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  1. Why did you never accept my steam friend request? :(
  2. If you guys didn't think the cat above was overpowered enough, than vote for this How it looks in game:
  3. yeaaaa you can have it lol
  4. ggez 300cv no one even try to outbid me pls i dont want to spend more then i have to when i know no one else is going to beat me
  5. Nice Butterscotch Keiji :) 550cv all diamonds
  6. bought out for 600cv by TheLordStormCrow
  7. In my attempt to hoard and never use all of the CV in the game, I'm gonna auction the blue eyepatch thingy Traced to me, I should be on the sheet, and I might have a screenshot idfk I'll look if u want me to. 400cv reserve, if you bid below that you'll be banned from all auctions because I know you didn't read any of this shit 5/10/15 Diamonds No Cubes No Coal No Kilted events DM me on discord about other events pricing, but they'll probs be lowballs cuz I want diamonds (っ◔◡◔)っ dova#0248 End Date: 7/28/2020 at 12:00 PM US Central Time Any bids within the last 24 hours will extend the auction by 24 hours. If you are bidding then good luck 1000cv buyout
  8. Ended early due to lack of interest sold to highest bidder for 160cv (i forgot his name and cant check while editing a post)
  9. Updated Current offers and added end dates for each item.
  10. bump also now my edit button works so you can look at main post for current offers
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