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  1. What is the best weapon for the huntress for dps ?
  2. which one of those 2 is the best to farm dragon from summit on nightmare ?
  3. how i can complete the campaign in massacre difficulty ? my tower dont do a lot of damage and my weapon is more weak than the nightmare mode :/ what is the best way to beat massacre mode ?
  4. so turning my huntress into tower will be good ?
  5. i have a squire tower and a monk tower i'm i good with that ? i can switch my huntress into traps too if that can help because my mage is my main DPS >< do you think i'm i enough good to do nightmare ?
  6. ok thanks because i tried Nightmare yesterday and i did no damage
  7. Which maps i need to farm in survival insane to get good stuff and be able to survive in nightmare campaign ?
  8. the boost effect of the gemstone does still affect my tower if i change character who dont have it ?
  9. the reward from all challenge and boss is the same as DD1 ? like Assault give blasticus and Demon Lord give Soul Focuser ? of can i get a full page of all reward from challenge and boss ?
  10. no that i know but on DD1 with apprentice with the button to shoot if u hold it u do more damage but on DDA u cant charge with the left click
  11. it is possible like DD1 join other player tavern for the old good trade and talking in tavern , and is the tavern keeper will sell weapon armor and pets like DD1 ? :)
  12. on the DD1 apprentice can do a charge attack with is staff but in DDA it cant charge attack and on the staff there a stats name : charge attack , did i do something wrong because it won't charge ?
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