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  1. What questions do you have? (Don't post personal information though.)
  2. You know there's actually even been a few MMOs that at one time had mod features. In Star Trek Online and another game from the same studio, there was a custom adventure system where you could pick any location, and basically populate it with any ingame assets, any enemies, NPCs etc in the game and you could share them with other people and play them, surprisingly you could still earn rewards, items, xp etc from doing these things, to encourage people to try it. Ultimately though, the feature had to be dropped later on- not because the feature was being abused or anything, far from it in fact; but rather because it was taking an increasingly large amount of time with every game update for them to ensure compatibility for all the assets they add, and to make sure existing creations aren't broken by the changes. So they cut the feature so that they had more time to produce official content in patches. But all the content creators and the people who played their stuff all got lasting recognition for their participation.
  3. Associating custom maps and mods with a save file is a pretty terrible idea. For UT3, all you ahd to do was cook your map or mod for console, put it on a USB stick and on the console version of the game there's an option on the menu to load mods. Most mods will work, with the exception that total conversions can't replace the title screen/main menu and due to the codec that was used on the PS3, custom sounds weren't possible, because it was a proprietary Sony thing that you had to have a license to use. But again, mod support doesn't have to have parity, if the console makers don't want to allow it, that doesn't mean it can't be a thing for PC. There are also pseudo-mod systems out there like the overwatch workshop, which offers a simple sort of "if, then" scripting system in addition to almost every variable about the heroes and game mode settings available to be changed for custom games. They can be shared with a URL and can be used on non PC platforms. While you can't make entirely new levels this way, it does allow some pretty cool things to be set up. As far as I know, even the Switch version of Overwatch coming out shortly will support this.
  4. It was a huge boon to the PC experience. I ended up spending thousands of "hours" in DD1 actually in the editor. I'd like to see mod support work for console but the inability to do so shouldn't prevent it from being a thing for PC. You just need the same ranked/open seperation that DD1 had.
  5. The tools for making stuff in Unreal Engine require vastly more resources than the game you're creating for. They wouldn't run well on console hardware, which is why the tools aren't available on the consoles themselves- games are developed on PC for the console. An in-game editor would require a lot of work on the developers part while being far more limited in functionality.
  6. Content creation could only realistifcally be done on PC, however, Unreal Tournament 3 (unreal engine 3) did have cross platform mod support, with some limitations. It was possible to create maps and mods that could be used on the PS3.
  7. First, I know there's no way this is happening at launch or close to it. But nothing would excite me more than having mod support, so I could bring over my DD1 work to UE4 and DDA (and make it drain even more FPS! XD ) in the modern age. I hope you're at least considering this as a future thing <3 Rainbow of Death anyone? <3
  8. Another reminder that it is okay to be unhappy and okay to express that unhappiness, but you need to keep the language civil. Anger is not an excuse to be abusive.
  9. I honestly have no idea, I'm just another person like you here, but I think the thing with nintendo was mostly just about getting featured on the nintendo indie video. That was a huge amount of exposure right there.
  10. What would my motivation be to lie to you? Go ahead and look in the kickstarter update discussion, there are multiple dev responses telling people how to get refunds. Yes, its not front and center in the post itself, but if you are (or were) a kickstarter backer, you should be reading it. If you don't care to read all of the things about something you put up good money to back, well... There were multiple dev responses in the announcement thread telling people who wanted refunds how to contact support to get them right after they were requested. They could not have responded a lot faster without having somebody monitor it 24 hours. Look, you're clearly upset and I totally understand that. But please don't make unfounded accusations about people. If you want a refund, feel free to contact support at the email shown here to ask for it. I'm certain they'll be happy to honor it.
  11. It's very difficult to do multiplayer scaling. There's the idea that more heads are better than one, so one would naturally expect things to be easier with mroe players, but more players also need more loot, and it doesn't completely make sense to give more loot when the game gets easier. At the same time, if there's no benefit to doing multiplayer, most people won't do it outside of couch coop fun. This is a tricky beast.
  12. Look. I'm not a white knight and I said myself, I think that mistakes were made. We only disagree on how big of a mistake it was. And I think you're reading super too far into things and trying to infer things that just aren't there. You're upset and that's understandable, but you're reaching to suggest malice where I don't believe any exists. If you think they're getting some kind of crazy beaucoup bucks from this Nintendo deal, you've most likely wrong. I would even be willing to bet money myself that this was little more than "Release on our console before the others and we'll feature you in our indie video thing. And maybe buy you drinks." For further insight on this, I think you should review @DungeonDefenders on Twitter, as they have given what strikes me as an honest explanation. It's up to you to decide, and I respect you no matter which side you take, but I'm going to take my leave of this conversation.
  13. Arcane library is not an original DD1 map, it premiered in DD:E and has been added into DD1 by the Community Development Team.
  14. Again, believe what you want to believe. I want to play on the xbox just as much as you want to. But I'm okay with the situation for the most part, because I can use other devices in the interim. That doesn't make me unable to sympathize with your situation. In every piece of every comment, you continue to believe whatever supports your side of the argument. Case in point: I don't, but it is typically well below the performance of any other map. But I have a higher end PC. The average user most likely experiences what you're experiencing. Superior hardware can make up for flaws, but that doesn't mean the flaws aren't there- because they are. I'm not going to pretend there are no issues with the game just because I have a good enough PC to offset them.
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