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  1. So I had a rather interesting experience just now. I was ingame with someone from presumably mainland China and I was lagging quite hard. Then I noticed I don't lose HP or stamina, I thought the game doesn't process it on my end so I just don't see my hp/stamina loss. Until I noticed that I stay permanently boosted even though I have a steam bot and I actually deal my boosted damage to mobs. After well over a minute another ogre spawned and I just eradicated him with spin and my steam bot. I was literally unkillable and had permanent boost as well as infinite spins with 12 million damage per spin and 8 million dps on my steam bot. The boss went down within like 30 seconds. Brief video, I only got the last part of the boss fight but I think that provides enough information: https://streamable.com/j9j1xl
  2. I never liked that the Summoner was mandatory for later maps or just faster progression while costing additional money. People who weren't willing to buy him were at a significant disadvantage. If he comes in for free I'm not against it.
  3. Don't you play every hero in your deck individually though? Or do you clear maps with just one hero at a time? How is that even possible? E.g. if you have your monk in your hero deck, do only use him to progress?
  4. I'm just sick of it. Preparing to kill the ancient dragon after hours of theorycrafting a build that self sustains, bringing up your hero so it doesn't get one shot and everything goes well. Then you jump forward to get to the harpoon faster and you just slightly touch a warrior that gets in your way and you fly out of the fucking map. It happens too damn often. Exploders? Ok. Ogres slapping your face? Ok. But you just bumping into a mob and you fly around like a baseball. Seriously it's infuriating. If you bump into something, just make it so you get stopped or pushed back slightly but this pinball bullshit is just getting out of hand.
  5. You're doing something wrong if you need three hours for a level at level 87. Best way to get xp at that point is doing either promenado NMHCSV or whatever massacre campaign map you can clear comfortably. Promenade gives like a quarter level when you're alone and a bit more when in group.
  6. There's a reason the squire has the ability to block lol
  7. Think it has something to do with the september 2nd hotfix. They "fixed" the defense rate and dps of the DST to account for the wind up animation. I just noticed that the defense rate was considerably less and consequently the DST was nerfed quite a bit.
  8. Dunno what your problem is, I actually had to work my way up from ancient mines, alch lab, magus quarters all the way until glitterhelm caverns. You slowly but surely progressed and that's the whole concept.
  9. It's not ogres, definitely sharkens.
  10. It's rng whether you can do that though. I had a fool proof build (I thought) with gas traps and shock beams on both lanes but somehow both my walls still got pushed after a while
  11. You have to be really close to the oger to aggro them
  12. Yes you're missing that your Steam bot sucks. You can upgrade the attack rate to .16. You should aim for a 250-300+ steam bot to fully utilize it.
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