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  1. Yes it's on the roadmap. If you scroll up and click the DDA drop down, there's a link to the roadmap. Player shops is in ongoing development, player shops is in initial development.
  2. RIP end game, gone but not forgotten. Cool hat though.
  3. Arymer has said he's gotten it from all the bonus maps. I've gotten a few from glitter for sure.
  4. My gf and I have played DD1 together splitscreen. Really hoping local co-op is supported when the game drops on the switch!
  5. Iron Brigade is another example, sort of a steampunk/military action td game. Even though it's fairly different, Yet Another Zombie Defense HD might scratch the same itch and it's on sale for $0.51 right now.
  6. If I'm being real: popped up in my sub feed on youtube. She's from my neck of the woods, I've actually met her brother who played in Silvertide and Shinedown!
  7. Definitely true. The only viable alternative is an extremely lucky roll on a paintball gun.
  8. I'm hoping they take their time patching this!
  9. Looks like all of those codes are taken, people just didn't comment as they claimed them.
  10. I've only had this happen to me once on wave 24 of promenade NMHC. Otherwise, it's never been an issue but I haven't run glitterhelm yet. They eventually came out of the spawn door when it happened to me.
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