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  1. yeah this is really sad that chromatic, even if we make a post about lack of communication, didn't take their time to even make a short reply like "busy rn brb" .. i don't know how i feel about that.
  2. i have the same issue, most of them are great out i def. should be able to join but nope. perfect example is first map that's greyed out and I could play this map. and another thing taking into consideration i don't get why 4/4 lobbies are ungreyed, you can't join them anyway and this greyed out 1/4 map i could have played. This cuts off alot of grinding opportunities
  3. chat has a lot of problems. when i type and i die, wave starts or ends, my chat gets closed and i have to type everything again unfortunately. I also have the same problem as you but only on a certain wave.
  4. seems like you didn't backed enough.. i think VIP room is unlocked by spending 70+ bucks on kickstarter. it's the double door over the trophies. i didn't backed enough either and the door is a needle in my eye
  5. same here, when i open legacy it now let me play with my characters i have in my non legacy mode.
  6. what is the best apprentice weapon? aren't they all some kind of equal in stats? and i rolled a good weapon yesterday on massacre, nightmare just doesn't do it for me, never had a good one there and i just dipped my toe in massacre ^^ I correct myself on my reply with rolls, but not with how "special" they feel to me. DD1 weapons had really good looking, fun special abilities like Oculus of the Genie King and so on, but this weapons feel very much the same to me as normal drops. (talking especially about apprentice weps.) To me they aren't really worthy to call them bossweapons, if t
  7. and the boss dedicated weapons are trash! in dd1 you could at least farm them because they were special and eventually much better than anything you found on the ground on wave 25 (the way bossweapons should be) but now you don't even have to think about beating a campain bossmap to get the Weapon at the end. this makes me so upset. i never got a good weapon from a boss in DD:A but maybe i'm just not patient who knows
  8. with secret room you mean the Vip room at the end of the tavern right? not the secret room like in dd1?
  9. hope we get to get the vip room later on (not only for kickstarters) because the great double door i can't walk into is a needle in my eye
  10. nvm i'm not level 70 lol and don't know how to delete a topic
  11. what did i do wrong? i played summit the second time now on insane and yet no nightmare unlocked
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