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  1. not fully camp mm gear mm surv mine?
  2. no i cant mm surv alc. i try deeper well on mm surv to lvl my eve
  3. Hey Guys, i got a Question. I paused the game after there where no new content and bored for grinding. After 2 Months i start again and see the new Eve and now i have to lvl a Char again. So my question wich map gives good exp to get fast from 70 to 90? its still Glitter Camp/Chall or Summit Chall?
  4. Idk where i read it ( maybe Roadmap?) but i read they want to bring a lot of content from DD1 to DDA but they need time. They have to fix a lot of bugs and cant copy and paste it from DD1. So take a seat, drink tea/coffee and wait for new patch :)
  5. I know what u mean that the strength aura lose a lot of HP during wave and if u dont have good gear its hard but if u reach atm endgame content u dont have any problem with this. Im waiting for Mass Surv to see how much the aura lose HP
  6. some of the trophies/achievments are buggy.... but if u do the achievment u will get it right if they fixed it. Just wait until the hotfix is released,
  7. I dont know what gun u really mean( i think Soul Focuser?) but they give u a other gun (Triple Threat) with same stats same amount of bullets just the spread of the bullets changed. So i dont think u have any disadvantage if u are new. Just u have the same weapon with other skin
  8. I hear with the next big Update but idk when they will release the next update :/ i hope soon because i finished all maps on mass and im bored too farm 24/7 250+ up gear.
  9. And if u get the Black/White Siren u need a weapon with Elemantal dmg because she reduce physical dmg so i hope the will release the Joker from DD1 so u can change our weapon during the battle phase
  10. Ty for the answers. I see in a other posting they change ste SF to TT. I dont like the new pic but shit happends.
  11. I want to farm some Soul Focuser to push my DPS and started Mass on labs and after 2 boss kills they dont drop it. Before Patch they drop with 100%. In Patchnotes they wrote" Bosses in Massacre drop unique weapons. Let the hunt begin! " maybe they change it. Anyone now where i can find it now?
  12. Okay ty then i will farm massacre labs
  13. on wich Map do u find it?
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