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  1. i already did everything that I can man. discord, support ticket, email, etc.. and besides, it aint just me. everyone who bought the fking prestigious edition didnt get shit. like what I said, its a fking scam by a company full of crap
  2. @[CG] Philip still nothing? dont you think this being a bit ridiculous by now?
  3. 7 months since game was released and still no codes?! WTF! can we just please ask for a refund?!?! this is obviously a fkin scam!
  4. And still no !@#&)*($#!@& updates! @[CG] LAWLTA @[CG] Philip @[CG] HiggsBosonic @[CG] Mary @[CG] Alcatraz_devil @[CG] CheesyPirate @[CG] Javahawk @[CG] Javahawk @[CG] PyRoZ Did I @#%&(#%)*( forget anyone?! And most of you also received a PM from me too and no one bothered to look into this
  5. and as for the forum title.. Notice how mine doesnt have the option to change title? ... hmmmm I wonder why? Oh that's right.. because they havent GIVEN it yet! it was also noted on the Forum Title Thread that ... If you are a preorder through preorder.dungeondefenders.com/Xsolla your forum titles will be handed out right after the game launches. Happy Now?
  6. First of all... R-E-A-D. 1) As I've clearly stated on my post, I have contacted support and this is all I got. Notice how they said "VERY SOON" and this was a MONTH ago? 2) Codes were OBVIOUSLY not received because they've haven't sent it out as stated on the ticket. 3) I'd feel stupid by now if I were you for assuming that you know everything.. 4) here's the 4th possibility, I'm telling the truth and Chromatic sucks as game dev/company.
  8. we're on the same boat man..
  9. FYI and still no update btw..
  10. Idiotically Paid for the Prestigious Edition w/c should include the following : - Forum Titles - Awakened Phoenix Pet - Crystalline Skins - In Game Titles - Rift Skins but I have received N O T H I N G ! its been more than 2 W E E K S since the game was Officially Released ! I've already sent multiple E-mails, created Support Tickets and even PM Admins/Mods and all that I've gotten so far was "We will be sending out extra codes for other backers very soon." SOOOOOOON ?! How soon?! Like 1 week soon? 1 month soon? 1 year soon? WTF! At least give a F%#! date! or Better yet... just Issue a refund.
  11. https://forums.dungeondefenders.com/forums/topic/168189-kickstarter-backer-keys/
  12. dude.. no offense but if the game was launched yesterday and I was expecting what I "paid" for to be given today... they yes , I would've categorized that as "instantly". But thats not the case, game has been on early access since Feb and was "Officially" released more than a week ago. This should've been given DAY 1 but instead all we got is a BIG disappointment. I purchased the prestigious edition and boy not a minute goes by that I regret that decision. If I could refund, I definitely would and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who feels that way. Man they cant even give us a freakin date as to when it will be sent out... that tells me that we're looking at weeks if not months before this happens. And as I've said before, I might be able to understand the situation if Chromatic was a newbie company/developer.. but no.. they're suppose to be veterans and they're not acting like one.
  13. its was answered alright.. it was answered with ONE word. "SOON!" no effin time no effin date just effin SOON. what a effin joke this company is.
  14. WHEN will it be OUT???? and please dont say "soooooooon!" at least give us a freakin date! its been a WEEK since the game was "officially" launched and this bonuses that we UNFORTUNATELY and IDIOTICALLY bought should've been given on day 1! Geeeeez Chromatic its not like you're a new company/developer. You guys are supposedly veterans by now get your act together and start acting like one.
  15. this is the reply I got when I asked about the Prestigious Edition that I purchased too..
  16. Got a reply from one of the Mods/Admins - apparently its not out yet lol ... wtf seriously.
  17. So... Im one of the idiots that actually paid for the "Prestigious Edition" of this game. How do I get the bonuses included? Im suppose to get the following but I never got any email nor can I find any clear instructions on how to get them... - Forum Titles- Awakened Phoenix Pet- Crystalline Skins- In Game Titles- Rift Skins
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