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  1. Anyone else experiencing this? Game ran perfectly fine for me at wave 25 before the 1.0 patch, but now after around wave 12 lag starts, and progressively get worse from there. By the time im at wave 16ish its almost unplayable. Does not matter if my game is private, and its just me. I literally had no lag at all before the patch. Gtx970 i5 4590 32 gigs ram
  2. My argument is not that everyone needs to be on the mic at all times while working. What im saying is working in the project remotely, and being required to use a mic is not a super valid reason for missing 40% of the features that were promised. Im a C# developer myself, so I understand how the workflow is. Switching from remote work to in house happens all the time. Heck I have even worked with a company that hired non English speaking developers to design UI. The types of barriers you are trying to make it seem these devs facing are just non existent. Has nothing to do with microphone latency, or the time it takes to read a message. You said it yourself, there is a lot more written work in the industry than people think, so why would that all of sudden take longer to read/write something via online?
  3. Ok, but if their job is to develop a game, and if the current only method is to do so via remotely then they would use a mic. Has nothing to do with a personal preference of not wanting to use one in their everyday life. A butcher can pack your meat without gloves, and a mask, but if he wants to keep his job he will use gloves, and a mask.
  4. You have to be kidding right? You are saying the delay it takes from a microphone to another persons headphones would cause such delays in development? lmao.. No it does not "add up" in any meaningful way. Also these guys are developers, they make video games, yet they dont have headsets? How about cell phones, laptops, webcams? All of these things have mics built in these days. Its not the 90s. Seriously I get the delays due to the pandemic, and if they all had to switch to remote working. Maybe it takes a week for them to get back into the groove of things at most. Again these guys are devs, they know their way around software. There may be adjustment period, but to say the transmission speed of online communication was to blame, that's just laughable. The release should have been delayed out right until promised features were in. They also flat out lied about the price change.
  5. This right here. If they had a major impact from the pandemic then fine, I can understand that. Let us know though that, and say "hey community we were severely affected by COVID, and need to delay the launch of full release until we are able to finish up some of the features we promised. It was plastered all over the place that the game had splitscreen, and was honestly was my only reason for buying the game in the first place. I bought the game thinking it was already in the game, but when I realized it was not, I found out it was to be included today, so I kept the game, and did not refund. Paid $40 for a game a few week ago thinking splitscreen was on its way soon, its how I justified the price. Now today is here, "full release" is here, and no splitscreen. Not only that, but the game I paid $40 for, is now $25...
  6. How much later? A day from now, a week, months?
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