ This, if you're not sur about something, just test it out in Open/local.
  13. dropped mana should be just as locked as items when the tavern items are set to locked.
  14. I said the Halloween and Thanksgiving. Not the new campaign thing. I know that will cost money.Also The Barbarian would definitly cost money Also, why couldn't (seasonal) DLC be free? Other games do it all the time. Little Free updates, most the time the seasonal stuff is free. Like for LittleBigPlanet, Fat Princess, and I know of at least several others. And yeah, Devs have a say in DLC pricing. Microsoft doesn't allow any free DLC/addons. They have to charge at least one dollar for it. The only way to get free stuff is by including it in a title update.
  15. Fire effect doesn't really bother me much, but it could be toned down a bit without ruining it.
  16. I have no problem doing it solo, but the spiders are extremely frustrating, as I mentioned in another thread looking for ways to handle them.
  17. Well the thing is, even if you're a 100% builder, you still have to put yourself in harms way to collect mana to rebuild or upgrade during the wave. You're going to need at least just enough resistance and health not to get one-shotted by monsters.
  18. Not really. It's fine. It's supposed to be the hardest difficulty in the game. It's true, but it should be at least plausible for anyone who's challenged insane to subsequently be able to take on Nightmare afterward. In otherwords, it should be hard, but it should be winnable. Since no one has the achievement yet, I have to ask: Has the Trendy team itself beaten everything on nightmare with real, obtainable equipment? Have they tested it to make sure that it's entirely beatable without using bugs or glitches?
  19. Traditional turrets do seem to be a bit underpowered in this game, along with some of the abilities, such as mana bomb, which is amazingly powerful when you first get it but does not scale well and becomes much weaker at maximum level. Even using mostly towers and sticking them inside a strength drain / enrage aura only gets you so far. I feel like the either the range (to kill stuff before it gets to the towers) or duability of towers needs a drastic buff. I think giving towers a bit of damage resistance with ugprades instead of just upping their HP would make them a lot more viable.
  20. Honestly, if you can't see these in the server list all the time, you'll think nobody is playing them (even though there might be) so you yourself won't want to play them, and lack of players is a disease that spreads. I think these maps would get more use and work better if there was a dedicated server available so these maps could be hosted. For normal, co-op games, regular matchmaking works fine, but these maps need larger groups due to their nature and dedicated servers would facilitate that.
  21. DunDef uses VAC now- You can get banned from VAC servers in all games if you cheat in any one of them. Which essentially means being banned from TrendyNet Ranked. Bans under VAC are delayed, in order to prevent you from determining exactly what caused your ban (to make it harder to circumvent), Regardless: Because of the level of cooperation required, DunDef is by far best when played with people you know (and a vent server, the ingame voice chat is too limited). When I join a random game, I'm reluctant to take mana chests or build anything because the players already in the game might have a strategy in mind already and I don't want to get hated on for ruining it. Plus, by only playing with friends in private games, you avoid any possibility of cheaters.
  22. Earlier today, I was looking at the Ranked game list and I saw one that had "Custom Mission" listed as the map. I thought mods couldn't be used on TrendyNet? So are custom normal gameplay maps allowed or something?
  23. OK, this is going to be long, so bear with me. :) Hiya. I'm a not especially great 72 apprentice and mostly have fresh-from-finishing-campaign-on-hard gear. I'm playing the first eternia shard mission on Normal (kinda silly that I can get through most of the campaign on insane but this one is tough on Normal). I have no problem for the most part making it up to the boss. But first, the spiders drive me crazy. This is normal so they die easily, but they still manage to be really annoying. The main problem I have is with the large group of spiders that appears all over the place near at end of each wave. They get behind your turrets and disable them with their web attack, then hack away and wreck your defenses if you don't get to them in time. This was especially problematic with the southwest Crystal- with proper defenses, no monster will go near it, except for wyverns, so you just need one turret there to take care of them. But no- the spiders will get behind it and destroy it. so I put a lightning tower nearby. This is where things get strange- The spiders would attack the death striker I was using, but the lightning tower which was completely within range did not fire on it, even though the spider wasn't lightning immune. Is there a reason for this? Finally, I resorted to surrounding my wyvern defenses with magic barricades to stop them from destroying them- This works, but it uses up a lot of extra defense points, and is impractical to use at all of my defense locations. I tried using lightning towers all over the place, but sometimes they wouldn't shoot them and I can't figure out why (again, in most cases they weren't lightning immune). I tried pointing a magic missile turret in the opposite direction of my main defenses, but this didn't work very well either. So does anyone have any advice on handling the spiders that will work with just an apprentice? I'm still working on other classes so other class defenses might not be good enough yet. The spider queen I only find difficult because of the normal spiders wrecking my defenses. I try to focus on killing her, but if I do, my defenses go down and I lose. I placed four death strikers aimed at eachother around where she appears which took down half her health really quickly along with em shooting at her but my defenses failed before I could finish the job because of the DAMN NORMAL SPIDERS! So for the queen itself the only question I have is- is there a trick to opening up her obvious weak spot? Honestly, she isn't even the real threat to me, but knowing that would help. I know my gear is terrible, I don't need to be ridiculed for that- but I can get through the regular waves- I'm sure I can do this right now, so I'm just looking for some advice.
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