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  1. I think they gave up on the game. Some say there's a lack of content, but I tend to think that misses the mark. It's not that there's not enough content, it's that all the content is too easy and completed far too quickly, even for non-elite players. All of the content, even nightmare survival at the lowest level available was laughably easy at launch. Enter massacre survival, and it's only a marginal step up in difficulty. Going from insane to nightmare should have been a challenge, and kept players engaged for a while, but it just didn't. Progressing to massacre campaign again should have taken a while to complete and been a challenge, but it wasn't. Strong players stomped through it with few obstacles. Same with mass survival. Games that are too easy don't retain player's interest. That, more than lack of content or communication about upcoming content is the real issue as I see it. Why play a game devoid of challenge?
  2. Honestly, just think about what you're saying. AFK the last map, starting at wave 23. We're barely two weeks into this so called major content patch, and it's over already. That's it, that's the game. And as far as progression, it doesn't get harder as you move from act 1 to act 2 to act 3, and you don't need increasingly powerful equipment to progress. Royal gardens is easier than ancient mines. So, in that context, what do you mean progression was really good? That's your idea of well implemented progression for a major content patch? No progression from easier to harder, just playing maps at random, and over in a couple weeks of casual playing? You're not really going to log in each night just to AFK for an hour and hope you end your AFK session with a slightly better giraffe are you?
  3. It's more than skill vs. grind I think. What has become clear, and very disappointing is that there seems to be no purpose to the grind. I'm aware there are some gamers out there that just like grind for grind's sake, but for many of us, it's just not enough. Grinding better equipment needs to have a purpose, it should be to allow you to complete more difficult maps that would not be possible without equipment upgrades. And that's what seems to be entirely missing here. There's no progression. There's no need to grind gear in act 1 maps, so you can move on to act 2, then act 3. They're all the same. So you just run whatever random map you feel like, get your upgrades, level up your EVs. Pretty quickly you reach a power point where you just steamroll everything and then that's it, that's the game.
  4. Yeah, think I'm with you. But not likely to come back with a new patch if I do quit for now. This patch really played out quickly. On launch day, it looked like it might have challenge and a sense of progression. But that was just until you got your EVs leveled up, and then it became obvious massacre was just designed around the EV and, like nightmare, is too easy. Hard to see why I would want to spend hour after hour sitting on a tower stack, mostly doing nothing, hoping the RNG gods bless me with a phenomenal giraffe or an occasional armor upgrade.
  5. You were getting 320 upgrade godly gear on that map at wave 15? I find that very hard to believe. I have never seen that quality at such a low wave. If you actually had that drop, consider yourself 7 sigma lucky.
  6. You didn't spend much time farming monsterfest then. Most of the godly drops from survival are on par or very minor upgrades from what you would get from monsterfest. There's also a lot of stuff with the godly moniker that isn't very good. Godly means greater than 9000 item power, and item power isn't a very good metric for judging how good an item is. If you spent even a few hours farming monsterfest, the current best drops are marginal upgrades at best. The giraffes are the only item that is materially better than what you already have.
  7. Additive, multiplicative, at some level it doesn't matter. Additive is easier on the dev team to balance so most games choose that approach. But the core concern is can you buff to the point the game breaks. You can break a game with additive buffing as well, and it looks like that's the case.
  8. Totally agree. Some of the stealth changes are bizarre, I wonder why they would spend development time on them. Like, why would you remove the damage and mob affected stats from towers? We used that information on occasion to analyze our build and whether a tower was performing as it should. For what earthly reason was that removed?
  9. Without the hardcore toggle, the drops are totally useless. I am seeing some good gear drop from killing sirens on hardcore as early as the low teen waves. Still not huge upgrades from monsterfest. This is pretty terrible design. Clearing new content on hardcore should be (and is from what I'm seeing) extremely difficult. There isn't progression here as far as I can tell. Gear drops are only incrementally better, and there are no upgrades without hardcore. I'm really having a hard time seeing why I would want to work through massacre survival.
  10. Well, some comments that they've listened. Yet here we are, patch has been out for a couple days now. And we're seeing builds with a huge cluster of Apprentice towers buffed with an overclock, and character on a boost monk with speedy gemstone clearing survival maps. Meanwhile, more traditional builds are struggling. I've played some without the EV as I level it up, and can say that Apprentice towers are still useless on their own. Squire towers might as well not even be in the game for all the good they do. So looks like here we are, build some Apprentice towers and buff the daylights out of them. Time may tell on this one, but from what I've seen so far, I doubt it.
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