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  1. 10 hours ago, chpoit said:

    It's silly that people have to use mostly unafiliated means of communication to fix this kind of thing.

    The discord is official, ther'es nothing "unaffiliated" about it. And the users with [CG] there and the Chromatic Official role are Chromatic Games staff.

    (Also, hi everybody, I'm not dead lol)

    Also for further information, whenever you join someone's game, there is a warning if the person you're joining has been flagged as a cheater. If you ignore that warning and join the game anyway, you get flagged because you're playing with a cheater. You can still play of course, but only with other people who are potentially cheating (This is sometimes known as "shadowbanning"). If you did not recieve the warning, either you turned them off in the options or you were already flagged before you joined their game, or you are in fact using prohibited third party tools. False positives are pretty rare, but you are absolutely more than welcome to discuss the issue with CG.

  2. There have been definitely some challenges which have caused  totally legitimate user frustration, but all in all, DDA has done a darn good job revising a classic for a new age, I'm certain they will get up stronger from these stumbles. :)

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  3. There's a few rules to consider when buying from shops:

    If it has paypal in the name, 100% guaranteed the items are hacked. Also paying real money for items in this way isn't allowed anyway and is bannable anyway.

    If it's not a paypal shop, just inspect the items carefully. If you've never seen an item drop with the stats on it, but it doesn't look blatantly hacked, post about it in the item check thread and someone can help you determine if it's possible or not.

    And the old adage, if it looks too good to be true it probably is.

  4. In this case, it is possible they may be able to assist you, but it can't be stressed enough that any website or game accounts you care about you need to take care to lock them down sufficiently with good passwords not used elsewhere etc. etc. so on and so on, as you are ultimately responsible for anything that happens with your accounts, even if it's not you doing it- though this mainly applies to account sharing, which is why they might could maybe assist you in this case. (I am just a forum mod and i make no promises)

  5. On 8/3/2019 at 8:00 PM, ActuallyDoughBoy said:

    If its because of a video its not on the same account its not even updated. if that is the reason i should have been contacted by a CDT member or Staff from Trendy or Chromatic Games  whoever is in charge of this game to take it down. an educational video for people that didnt want to play the right way on the Open Server which from my understanding had no guidelines or anything of that nature


    "I found a video about hacking and decided to try it and I got banned."

    Why are you surprised by this?

  6. Did you switch from windows to linux? Contact chromatic and do not log into that account at all before they say it is ok, unless you already did overwrite the savefiles bunch of times by playing the game on ranked again.

    But. Know this. You can go from linux to windows, but not from windows to linux.

    You can't do either of these things. The different platforms are on different versions and are not compatible with each other.

  7. Just FYI, what was Trendy is now Chromatic Games. A lot of old stickies haven't yet been updated//deleted/etc yet. But as a rule everything linked in that thread still applies.

    In the case you have a VAC ban there's 0% chance that anything can be done to help you. If you were banned for having extremely hacked items you're probably hosed as well.

    However, as you may be aware, Chromatic Games is working on a reboot of DD1 on Unreal Engine 4, and this will be a chance for a fresh start for you. Better measures against cheating are one of the many features you can expect, so bear that in mind :p

    In accordance with the post linked above, this thread will be locked.

  8. The primary reason the mana is strewn around the map is so that when a player first visits the map they're required to essentially explore the map- Chests are typically placed near places you might consider defending (at least as a new player). This is in place primarily for the benefit of the person playing the map for the first time rather than the veteran who knows everything already. (It's worth noting in DD2 they recently removed this mechanic and just give mana directly to the player after each wave because of feedback + they didn't see it as valuable enough to retain).

    I don't care one way or the other in all actuality, I'm just making observations. (The new map I'm working on  will only have one chest for mechanical reasons, but this isn't an endorsement of applying that to all maps, which by the way would result in an absolutely ginormous patch)

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