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  1. they said the ps vita version will not be the same as android or ios, it will be the the version thats on the pc, and it will look just like it too ^^ No it won't, the game barely runs at 40-60 fps on a pc 15-20x faster than a vita. (vita gpu said to be half as fast as a ps3 ish, mid-high end graphics cards are 6-10 x more powerful than a ps3 gpu.)
  2. I really, really hope you are trolling. Otherwise playing a game 220 hours and then throwing garbage like this shows really a lot about you as a person... 220 hours before shards patch.... (though at least 3 quarters of that was afk while asleep with an AFK shop up) If anything it shows how much they ****ed it up when people who spent 200 hours on the game will bin it overnight.
  3. Welcome to the club! I check the forum every few days in the odd chance that they revert the game to what it used to be; but yeah right. You can keep your ****ty grind and gear cycles trendy, I'm just telling everyone who hasn't tried it yet and sees it on my list to stay far away from this trash you call a game.
  4. I guess finally sold his forum account. Hey new guy, you bought a pretty crappy account with a bad rep for being a massive fanboy.
  5. Incentive for coop play, what the **** am I even reading? Are you all such slaves to the carrot? The normal incentive is that coop is more fun in most games, and here you already get more loot and extra endwave rewards...
  6. Id go out on a rope and say it was temporary to prevent people abusing the maps solo. Look at the adjustments made to campaign and survival modes on nightmare and how many people are clearing them now legitimatly. People are still glitching (walls, stealth bug still works too to break monster pathing and AI) to clear it and get high end loot. I've gone back to renegade ops (a proper coop game with a working singleplayer) and world of tanks and am having a much better time playing those. They can stick their grind and bugs where the sun don't shine.
  7. Back in my day we didn't all feel the compulsive need to use the AWP and autosniper, that is all.
  8. I hear from the ripoff pack, I mean warping core pack dlc, you know the one that doesn't actually have anything new just the old maps with a core that teleports around. You have to do it on survival.
  9. I give it 5 players before one joins and loots everything, the community in this game is a big ugly turd.
  10. Abload.de is the best upload site:p Lets you upload batches of files and does not compress your PNG images. Not like image quality matters in this ugly game but it's good whenyou want to show off a good looking game.
  11. Only because ogres aren't hitting your walls lol.
  12. So you had wave10-14 nm umf2 exploited gear fully upped (judging by hilarious stats) to pull off a campaign map on nm. **** this game they can stick the grind where the sun don't shine.
  13. Feels about the same to me, ogres still get stuck btw ... just ended wave 13 with 3 mins left because I lost half a minute tracking down a stuck ogre who had partially fallen down a cliff. (good thing i was on my huntress or that would have been a sad sad sad wipe not being able to reach it)
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