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  1. Hi this is really of topic but I keep hearing you guys say we are working on consoles digilantly but we really don’t know what you have in progress like are you guys going to be done in a few months days years we don’t know anything all I am asking is to be more informative
  2. Will their still be the ev on the switch no more steam exclusives
  3. When is it coming to console !!! My family is waiting since February on switch
  4. I have been making DD characters in. My free time waiting for this game lol
  5. I agree strongly I hope it is with the time and money on console because my family is dyeing to play this game together
  6. Sorry if that was hard to read I was typing in a hurry sorry for no punctuation
  7. Ok.. I agree but we also gotta think they are not the only ones who started a whole new style new company it’s like league of legends wild rift they need to start from scratch and then build up that is why we liked games like Minecraft they have to start from scratch and they had bugs in the beginning too yes they shouldn’t of announced it so early without checking to see without any bugs but all I’m asking is for this community to have patience and look forward to see the big goal up ahead we are here to have fun right 😃
  8. Same I’m a console peasent too
  9. And I misused the word hate I don’t hate anyone
  10. Yeah I am just waiting that is all nothing serious it is a game for crying out loud it comes out when they are done and it will be fun for some people and some people won’t that is how people work not trying to hurt anyone just want to have fun with friends and family playing dda on console or whatever
  11. That’s why I hate people that rag on that it is getting boring it is still in development 😫
  12. Seems like this game is gonna be really fun with family and friends can’t wait for the future game coming out to switch and ps4
  13. Sorry if I was out of topic again just wanted an opinion as well
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