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  1. Hi all, I'm a returning player to Dungeon Defenders. I had 820 Hours () logged into DD and really loved this game. I left my tavern unlocked, lost everything and decided to quit. I quit when nightmare mode and the first crystal shard quest was introduced, and people were etiher doing survival for giraffes or soloing Uber Monsterfest. I read the "returning player's guide", but I still have tons of questions. 1. How are people leveling the quickest from 74 - 100? 2. What is the new giraffe? Is it those kobolds? and are those what all tower chars should have? 3. What are cubits? (tradi
  2. I have seen (within the past few weeks) many different posts from newer players asking about cubes and why they are currently worth so much in our communities economy. Well Instead of explaining it the best I can I will give an even better example. Primarily using someones viewpoint who has a better understanding of economics than myself. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DBXEPV2-nSQ&feature=plcp If you simply replace every time he says gold in the video with cube. You will understand a little bit more :3 *Disclaimer* Although this topic in actuality is generally educational in act
  3. I'm amazed that the squire is not included in this discussion. Squires these days are pretty beastly, same goes for a properly geared EV. Monks are the safe play, but the introduction of the steam saw has significantly boosted the abilities of the squire and the barbarian in a very meaningful way. People are also seemingly sleeping on the powers of a properly geared EV. Monks do not get the extra stat points the extra offhand wpn provides. The usefulness of the DPS also depends on the stage being played. For a stage like King's a Barb with a cat is probably the better play while a stage lik
  4. Thanks everyone for the responses :D!!! Keep on trying for it all. :)
  5. Now divide the barbs DPS by 6, multiply the Monks seahorse dmg by 1.4. Factor in the cool-down period of hawk stance, and the monk out dps's almost every time. And to all the previous comments stating that after a hwk stance nothing is left standing, try that against 60mil hp ogres, which to 1 shot means u need a 360mil dmg, hwk stance in tavern without monk boost, which i call bull****. You also forgot to divide the monks dps dude, not to mention the ONE SECOND cool down on hawk stance while it's mapped to an extra key on my mouse? Yeah so far and few between dude. Let me ask everyone thi
  6. *Puts barb dps set, eternian spear, and 20k damage seahorse with 289 ups.. Does 45m dps on a dummy* :'( *Puts barb dps set, eternian spear, and propeller kitty.. Does 81m dps on a dummy* (both with boost aura on) Wow? I'm taking pet advice from people who obviously don't even know the class they are trying to sell me. *Gasp* If I ran with a trans seahorse on I'd be doing just as much as a barb when using my hero boost.. If I run it with a prop cat? I get slighly more dummy dps than my barb but that isn't factoring in hawk stance I can use every 1 second. All the while this is using the
  7. Every single person comes in here claiming, "Oh the monk does just as much as the barbarian" yet I see absolutely no one with pictures? It's just a random claim based on you playing on and probably not testing it at all. Which is why you continue to suggest I test it even though I HAVE. And haws, you are correct I've forgotten about ONE single "buff" added to the rogue since world of warcraft was released. Excuse me for quitting after two 85's on cataclysm and not giving a **** about the game anymore since it's gone to all hell and become something a little kid can handle. I'm sorry Gung
  8. http://i.imgur.com/kSqyc.jpg Thanks from Criocentii and myself to: Trendy: For making this fantastic game which I love albeit all of it's little bugs. My friends on steam: For being dears and helping me with some of the impossible/annoying to solo missions. (this includes the clan I recently joined! NmNx) Me: For the hours I've put into working on a second account on this game after some unfortunate events with my whole other steam account. My pets on Dun def: For being adorable and giving me motivation. ;D
  9. You speak of wow , in wow there is no pure dps char , they all bring beneficts to the raid , either by buffs or debuffs. Bwahah xD... Bwhaahahahahahah!!!! A rogue can buff? No no sir a rogue cannot buff in anyway. What a rogue can do that involves team work is damage mitigation such as moves like sap, which isn't considered a buff. Guess what? A barbarian has a move like sap, it's his shock stance. Except he doesn't need to be stealthed to do it. It seems to take ~3 seconds from stopping attacking and using hawk stance before being able to attack again, so this screenshot shows a DPS ov
  10. Which is amazing to say the least, of the few communities where everyone in it wouldn't be a leecher all the time if they could!
  11. 1) How do you die so quickly in NM? Many so-called "DPS" players with myths ignore the generic resistance stat when upgrading their armor, so don't make this mistake! With set bonus, make sure you have at least 38 generic resist across all pieces (preferably 164% total resist) and at least 32 for fire resist. 2) Find someone to beat Misty campaign for you. Then, you'll be able to do survival with as much time to build as you can, which really helps in getting the right build that fits the characters you have. You'll be able to progress better this way. With at least 80% generic resist on you
  12. Wait this part confused me. If someone at 1000 stats came up to you and asked which dps character they should us to be most effective in any situation. Which would you say? I would tell them whichever they liked the play-style more on? This thread was for my satisfaction, I prefer to use a character on tougher missions who has been proven more effective in one way or another. Whether I like that class or not. I mean if this was the kind of game where you could pick and choose who the best class was for a situation just because you liked them you wouldn't need 3 different builders for one
  13. I don't blame you at all for your posts, In fact I feel they do contribute to the thread nicely. But this wasn't something that I put up for other people to read and take advice from. It was out of personal interest. *in anti drug commercial voice* So kids, don't use a barb thinking he is magically better than a monk.
  14. ...if you already have all the answers then what do you want from us? Yes trans seahorse is so far very good. Someone mentioned the possibility of ult pets, either ult seahorse (possible?) or other rare ult pets that I might not know about. There's no need for survivability since I don't have a problem doing that with monk because of his ranged nature and staying near defenses to boost them, effectively getting shielded. Seahorses only go up to trans, take an ult seahorse into the item check thread and they'd probably keel over laughing. And I wanted opinions on the monk from other people
  15. The only thing left to discuss is what is the best DPS pet a monk can use. Seahorse almost without a doubt. Potentially a Prop cat but I doubt it. Other than that? To increase his survivability in a dps role? Probably a Monkey for decent damage/healing.
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