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  1. Yes. I think .83 is cap and I have heard of, but not seen, monk weapons going to 5 projectiles.
  2. I think that although we don't agree on the execution, we share the same belief that an optional feature that increases the difficulty of a map while offering rewards that aren't necessarily better than the regular game just more..... rewarding, would really benefit the game. Ultimately it would be up to Chromatic whether a feature like this is added and what it would be. Some of the ideas that I have might not be possible in the game, something like a higher quantity of ground drops would probably lag the game terribly even if low power items disappeared. I just hope that someone at Chromati
  3. I don't have any first hand experience with those characters yet. Lawlrus made a post describing the alchemical rewards called dps weapons attempt 2, or something like that. That might be helpful for you.
  4. The huntresses' triple shot crossbow from demon lord looks a little better than the soul focuser.
  5. The wasps from Infested ruins, and the goblin mechs from Omenak haven't made it into the game yet. It would be nice to see these enemies as well as the harbingers at a later time, but having them all at once on every map would not be fun for the player. With the release of act 4 a new enemy on the top teir maps would be exciting, but we need to have room for that enemy first.
  6. It would be nice if you were able to assign alternate heros to certain slots, like if you could put all of your squires in the first slot and then use the mouse wheel to switch between them quickly.
  7. I absolutely agree that we need some form of dedicated anti air in DDA, hopefully the Riftwalker hero will have some when he is released.
  8. If you want a dps hero then put all points into melee damage for swords, ranged damage and projectiles up to 4 for monk, ranged damage and fire rate up to .15 on certain weapons for huntress, and ranged damage and projectile count up to 5 for apprentice. Also if you want dps armor then make sure to upgrade your armor value, I think the cap for insane is 90% total armor and the cap for massacre is 165%, not sure about nightmare.
  9. I like the hardcore ++ idea, I think if they did something like that in pure strategy mode and make the gear that drops comparable to normal survival, it could be a nice break from the hecticness of massacre mode. The modes would compliment each other, if you want to dps and run around kill 50 djins, ogres and goblin coptors at once you would go to regular survival, but if you wanted something more strategic and laid back you would go to pure strategy+.
  10. Isn't massacre crazy enough without adding in Thor to the list of enemies?
  11. I did not explain the gear rewards portion well, you wouldn't get better gear by doing this, just more. Glitterhelms, prom and summit would still be the best maps for loot, but I definitely see what you mean, people would grind ancient mines on 2 and 3 times the difficulty for more xp and gold. When it comes to the gear you get, the quality would still remain, but there would either more gear there drops, or more gear that spawns near that cap. This would make it easier to min max your gear. If a system like this would be too complicated to develop, then I think that doing some of the other th
  12. Currently that is not in the game, but It would be a good feature.
  13. Hi, this post is describing a feature that I believe would improve the game if implemented. Why does a new system need to be added? Grinding the same map over and over again for the best possible rewards can get tedious after a while, you begin to learn how the map works and you master, and trivialize its content. For instance, the grind for a transcendent soul focuser becomes boring and unchallenging for a player that has completed the map a dozen times. And for players who want to level their characters, they can spend several hours on promenade survival building the same build, u
  14. This is currently not added to the game, next update we might be able to interact with them.
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