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  1. Thank you for your precious advice
  2. you're nor wrong, just take the example of Diablo... . I admit that i'm a little impatient. It is especially that i am not used to buying a game not finished when it is officially released when it is already going through its phase of Alpha and Beta. I don't think i'm the only one with this feeling. well i hope. Sorry to have massacred the english language I think this topic can close now.
  3. Sorry, i'm not used to forums. I quoted myself to save time. I noticed some text hidden by a white band... i don't know why. I arrived later on DD1 so didn't actually back it up on this studio's processes.
  4. Hakon, thank you very much for your response on my other topic. Dd1 is a game that I really appreciate and your advice will help me a lot S orry, but selling a product that is not finished as finished is stealing. It's not just little bugs. In this case they leave the beta mention. Sorry but they lied to me and stole 25 € on DDA. I will not cry for 25 €, I find this unacceptable and wanted to let them know.
  5. Hello everyone ! I have an apprentice and a squire level 78, mystical equipment. Statistics of my turrets of approximately: 1000 damage / 700 range / 800 speed / 500 life With these statistics and these characters, What map can I accomplish to further improve my statistics? and have better equipment to progress? Do you have tutorials on this? maybe there are some interesting challenges? Thank you in advance for your answers.
  6. Seriously, you're selling a bugged game. impossible to play with the joystick, impossible to play in split screen, even the damage is not displayed! instead of putting the amount of damage it puts me [value], [value], [value] .... and these are just an example, it would take me 1 week to list all the bugs! I feel robbed of 25 €. your game is not finished, even worse it is poorly coded.
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