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  1. Seperate units for every hero (not just one) would have worked if it was like DD2 where you can only take so many heroes with you at a time. The summoner was made seperate because without it, you probably wouldn't be able to summon many minions and thus they couldn't play up the "RTS" aspect of it. The obvious downside of this was that it made the summoner basically a required addition.
  2. The team is fully aware of how easy DD1's structure made cheating, so rest assured that this this is going to be a factor in how they design it. (This is noted on the kickstarter page)
  3. Well, not exactly. Each "floor" is just another map with 5 waves.You used to have to complete multiple maps before your progress was recorded, but that was cut.
  4. We probably won't be making any further changes to existing maps. Core death in the situations described is completely within your control to avoid.
  5. I don't think it's accurate to state that no development is required. Not all software written for X360 is certain to be fully compatible with Xbone since the hardware isn't exactly the same. It might not require much work in most cases, I'm just saying that's not a guarantee.
  6. I'm willing to bet that rather than adding new things, it's going to be more about stricter limitations: no wave replay feature, maybe disable the map function, enemies drop less mana, strict wave build timers, game over if all players die during combat, stuff like that. XD
  7. This forum section is for issues with the forum itself, not the game(s). You can ask this in the Players Helping Players section.
  8. Hey you guys did good, it's been a while since I stopped by the lounge. XD
  9. Please refrain from posting multiple threads on the same topic. I will leave the other one up, and this one will be closed. (Have patience, having nothing to do with the development of the game itself I'm sure it won't be long)
  10. There is zero development on console DD1 at this point. DDA, which is basically intended to be a reboot, is in the works but it isn't the exact same game and won't be compatible. We at the CDT are still working on another update, but we can only update the PC version.
  11. Obviously I didn't mean no testing at all, just not a public test.
  12. Since they first targeted the Switch for consoles, they probably aren't going to be maxing out the Unreal Engine 4's capabilities, so I'd say its a fairly safe bet thatany modern PC and the ps4 and xbone will probably be running the game nicely.
  13. It would be almost a travesty if stuff like CD was included and the adult character skins were not. So let's hope for that. :D
  14. You don't necessairly need to beta test every platform, the content of the game is more or less the same regardless of platform and all of that aspect should work the same regardless of platform. Doing multiple beta tests would also slow down the launch, and cost more money and time as noted above.
  15. I wish I could help you, but I have no idea. I don't have nor ever played the ps3 version.
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