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  1. Hello everyone! I was just wondering if anyone has looked for and found games like Dungeon Defenders 1 and Awakened? I guess 2 is a lot alike but for some reason I just can't get into it like I do with 1 and Awakened. Anyway, has anyone found anything like them? Thanks! OH one more thing! Workshop for Awakened and local mode! Just port all of Dungeon Defender 1 into Awakened, please.
  2. Very odd. I'd bug that since the 1.0 gear shouldn't have changed!
  3. I had ok gear before the transfer. My Apprentice was around 2200 power 1200 rate and 1000 range. Now I'm at 2000 power 1100 rate and 1000 range. They've gone down a little. My problem is this. The stats I had before the transfer was with gear that only had around half of the upgrade points used. I had to upgrade the transfer gear 100% to get it close to what it was before and I could only do that with 4 of my 8 characters because I'm a running out of mana for upgrades. My Squire came out the same with fortify so that's ok but my Huntress and Monk are both down 100-200 points per stat that matters for them. Was this how they meant it to be? Shouldn't I have had enough mana to upgrade all my characters to at least where they were? Oh, one other thing I noticed. When upgrading my gear it always used 2 points for that first upgrade point added instead of 1.
  4. This is good. Now I need to get my characters so I can do NMHC survival again. I was worried because the best I've found in 1.0 has been no where near as good as EA gear.
  5. I know that they've said all gear will be converted from EA to 1.0 but not much besides just that. My worry is this. I've tried doing maps in 1.0 that I was doing in EA with my main characters that are level 93. None of my gear is upgraded to max, most of it is 180 of 300+ UPGRADED. I can no longer do the same maps with these character in 1.0 that I did in EA, Promenade NMHC survival with this supposedly overpowered gear from EA. How will I fair with the 1.0 gear if I can no longer complete maps with the EA overpowered gear? I've also read that the gear in 1.0 is different in that the stats are higher to make up for upgrades being a lot lower. I don't know if this is true because all the gear I've gotten in 1.0 has been a lot worse stat and upgrade wise and I can't farm the maps I use to to get the 1.0 gear.
  6. Before going live I was doing Promenade NMHC survival for gear upgrades and coin. I was getting quite a few Mystical with a few Transcendent towards the end waves. I've made a couple runs today same map and settings NMHC and the loot drops are bad. The hand pet at wave 15 was never that impressive common with 131-191 upgrade points,. Today with live I got one hand pet with 49 and a second with 61. EA armor and weapon dropped Mystical with upgrades anywhere from 200 to 400+ with a transcendent or two in there. Today's live runs where mystical and lower with the upgrade points for the most part being in the double digits and a couple around 131. On top of all the lower loot drop stats I'm struggling to even get through to the end waves where before live I couple do it solo as long as I paid attention and did repairs. Now I can't repair fast enough to get to other towers going down. I've also noticed my health being way lower on Nightmare live then nightmare EA. Has anyone else noticed this happening? I mean, I guess I could just be having a bad day!
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