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  1. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Love this +100000
  3. It's coming out in a couple months. Chill out a bit! They never said they'd come out at the same time, did they?
  4. Yep. No I hate micro transactions dont worry. I would stop playing if they did that.
  5. Is there any way to spend money to get stuff these days? Imagine a DDA shop like fortnite where you spend gold that can’t be purchased with real money... sounds dystopian lol
  6. Dang! :( I wish I had known about this, I bought the game a couple days ago. I'd be totally willing to pay more to get cool bonuses.
  7. Do we have to do something to unlock it?
  8. Keep up the good work, devs! Work hard and don't get discouraged.
  9. Absolutely, I forgot to mention that.
  10. Hello Dungeon Defenders! I have 1 DDA Questions... 1) Why is the word ‘airbender’ banned? (DDA chat) (AND) I have 1 DDA Conspiracies... 1) The Monk is the Avatar! I have proof. Look at the monk’s icons for his special abilities... Notice the glowing arrow on his head! Either the Devs were too lazy to make a new picture or... something is going on! thoughts?
  11. Haha I looked at your other videos... ‘nuff said
  12. Ptolemy


    I am still experiencing this problem as of June 2ND at 8 PM
  13. I used to annoy people by building useless Spike Blockades in DD1 for a little bit... People were like ‘say WHAT?’
  14. 👋 Hello Developers! 😅 First do not worry about all the toxic people these days, they are just complaining. Why complain that you are the kind of developers who even after saying something, will follow the word of the community majority. Imagine if you guys/girls had said we should turn DD into a Battle Royale game and said you wouldn’t change it. But then changed it because of the community’s opinion! Same thing here with the price. I see what you’ve done as working with a divided community. Thank you!
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