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  1. Has anyone had problems with getting the trophy for reaching round 10 on pure strategy on all maps. As I have done this and haven't got the trophy.
  2. i think its more round 190% but mine is 250% incase they up it in the future.
  3. You can also leave the witch and after 30 seconds if you dont hit it it will leave.
  4. If you havent played since the game was offically released all your chars have been moved to legacy. I believe you can move them back somehow. If not email DDA and they should sort it out within a week or so.
  5. Does mix mode give better pets than survival? If so does anyone have proof.
  6. Yeah ive seen that some dragons dont let you up projectiles which can be annoying. Thanks for the info :)
  7. Im looking for the same thing, the highest screenshot ive seen is 150
  8. Been looking on the forum and havent seen a post related to higest level pet (dragon)you can get. On the wiki it says for wepons(406 I believe) but not for pets.
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