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  1. I can say that if shards that change how a tower functions come in then i wouldn't want them to be for only the dd2 towers, this would need to be a game wide addition, and would honestly hope that each hero would get at least one shard for one of their towers, but preferably all towers have at least one shard when introduced.
  2. Now the question is what shards would be inherent to these towers, as shards are not in dda, like should the cannonball towers automatically have a small chance to stun, or just make them the base towers? I would prefer for at least one shard effect on each tower if they were to be transferred.
  3. I would really like this, my original idea for something like this was just to have the gender reverse heroes have the dd2 towers though, rather than being able to change towers on a single hero.
  4. Ya, that would be a pretty good idea, though it wouldn't be as easy as increasing the numbers on enemies, I would still like to see new enemies, even just one, per difficulty increase. But overall I totally approve a big number of difficulties, as I too am fond of diablo 3.
  5. Also, I dont know how to change the name of the thread, if I can, unfortunately.
  6. Yes, also I like Armageddon, and to a lesser extent ludicrous from fozzie. Was thinking about a harder difficulty due to the recommended level for massacre being 83, and I want to see that 100 recommended level.
  7. Nope, just thought of a good one, EXTINCTON.
  8. IMPOSSIBLE, maybe, but its also kind of boring.
  9. I thought of DEATH, but thats boring.
  10. What should it be called then? What name could strike more fear than massacre but not be as inappropriate as genocide?
  11. I think the game should get another difficulty and this is the best name I could come up with. This difficulty would require level 100 in my opinion, with the new enemy being the marching band, which double or triple all the stats of all enemies within their range. Also would introduce flying bomber kobolds. The color of enemies could become gray and misty.
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