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  1. What I didn't like about DD2**: * Paid currency * 4 defenses instead of 5 per hero * Mana being split between combat mana and building mana, making defenses more useful for simply stopping things instead of actually killing stuff * Paid "speed up pet hatching" junk to see if RNG blesses you with the pet you wanted * Heroes who were completely better than basic heroes you could unlock with paid currency or grind forever * The difficult-to-impossible progression of solo-play thanks to literally not being able to be everywhere at once * Upgrading costumes for some reason, like unlocking it isn't enough * "Elemental combos" feeling like the only kind of defenses that might actually be able to defend something without you - but only if half of it doesn't break and the other half is working right. What I don't like about DDA: * Unfinished-feeling UI (the tower health + upgrades, damage numbers, font of floating numbers on a map, loot panels, defense panels on inspection, things like that) * Inoperable tavern keeper (but they say Later((tm)), just that I thought he'd have wares with the "full release") * Some of the gameplay balancing stuff (Medium drops nothing useful; to get better loot for the map you're struggling on, play a previous map on a higher difficulty and maybe hardcore, because your Actual Progression Map isn't gonna drop goodies.) * "light" content (mostly because 9/15 maps are familiar from DD1 and I don't have the "oo what's next" sense I used to get from DD1 progression) * the absence of my favorite DD1 challenge, the original Capture The Gifts christmas map, which I thought was a fun change of pace from regular defending and hope will resurface later this year. I think they can fix DDA. Fixing DD2 means ripping out the paid currency, light-MMO style emphasis (costume stuff and public taverns and loot itemization) and reworking the combat system. DDA just seems like less work to reach a dungeon defending experience that I actually want, which is mostly DD1 but without the difficult climb into nightmare for solo-players who didn't level a summoner and thought "minion units" were cheating. **Opinion generated on an early build of DD2 when "the Mystic" was hot off the DLC press.
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