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  1. still at this point I never received my $60 Awakened defenders Edition code and basically paid twice the price as everybody else did for the same content until I get it. After eternity and then this I think I'm done with this company. Won't get fooled a third time, it's bad enough I let myself a second time.
  2. I never got any code for the Awakened Defenders version stuff, and I was checking mails now and then last year and I never got one with any Dungeon Defenders codes nor many about DD at all actually. I am kind of PO'd about it since I paid $60 to basically get just the game and not the pet that was supposed to come with that edition too. I can provide proof of purchase with the same email that this forum account uses if necessary, I would like to finally get the stuff and can't even find any up to date information about this stuff anywhere.
  3. I bought it off their website back in february just before the beta started, bought it for $60 and received none of whatever was in that package myself that I've been able to find in game yet either nor received any codes i noticed in my email I used to buy it from xsolla either.
  4. need to go into more detail about what happened. like did you try and swap a legacy save to play or something?
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