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  1. Well, it's actually there. Ignore the above.
  2. It's been over a month now and I still haven't received my Shadow Costume. Any word on this?
  3. It was actually a bug that I was seeing my Play profile even though I was clicking on Legacy. I had to transfer my Legacy profile to play in order for it to work. Thanks everyone for trying to help.
  4. Hey, thanks for the response. So, my local save file got corrupted with the June 10th update and my saves were wiped (" Those that were prevented was due to a check that would have overwritten parts of the profile, causing it to become corrupt and essentially wiping all your progress. "). Ok. Is there anyway to get them back? Removing my save file from the save folder did nothing here. Thanks
  5. Heyo guys, I logged in a couple days ago, after the patch, didn't try to use the tool to move my stuff from Legacy to Play, just clicked on Legacy. Everything I had was gone. Chars, Gold, Items, Progress (it offers me to play the tutorial again). I have a level 1 Squire named Hamlet that I didn't create. I had never played on "Play" before this, but checked to see if maybe my stuff was automatically transferred. It wasn't, but I do have the exact same char there. I couldn't get any help on Discord (even though some people reported similar losses) and also got nothing
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