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  1. cool idea, ill try it tmrw if I get a chance and let you know what I think, cheers
  2. jeez man how are you guys so far into the game already lol, how many hours have you put in? I barely just beat it in hard alone but I only got 10 hrs n level 20ish so I am slowly getting their. The game hasn't got me as motivated as DD1 but I will get into it for sure.
  3. OK cool, although by player shops I refer to how in dd1 you could host your tavern and sell stuff from it?? I think thats what I used to do. Would be awesome. Never played DD2 so not sure about that but hopefully they give it another chance, I feel like it gives you more ways of interacting with the community. OH OK as far as pets I was wondering how many there are and how to get any beside the giraffe on treadmill. LOTS of bugs with chat still and wondering if voice chat will come soon? thanks man
  4. Agree with these, you should read my posts I added my concerns and bug reports, I hope they add more enemies and bosses and unique stuff, fix chat, fix bugs, add split screen asap, add voice chat and more MMPORG options. WE WANT MORE CHARS LIKE SUMMONER, BARBARIAN, ETC! TY
  5. HEY THERE I read the latest patch notes and the devs say that they fixed bugs that caused problems with the chat but I am still having issues. For one; the chat sometimes stays persistent, when you hit the letter 'H' the hero swap option comes up. Another problems is sometimes my messages and the chat in general wont even pop up at all. Lastly, I am wondering about voice chat, like in DD1, will this be an option soon? Thanks!
  6. They're supposed to be rolling out soon according to LAWLTA, and damn bro; 300$?? BIG BALLER!
  7. jesus how did u get him??? whats the best way to get pets? im barely starting...
  8. I have been having the same problems and then some, also; is the voice chat available yet? I haven't tried to look in the settings for keybind but the old DD1 button doesnt do anything, thanks
  9. what do u mean by pre order rewards? if i bought the game through steams pre order early access do i get a reward? or the shadow costume they promised? idk confused not sure if you know either..
  10. BUMP, can someone answer these questions?
  11. SOOO how is he toxic? He is complaining about two very valid things, wow.
  12. PM the admins your STEAM ID and they will add you to the list of players to remove from the hacker thing, they are aware of this.
  13. Hey guys, hope everyones safe and having a good day. SOOOO, I purchased the game as soon as it was released for early access, played for about 20-25 hours and was pretty into it but didnt go too crazy with it because I felt like I would wait for the full version when the game has ALL the maps, bosses, etc I been looking forward too and when more of my friends would buy it. GLAD I DIDN'T but not glad I bought the game early access because WHAT THE HELL is up with the game being $30 bucks minus 15% discount all of a sudden? Really? Chromatic Games is this how you thank your loyal fans of t
  14. chromatic games must pay some of yalls rent, get angry and shit might get fixed.
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