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  1. Why do you assume he wants to afk then? Having no dps hero doesn't mean afking a map at all.
  2. If you actually had informed yourself you would have known that splitscreen isn't implemented yet
  3. Local coop with friends is probably the least of the developers concerns considering the Corona situation lmao
  4. Ogres dropped by copters have never been able to damage crystals
  5. The only broadcast of him doing summit is from 25 days ago where he was in a group with 4 ppl and they couldn't get to the boss phase. The next broadcast is two days later where he is doing glitterhelm with the same group. I doubt he did it solo during that time.
  6. Can you link me some videos?
  7. How the hell did you beat massacre summit solo?
  8. Well there is your problem. If you set it to upgrades only you will obviousl only pick up upgrades. If there's no upgrades laying around you obviously won't pick up any items.
  9. I also have the problem that mobs sometimes don't spawn but after a while (definitely way less than 10 minutes) the next wave starts
  10. I have this bug after pressing the move button for the first time. When I press it the second time I can move freely.
  11. Well since other power hungry games like Anno 1800 run like they are supposed to run I doubt there are any driver issues. All of my friends exprerience the same performance drops too with the mana crystals flying slower the more the fps drop
  12. The game has poor performance in general. I have a rtx 2080 super and a OC ryzen 3600x and I still drop to 50 frames in high survival waves
  13. You can aim at the aura symbols that hover above the respective auras. If you put all auras at the exact same spot they shouldn't be hard to target since the symbols are above each othre.
  14. WTF. You're right and I thought I was lucky. How many more dumb bugs does this game have? It feels like it's still in early access stage.
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