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  1. I've had the problem with the avatar several times now. That always happens when a new level is started or you enter the tavern. However, this does not happen with the host, only with the person who is joined. It appears that the avatar of first chatcter in the Deck ist shown. On the screenshot you can see the problem. Wrong vatar, wrong level and 9999 ammunition. After the change of character, everything is fine again.
  2. Hello, I had a very buggy game yesterday and wanted to tell about it. First the background: My wife and I are with all heroes between level 35 and 40. Normally we play together, but when I play solo, I just put her in the game so that she gets the XP and we keep the level together. I also use her Squire, as I don't have one in the level. My PC: I5 8600K Geforce RTX 2070 Super 16 GB Ram Game is installed on a 2TB Corsair Force Series MP510 M.2 SSD. Her PC: I5 8600K Geforce GTX 1060 16GB Ram Game is installed on a 2TB Intel 660P M.2 SSD. We have now finished the campaign on Normal and yesterday I wanted to do a survival. I joined my wife's account via the friends list (to the tavern) in the game I hosted. She was right there with the Squire, so I never changed her character. After I started the survival (Magus Quarters, Normal, from wave 1) I noticed that her character portrait was an apprentice, even though she was online with the Squire. I can't say whether that was already the case in the tavern, as I didn't pay attention to it. I wanted to control her character with a controller (original Xbox 360 controller, wired). That worked for the most part, but I had 2 problems. For one thing, I haven't found which buttons I can use to build towers. The buttons that I had to press were also shown on all icons (for example, heal, upgate, repair, etc.) but no icons were displayed on the towers. I pressed all the buttons, but none of them had a tower or a menu with which I could have selected a tower. In addition, it was not possible for me to get into the menu with the controller (where you can also change the character). I would have suspected the start button for this, but here too I tried all the buttons and couldn't open the menu with the controller. At some point in between I noticed that her character portrait has changed to a squire. I can't say when that happened, because I didn't pay attention to it here either. However, level 99 and permanently 0 gems were displayed. If I pressed "M" or D-Pad down, it still threw off gems. When I gave her gems, the display stayed on 0 anyway. Then at some point our inventory was full for both of us. First I wanted to sell my things. (Can you set a sales filter somewhere?) When selling, the game hung for 5 seconds, even though I actually have relatively strong hardware. Then I sold my wife's items. After the game also hung for about 5 seconds, she flew out of my survival and was thrown back into her tavern. Without warning. I also noticed that in most cases, once you start shooting, you no longer see the ogres' life bars. Best regards
  3. Okay, I'm a little embarrassed now. I apologize both for the complaint itself and for the choice of words: /
  4. Hello, I would like to help improve the German version of the game. I'm not the best when it comes to translating German texts into English, but the other way, I can do it without any problems. If you had an Excel file where the individual words / sentences are listed in the respective languages, it would be my pleasure to revise the German part for you. I would do that for no consideration, simply because it would improve the gaming experience for myself and all other German players. Best regards
  5. Hello, I played over 460 hours on DD1 and was really looking forward to DDA. Basically everything feels very right and good. But I don't like one thing at all. The limit of 4 heroes in the deck is terrible. I used to have an apprentice for towers, a monk for auras, an EV for walls, an EV for buff beams, a huntress for traps, and a huntress for DPS. And a few other additional characters. It annoys me that I'm limited to 4 characters now. At the moment I would get along well with 6 characters in the deck, but I wouldn't be happy with this limitation even with 6 heroes in the deck. The stupid deck just unnecessarily restricts. Apart from the deck and a few minor bugs, I have no other complaints and the game is really good so far.
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