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  1. Well, I thought that's what you wanted me to do (edit the post to remove the video), so I apologize for any confusion.
  2. It was a serious question. If you feel you're being treated unfairly, I want to know. I haven't taken any action on you or this thread, so I want to know what the deal is.
  3. The kickstarter is over; however you could always email preorder@chromatic.games and maybe they can work something out with you.
  4. Final games are supposed to be polished. Betas are, by definition in the sofatware industry, incomplete and therefore by definition are not "polished." yet. As far as the actual topic, I don't feel this is something to be encouraged; however, rules on what is or isn't allowed for external apps hasn't been established, so I will wait until I find out more from the powers that be.
  5. No... that's not my solution or what I said in any way.... And as I said, all of this and more is still possible on central servers, it's just easier to get caught. In all actuality, they were on the right track with Ranked mode, but as I said, due to the lack of checks it was still possible to manipulate item data in real time. Ranked saves were stored in the Steam cloud. It's the lack of security that was the real problem, which is my point. Servers are not a maigal aura of anti-cheatness. I'm just trying to dissuade you from the notion that just because a game was built on a central server model, that it automatically will have less cheating, because that's simply not true in the slightest. Hacks and cheats will always be a thing. The most you can do is limit their impact.
  6. Making a game with central ized servers does not prevent cheating, although it makes certain kinds of cheating more difficult. Really the problem with DD1 was the lack of checks placed on anything at all. The game doesn't check or care if values are in valid ranges, and that's the real problem. All DDA needs to do is make security checks on items to see if they fall within possible ranges, and while that won't prevent cheating entirely, it will constrain the degree to which it is possible. Central servers just makes it easier to detect and take action against cheaters, it doesn't in any way prevent cheating directly. The same checks that the server runs can also be done by the game code locally. And modifying that generally results in VAC bans on Steam.
  7. Well that's why you keep posting, and they keep patching and updating and everything it is game studios do. Just remember, just because they don't have PR/community people posting constant updates doesn't mean they aren't working on things or reading your feedback. They are in fact seeking people to fill that role, as you can plainly see on the company site ( https://chromatic.games ) What that means is everyone's working on the game and don't have the time to spare to be as there as they want to be for the community end of things. The good news is that will change once that position is filled. :p Keep posting your feedback, you can't say they didn't listen if you don't tell them what you think. >.>
  8. There's no such thing, so don't stop. :p (Again remember I'm a volunteer and do not work for Chromatic)
  9. But please be careful not to paint your opinion as that of everyone around you (by your use o f the word "we"). I am really just a member of the community much like you, I want that to be clear. Frankly, with the updates to the beta that have addressed a ton of issues and improvements, I'm not terribly concernted (And yes, I am a kccikstarter backer). If that didn't happen, I might be, but they're clearly working hard on this, and that's probably why there hasn't been the level of communication you would probably like. I would rather every soul at chromatic be working on the game than taking time out of their day to post constant updates. The game will be better for it.
  10. I'm not really a fan of this as it tends to activate when you don't really want it to when you brush against things. But It would be okay as a toggleable option if enough people wanted it.
  11. It's generally a good idea to give linked videos some context. I generally won't click on a video link that's just the video without any context or description, no matter who posted it, even my best friend. You don't need to put th e whole content of the video into text, but a brief synopsis will actually lead to views. One way to do this well would be the way another user suggested. Include a few bullet points in the forum post with timestamps to jump to the key points. When people decide they like your content, they'll follow/subscribe you and then the next time, they might watch the whole thing. This is how you build a base. I do get the impression you want to take this sort of thing seriously, so I look forward to seeing the results of all this.
  12. Now don't read things that aren't there lol... Basically, I've casually observed how often I pick up an item as useful to one of my four heroes, or at least look at and consider picking up, compared to the number of drops i flat out ignore. Pretty much until the point you're breating everything in the beta, you have a fair chance to pick up at least a couple potentially useful items per map (compared to DD1 where by the time you're at endgame you're lucky if you find a useful item in a dozen map runs). Granted, we aren't at and don't have endgame yet, but as a rule, until you get that far in you should be periodically seeing potential upgrades without having to repeat maps over and over.
  13. No. the beta is time limited and will only contain the four maps available now. The beta will end in a week or two and the next thing you'll see is the full game.
  14. You can't prevent it, but you can limit its advantage to where only the exceptionally dedicated would care enough to jump through those kinds of hoops.
  15. While a freer flow of mana would certainly help, it's just as much the fact that they require constant maintenance as it is the mana cost. I've invested a lot in defense health and still they run out too fast.
  16. Splitscreen farming is not really necessary anymore with EXP being shared between 4 heroes of your choosing. The game also seems more generous with (relevant) loot than it was in DD1, making it unnecessary to me to abuse splitscreen to get more stuff. (Besides, I view it as an exploit rather than a feature in DD1)
  17. I agree that footwear legit looks like crocs lol.... I mean, the current squire look is more consistent with all the cartoon cutscenes and media from the original game. But all four of the heroes ended up looking different in their 3D models in DD1. For the cartoon art, the faces made more sense since they needed to be more expressive. But it isn't as important for the 3D models.
  18. I iddn't read the entire thread but " Items disappearing. " There is a limit on the number of items that can be on the map and this is intended for performance reasons. I believe, but don't quote me, that it is supposed to delete the items with the lowest item power first. And most people don't want the trash tier drops except at the very beginning of the game. When there is currency/item upgrading/trading, this will be a bit more signficant but for the beta, there's really no reason to keep these items. TL;DR it isn't about screwing you or simply deciding "YOU DONT NEED THESE THINGS MUAHAHAHA" the floor item limit is there to keep your FPS from tanking too low and to limit visual clutter.
  19. With the removal of the 2b man alimit, using cubes as a currency isn't as necessary except for the most valuable things. So you should be able to just use mana for stepping stone stuff like trans.
  20. "Skill" is the first ability (on the 1 key). "Boost" is for the second ability (on the 2 key.) "Boost" is NOT for tower boost or hero boost specifically, which is the whole point of this thread- that it is confusing and ambiguous. It would actually be a horrible idea if that were actually to be the case, because it means that it would be a throwaway stat for all other heroes.
  21. I realize, first, that the health scaling isn't that different in DDA vs DD1, but right now, traps are difficult to use- not because they are too week, but because they require so much maintenance th at it will drain too much of your mana and prevent things from getting upgraded. Traps don't feel like they get enough charges for the investment in defense health. I can look away from one lane for just a little while, and look back and discover the traps went down (really wish there were notifications for dead defenses). With other non-wall defenses, as long as you don't build them too close they will never need repairs. Really I'm just proposing to increase the health scaling for traps, because they go down way too fast to the point where I don't invest in tower rate because that just makes them go down faster. I realize that when we play the high tier difficulties after release this may be less of an issue, but for the game available to us now, it's just silly how much tower health you need to get a reasonable number of charges on your traps.
  22. controller support will be available in the release.
  23. Please change the "skill" and "boost" stats to "skill1" and skill2" or dynamically show the skill names for the current hero. "Boost" sounds like its specifically talking about hero/tower boost.
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