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  1. Maybe we can get these ideas in DD3 then.. when that day comes, hopefully they'll complete DDA way before that
  2. That or they could add some very basic shards to the game, such as Range, Rate, chance to stun, defense power or other smaller things. As long as they don't go into DD2's ridiculous shard system i'd be very happy
  3. This could be quite controversial, but i personally prefer the dd2 towers over the dd1 towers by far. What i'd love is for dda to have both dd1 and dd2 towers but letting us choose certain towers over others, only example i can come up with is with the Series EV DD2's EV2 can have Proton Beam, Reflect Beam, Buff Beam and Weapon Manufacturer DDA's EV-A have everything mentioned above except Weapon Manufacturer, but also has the Physical Beam and Shock Beam, so what i thought is that we'd be able to keep all the equal/same towers from each game but the different towers could be replaced with other different towers, allowing us to replace DD1's physical or shock beam with the weapon manufacturer but keeping everything else the same cause they're the same exact towers.. It's really hard to explain stuff that just pops in your head
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