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  1. A little late on this but happy holidays everyone! :) https://steamcommunity.com/id/Zyronoxalt
  2. As glowy as Spearmint Name: Santa's Cane Description: Used by Santa to Defend His Workshop From the Old Ones. Forged by: Santa (250,20,20) Mana Value: 1.5B Level: 500 / 500 Rarity: Ultimate ++ Draw Scale: 1.2 I feel like we need a better dps monk event the best we have atm is Spearmint iirc.
  3. I want both of these to be about as glowy as ocean/spearmint 1st item: Name: Toy Robot Raised By: We R' Toys Description: couldn't think of one Mana Value: 2B Level: 750 / 750 Rarity: Ultimate Size: Tiny just like the toy sword recently given out in the new event. 2nd item: Name: Oz's Staff Forged by: Oz (preferably in an emerald color) Description: The Staff Wielded by the All Mighty Oz Himself. Mana Value: 777M Level: 777 / 777 Rarity: Ultimate Size: Normal l Thats all! let me know if i missed anything.
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    Hey John why don't you just mind your own business ok? :)
  5. Zyronox


    B: Spearmint + 6 CV, E: 3 CV
  6. Zyronox

    [WTA] NPC

    Probably because you retracted your bid?
  7. Auction Ended already sold
  8. Oh I forgot to mention, Action ends July 10th!
  9. Hey Defenders! I would like to auction off my ++ pristine gloves. I have a price in my head and if that price is not met I have the right to not sell them to you. Item Check: https://imgur.com/a/RFWgSTq Currency I accept, • Cubes up to 10 CV. • Diamonds 5/10/15 Events I accept, Celebracers 80cv Celebration/NPC/EPH 100cv Final Patch 100cv The Rainmaker 150cv Ginger 60cv Cinnamon 60cv Gaia's Last Gift 40cv Crackers 80cv Pole of the North Star 70cv I may accept other events DM me on discord Zyronox#2629, Happy Bidding!
  10. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199068074814/ Kept crashing at the last few rounds on both maps was able to do wm with a buddy but no one wanted to do ww with me, I found out the problem was if I had more than 1 emu in the game would crash so sadly wasn't able to do both :c
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