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  1. More than a year after official launch... Chromatic FINALLY sent us the code for the phoenix pet.. so how do I get the other bonuses that's support to come with the Prestigious Edition??? (XSolla) These are the things that are suppose to be included.. - Forum Titles (I dont have the "TITLE" option after clicking edit profile.. yes I used the same email add as my steam account and my steam account is already linked) - Awakened Phoenix Pet (Finally.. after 1 @$$%% year since release..) - Crystalline Skins (already checked in-game its not there..) - In Game Titles
  2. a screenshot would've proven you point. we'll be waiting... :D
  3. and still no reply from ChromaSCAM. Best game devs ever. swear to God if I was in the USA, I would've sued this company already.
  4. i already did everything that I can man. discord, support ticket, email, etc.. and besides, it aint just me. everyone who bought the fking prestigious edition didnt get shit. like what I said, its a fking scam by a company full of crap
  5. @[CG] Philip still nothing? dont you think this being a bit ridiculous by now?
  6. 7 months since game was released and still no codes?! WTF! can we just please ask for a refund?!?! this is obviously a fkin scam!
  7. And still no !@#&)*($#!@& updates! @[CG] LAWLTA @[CG] Philip @[CG] HiggsBosonic @[CG] Mary @[CG] Alcatraz_devil @[CG] CheesyPirate @[CG] Javahawk @[CG] Javahawk @[CG] PyRoZ Did I @#%&(#%)*( forget anyone?! And most of you also received a PM from me too and no one bothered to look into this
  8. and as for the forum title.. Notice how mine doesnt have the option to change title? ... hmmmm I wonder why? Oh that's right.. because they havent GIVEN it yet! it was also noted on the Forum Title Thread that ... If you are a preorder through preorder.dungeondefenders.com/Xsolla your forum titles will be handed out right after the game launches. Happy Now?
  9. First of all... R-E-A-D. 1) As I've clearly stated on my post, I have contacted support and this is all I got. Notice how they said "VERY SOON" and this was a MONTH ago? 2) Codes were OBVIOUSLY not received because they've haven't sent it out as stated on the ticket. 3) I'd feel stupid by now if I were you for assuming that you know everything.. 4) here's the 4th possibility, I'm telling the truth and Chromatic sucks as game dev/company.
  11. we're on the same boat man..
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