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  1. It's understandable. What are you supposed to do at this point? Do another 500 glitterhelm runs to get that 1.5k giraffe? Another 500 alch labs to get that 1.8k miner? I've already 500 alch lab runs and I got ONE useful miner with 1.2k across except power being 1.1k. 90% of my stones have 3 or even 2 stats only which fucking sucks. The RNG in this game needs to change.
  2. Ah yes, and Vladimir Putin is definitely not corrupt lmao
  3. This is probably how it's going to go. Big patch -> some small hotfixes the following two weeks -> long silence ( > 2 months) -> big patch/DLC/ -> hotfixes and so on
  4. Why did you play dda in the first place then? It was clear that it's gonna be like that for a while
  5. Have you updated the game to the latest patch? When massacre was introduced there was a bug where the fire of the demon lord did kill the crystal instantly but that bug is long gone
  6. I didn't even know that lmao. Is it too difficult for the devs to put such information in the tool tip?
  7. Think the blaster from throne room is better due to that beam attack on EV scaling super well off of your weapon damage and it rolls really high physical damage
  8. So I had a rather interesting experience just now. I was ingame with someone from presumably mainland China and I was lagging quite hard. Then I noticed I don't lose HP or stamina, I thought the game doesn't process it on my end so I just don't see my hp/stamina loss. Until I noticed that I stay permanently boosted even though I have a steam bot and I actually deal my boosted damage to mobs. After well over a minute another ogre spawned and I just eradicated him with spin and my steam bot. I was literally unkillable and had permanent boost as well as infinite spins with 12 million damage per s
  9. I never liked that the Summoner was mandatory for later maps or just faster progression while costing additional money. People who weren't willing to buy him were at a significant disadvantage. If he comes in for free I'm not against it.
  10. Don't you play every hero in your deck individually though? Or do you clear maps with just one hero at a time? How is that even possible? E.g. if you have your monk in your hero deck, do only use him to progress?
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