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  1. Hello everyone! I was just wondering if anyone has looked for and found games like Dungeon Defenders 1 and Awakened? I guess 2 is a lot alike but for some reason I just can't get into it like I do with 1 and Awakened. Anyway, has anyone found anything like them? Thanks! OH one more thing! Workshop for Awakened and local mode! Just port all of Dungeon Defender 1 into Awakened, please.
  2. Very odd. I'd bug that since the 1.0 gear shouldn't have changed!
  3. I had ok gear before the transfer. My Apprentice was around 2200 power 1200 rate and 1000 range. Now I'm at 2000 power 1100 rate and 1000 range. They've gone down a little. My problem is this. The stats I had before the transfer was with gear that only had around half of the upgrade points used. I had to upgrade the transfer gear 100% to get it close to what it was before and I could only do that with 4 of my 8 characters because I'm a running out of mana for upgrades. My Squire came out the same with fortify so that's ok but my Huntress and Monk are both down 100-200 points per stat that ma
  4. This is good. Now I need to get my characters so I can do NMHC survival again. I was worried because the best I've found in 1.0 has been no where near as good as EA gear.
  5. I know that they've said all gear will be converted from EA to 1.0 but not much besides just that. My worry is this. I've tried doing maps in 1.0 that I was doing in EA with my main characters that are level 93. None of my gear is upgraded to max, most of it is 180 of 300+ UPGRADED. I can no longer do the same maps with these character in 1.0 that I did in EA, Promenade NMHC survival with this supposedly overpowered gear from EA. How will I fair with the 1.0 gear if I can no longer complete maps with the EA overpowered gear? I've also read that the gear in 1.0 is different in that
  6. Before going live I was doing Promenade NMHC survival for gear upgrades and coin. I was getting quite a few Mystical with a few Transcendent towards the end waves. I've made a couple runs today same map and settings NMHC and the loot drops are bad. The hand pet at wave 15 was never that impressive common with 131-191 upgrade points,. Today with live I got one hand pet with 49 and a second with 61. EA armor and weapon dropped Mystical with upgrades anywhere from 200 to 400+ with a transcendent or two in there. Today's live runs where mystical and lower with the upgrade points for the most pa
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