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  1. I honestly have no idea, I'm just another person like you here, but I think the thing with nintendo was mostly just about getting featured on the nintendo indie video. That was a huge amount of exposure right there.
  2. What would my motivation be to lie to you? Go ahead and look in the kickstarter update discussion, there are multiple dev responses telling people how to get refunds. Yes, its not front and center in the post itself, but if you are (or were) a kickstarter backer, you should be reading it. If you don't care to read all of the things about something you put up good money to back, well... There were multiple dev responses in the announcement thread telling people who wanted refunds how to contact support to get them right after they were requested. They could not have responded a lot faster without having somebody monitor it 24 hours. Look, you're clearly upset and I totally understand that. But please don't make unfounded accusations about people. If you want a refund, feel free to contact support at the email shown here to ask for it. I'm certain they'll be happy to honor it.
  3. It's very difficult to do multiplayer scaling. There's the idea that more heads are better than one, so one would naturally expect things to be easier with mroe players, but more players also need more loot, and it doesn't completely make sense to give more loot when the game gets easier. At the same time, if there's no benefit to doing multiplayer, most people won't do it outside of couch coop fun. This is a tricky beast.
  4. Look. I'm not a white knight and I said myself, I think that mistakes were made. We only disagree on how big of a mistake it was. And I think you're reading super too far into things and trying to infer things that just aren't there. You're upset and that's understandable, but you're reaching to suggest malice where I don't believe any exists. If you think they're getting some kind of crazy beaucoup bucks from this Nintendo deal, you've most likely wrong. I would even be willing to bet money myself that this was little more than "Release on our console before the others and we'll feature you in our indie video thing. And maybe buy you drinks." For further insight on this, I think you should review @DungeonDefenders on Twitter, as they have given what strikes me as an honest explanation. It's up to you to decide, and I respect you no matter which side you take, but I'm going to take my leave of this conversation.
  5. Arcane library is not an original DD1 map, it premiered in DD:E and has been added into DD1 by the Community Development Team.
  6. Again, believe what you want to believe. I want to play on the xbox just as much as you want to. But I'm okay with the situation for the most part, because I can use other devices in the interim. That doesn't make me unable to sympathize with your situation. In every piece of every comment, you continue to believe whatever supports your side of the argument. Case in point: I don't, but it is typically well below the performance of any other map. But I have a higher end PC. The average user most likely experiences what you're experiencing. Superior hardware can make up for flaws, but that doesn't mean the flaws aren't there- because they are. I'm not going to pretend there are no issues with the game just because I have a good enough PC to offset them.
  7. Believe what you want to believe. That doesn't make it true. (xbox gamer tag: tahngarthor)
  8. I'm sorry, but most people know what I mean when I write words. They don't assume the worst possible meaning without every individually carefully chosen word being deliberately picked to please one very specific person when the general population knows what they mean when they say that something "works." When I say that, you choose to interpret it as "barely works" because that's what you want it to say- not because a reasonable person would do that. You seem to be the kind of person who tries to poke holes in things to find things that don't actually exist. It's good form to give people the benefit of the doubt. I in fact used to always assume the worst in everyone's words, and I find that that made my life way less pleasant in the long run. You should really not just assume everyone and everything is out to get you. I'm sorry, but I'm not going to jump through hoops to satisfy grammar and vocabulary pedantic-ism. I'm just an ordinary person talking to, by and large, ordinary people. At this point, I'm just going to have to agree to disagree. We need to keep things civil and I will bow out to make sure of that.
  9. There is no obligation to give a warning, depending on the severity of the infraction. If you walk into a bar and start a fight, they're probably not going to warn you about starting fights, they're going to just kick you out on the spot. I can't discuss other people's disciplinary actions- However, it is super rare in the history of Dungeon Defenders that anyone gets banned permanently from the official forum. It isn't done without a darn good reason.
  10. Was referring to the whole offering refunds with some people being unhappy about the announcement. You did not have to go to twitter. There was an announcement sent to all backers, which also sent an email to the email address you registered with them. I don't like to use twitter either, but it is a widely used communication platform, so I can't fault them for thinking it a reasonable way of off-the-cuff reaching out as a supplement to the clearly official announcements. Why would you assume I mean "just work" and not "work well?" You're being nitpicky with words here- don't pick me apart word by word- you know what I'm trying to say. Of course I expect it to work just as well on one platform as the next. And it honestly shouldn't really be an issue whatsoever if they have the game running on the Switch, if I may be so frank. Also, DD2's performance is not any worse on ps4 than the other platforms. I have used them all and I can't tell the difference.
  11. The email to contact through is preorder@chromatic.games . It doesn't matter if you preordered after the kickstarter or you backed it. This is the email where they will be able to help you. Please keep your messages civil, it will work wonders when you ask for help, I promise.
  12. please make sure you emailed preorder@chromatic.games not preorders@chromatic.games. There was a typo in the original message. And please refrain from calling people names.
  13. I think you're the one making the wrong assumption that just because there's a short delay for the PS4 and Xbox that they don't care about those platforms and won't/aren't putting in the effort to make sure they work. They're being developed simultaneously. The delay is an artificial one due to the agreement, and has nothing to do with the quality of the product per platform. Any company that isn't EA that, when asked to agree to make other versions of a game inferior or put less work into them, would refuse an offer like that (and yes, I know it's happened before, but it isn't a common occurance), and no game developer worth their salt normally wants to intentionally cripple their product. They made it very clear in their message that this [delay affecting quality by platform] won't be the case, and I don't personally feel one misstep like this is enough for me to doubt everything. As long as it's the only one. I am not uninformed- please don't paint me as a white knight. I have an interest in playing across multiple platforms, and this does affect me- just not a by a huge amount. Cross saves will be a thing, and I can play on PC or switch until the PS4/xbox launches, and then have the choice of all of them from there. They made a mistake, but they're doing the right thing in handling that mistake and I think that should count for something.
  14. Depends on the game and the developer tbh. Sometimes betas have all or most of the content, sometimes they're more like demos. It's also not clear whether or not people will have to start fresh after the beta or not. If not, you'll miss that "first" chance if you aren't doing the beta. You can still go "blind" regardless of the release dates, just don't watch streamers or other people playing before you do. This doesn't in any way prevent blind playthroughs. Personally, i've never really understood the desire to be "first" at everything, but if you have a PC or switch you could still do that. That aside, they are doing the right thing in my book, both by trying to build a relationship with a major console company and by handling the situation properly and offering refunds without hesitation. most of the sales are done the first week, *per platform.* I waited over half a year from the console release to play the PC version of Monster Hunter World. It was longer of a wait than I would have liked but I still bought into it, still played it, and still had (and still have) a blast, and the PC platform sold very well even though you suggest that only the first week of only the first platform release matters. I've seen no evidence that a non-simultaneous release across different platforms has a dramatic impact on sales of the platforms that come later. I don't think many people will feel "forced" to buy a switch or PC when the other platforms release a short time later.
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