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  1. I get and understand that. I'm explaining this from the perspective of a new player. The Christmas event running through May is not a good optic. It makes me hesitant to spend any money. Toss in the performance issues making constant framerate drops a big issue, even when playing solo and it doesn't instill me with a lot of confidence for these issues being fixed because they've apparently been an issue for a while now. Your game premise is awesome, I loved OMD and this has a similar flavor, but the performance issues make it nearly unplayable. I sincerely hope you guys can get it fixed though because you've got a great potential game IMO.
  2. I know that, I never said I had to spend money, I said I won't drop money on it because from my viewpoint as a new player, the device are making another game while this one seemingly fails. At least that's my perception based on the poor optimization and lack of care to turn off or change a Christmas holiday theme and event, especially when we're just getting ready to start summer. 6 months later. Not a good impression for a new player and they lost a potential paying customer because of it. They can't even bother improving performance so your frames don't drop into single digits the second anything starts happening due to all the animations and trap effects. It also means I'm going to avoid the next dungeon defender game if it has a price tag on it instead of being F2P because I don't know or trust this dev company now. All based on exactly what the OP was talking about. Maybe they'll see this and care, but it's doubtful based in what I've seen and read.
  3. I joined today and wanted to see if the issues OP mentioned were persistent and normal before I spent money. I find it extremely difficult to believe anything you said here for a few reasons. 1. I logged into a Christmas holiday event complete with presents. Very cool, except it's May. Christmas has been over for nearly 6 months now. That's not what happens in a game being updated by the devs. 2. It's apparently an unoptimized mess. I'm lucky if I get 25 FPS and it commonly drops to 10 and below. On every map. 3. The lag shows a lack of care and maintenance for the servers. Now you can argue against that all you want, but it has prevented me from spending money on it and playing it often. I'm glad I checked around here before spending money on it. If the device are still supporting it, they're doing a piss poor job. This is as a new player that has no dog in the fanboy fights. There's absolutely no way I'd hand money to this dev team for the game. It's been out long enough that none of the performance issues should still be an issue. This leads me to believe the devs are uncaring or incompetent. Either way, the very real issues and complete lack of dev support means money from this potential customer. It's honestly a shame as well because there's a fun game concept under all the issues. It reminded me very much of OMD, which I love and plunked a lot of hours into. Care, don't care, agree, disagree, but this is my take as a new player. TL;DR: "Devs are totally updating and managing the game" If that's the case, why is there still a Christmas event running from last year? In May?
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