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  1. I'd like to do both with one hero and not need a seperate hero for doing DPS. One of the problems that DD2 more or less solveld by having seperate equipment for towers and the hero. Although, this game is meant as an evolution of DD1 so it's unclear how dramatically they will change this aspect from the original.
  2. You can't do either of these things. The different platforms are on different versions and are not compatible with each other.
  3. The hero deck system was designed to promote group play by reducing the ability of any one player to do everything. That limitation was eventually eliminated and the hero deck became simply a quick-access system rather than a restriction. So I don't see them going back to that, especially when DD1 didn't have anything like that.
  4. The build timer in DD1 was originally intended to be acontrollable setting, but t hat was tossed out, in favor of lower difficulties not having it and higher ones having it. I'm not a big fan of tihs as its a very artificial sort of difficulty, especially on some of the larger maps in the game that are difficult to build quickly, especially alone.
  5. I tweaked the topic title- Though the content of the post was fine, the topic title was pretty rude.
  6. Rocket League handles this just fine. But the platform specific skins are only visible to users of that platform. Others just see something generic.
  7. The king's game mechanic is just a gimmick to reward the curious people who discover all the different things that the tiles do. I do like level specific gimmicks but I don't know that this specific one should be added to more places.
  8. Seperate units for every hero (not just one) would have worked if it was like DD2 where you can only take so many heroes with you at a time. The summoner was made seperate because without it, you probably wouldn't be able to summon many minions and thus they couldn't play up the "RTS" aspect of it. The obvious downside of this was that it made the summoner basically a required addition.
  9. The team is fully aware of how easy DD1's structure made cheating, so rest assured that this this is going to be a factor in how they design it. (This is noted on the kickstarter page)
  10. Well, not exactly. Each "floor" is just another map with 5 waves.You used to have to complete multiple maps before your progress was recorded, but that was cut.
  11. We probably won't be making any further changes to existing maps. Core death in the situations described is completely within your control to avoid.
  12. I don't think it's accurate to state that no development is required. Not all software written for X360 is certain to be fully compatible with Xbone since the hardware isn't exactly the same. It might not require much work in most cases, I'm just saying that's not a guarantee.
  13. I'm willing to bet that rather than adding new things, it's going to be more about stricter limitations: no wave replay feature, maybe disable the map function, enemies drop less mana, strict wave build timers, game over if all players die during combat, stuff like that. XD
  14. This forum section is for issues with the forum itself, not the game(s). You can ask this in the Players Helping Players section.
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