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  1. Had no issues transferring my account, just loaded up the game hit transfer and held down the button for 5 seconds. Then when i restarted the game everything that was on my legacy profile is now on PLAY. Thank you so much for listening to the community chromatic games, I look forward to playing with everyone else that purchased the game now and I'm excited to see how much the game grows over the coming months.
  2. I agree with OP and feel like the post made today felt much more sincere. I just wish this had been their first thought, not a response to what has transpired but I am happy with it nonetheless. I will admit my initial response was a bit heated, and I would like to apologize for that. I got caught up in the heat of the moment and felt like I was stabbed in the back after initial promises made. I have enjoyed the gameplay so far and am looking forward to split screen coming out, it was just the decisions made outside the game and lack of communication that really rubbed me the wrong way and wha
  3. I did the same thing, put about 30 hours in and since im working full time thats a significant amount of time for me for only having the game 2 weeks. I only did this because it was stated there would be no wipe and I wanted to be able to carry my friends through the early leveling which can be very tedious. The price being lowered always really rubs me the wrong way after they said it would stay the same, if I had known it would be lower I 100% would have waited for release. Was also just waiting for the split screen to play and now who knows how far away that feature is. Already submitted a
  4. Going to do everything I can to have steam give me a refund. Absolutely pathetic that I had to pay MORE for the game and all my time spent still gets wiped after being told it wont. Already hated the grind of leveling up my characters not about to go through it again, shouldn't have even spent the money to begin with. Such a scummy move
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