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  1. So I'm apparently unable to create a private match, or really any type of game. I'm able to join friends just fine, but can't start my own. I've verified my game cache multiple times. Any tips on how to get this fixed?
  2. That's a bummer, thanks for checking
  3. https://steamcommunity.com/id/Decstorose/ To confirm, I lost ranked characters, didn't really have much in open play. (sorry for multiple posts)
  4. Steam account should be "Decstorose", btw
  5. I Played DD1 for about 150 hours, until a couple years ago. I logged in earlier this week and all of my characters are gone. Found a thread on the steam forums saying to ask for help here? I had a pretty well geared summoner and a few other heroes... would hate to lose them. Thanks in advance for any help :)
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