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  1. Nice, gotta catch'em all.
  2. Hi, i just want to know if you intend to add an anti-cheat like VAC, because dd1 players just needed to launch cheat engine and add insane values to their weapons or give themselves billions of mana ect.. what i mean is that it was too easy to cheat.
  3. Or maybe the possibility to create several hero deck would be great
  4. and 15mb/s is not a really bad connection im just laggy on this game
  5. yeah that's make me crazy i can't host a game or join someone and nobody stay cause my connection is bad, massacre in solo is not fun...
  6. Massacre Campain / Survival / Monsterfest are the best i guess
  7. Hi, im a french player, i have a medium connection 15mb/s but i can't host a game or join a game without insane lag. I don't know why maybe because it's a US server. Someone know if they gonna make a EU server or something else ...
  8. Well thank you sir, im pretty bad in english so the first part of you're message was hard to translate but my "DDS-Win64-shipping.exe" at Dungeon Defenders Awakened\DDS\Binaries\Win64 was starting with admin privilege. Now i can finnally play to DDA
  9. When i try to launch my game it's say : " Couldn't Start : A:\Steam\steamapps\common\Dungeon Defenders Awakened\DDS\Binaries\Win64\DDS-Shipping.exe" DDS CreateProcess() returned 2e4 i try to unistall and install still nothing
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