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  1. Thank you for the contest. https://steamcommunity.com/id/grumpygrover
  2. As of right now, there won't be any updates for DD1, but DD1 Redux is going to receive updates and currently does has Custom Tavern Selections in the Options menu.
  3. Edit: I forgot to add a steam profile link. https://steamcommunity.com/id/grumpygrover/ Thank you for keeping the game alive when I only played a couple weeks back around the winter of 2011. It was really nice to come back years later and find a strong community for the game. I'm grateful for that. 12 days and so 12 nice things to say (with a lot of referencing to the DDrng Discord server): 1) @Moose is a good sport about being pinged. I mean he loves to be pinged. 2) Everyone in #dd1-help-chat is very helpful. 3) Everyone in #general is very helpful 4) Actually e
  4. Selling stuff. Below are 2 links to the items available for purchase. Builder List: https://imgur.com/a/RWFtlsE Non-Builder List: https://imgur.com/a/3rNhRPx I won't be able to do trades until around Sunday or Monday. Post a reply to this thread with whatever item you wish to buy. First come, first serve. When I see it, I'll update the picture with your name under it. I added a carrot sign in the comments to make it clearer that the price is to the image above, not below. Examples for posting what you want to buy: "C and 17" "E, G, 20" R V 8
  5. Bonjourno


    Auction ends Sunday, November 29, at 9pm Eastern Time. Bids in the last 12 hours will extend the auction on the particular item by 12 hours. Minimum reserves are displayed. Accepted Currency (Events must be traced): Up to 5cv in coal at 8:1 Cubes up to 5cv Diamonds (5/10/15) Small Diamonds (1cv for below defined triple cap / 5cv triple cap of rate, damage, & range / 10cv quad cap) Up to 5cv for non-triple Up to 10cv total Amplifiers - 60cv Ancient Plume - 50cv Black Magick - 30cv Celebracers - 160cv
  6. Could you up them in open and post their upped images? I want to see how high they go in damage, but I don't know how to math honey spears.
  7. Which type of enemies are doing that? Is it the mini-ogres that do that? Mini-ogres will slip by minions fairly easily unless the minions are stacked really close together. It's hard to get the exact spacing right. For the big ogres, I just test the space to see if my character can slip through. If my character can't, then the bigger ogres will take a bit of time to slip though. They end up slipping through though if they get enough time to keep trying to squeeze through, but that usually takes a while.
  8. https://steamcommunity.com/id/grumpygrover/ Competing for time makes me jittery. Thank you for the contests. I think I forgot to mention this on my earlier post on the other contest.
  9. https://steamcommunity.com/id/grumpygrover/
  10. I'm looking for 600 or more average stats on the die and genie. Example: 400, 700, 700, 600 in builder stats. My preferred way of contact is Discord at Bonjourno#7447.
  11. https://steamcommunity.com/id/grumpygrover/ Thank you for the contest.
  12. This is a reference to Curious George. It's a DPS and builder pet. There's a large trade off in either direction, but I see it to be pretty situational and fun to mess around with outside of the situations. The small size makes the monkey not get in the way when fighting things, like other normal-sized monkeys do. Stats (other than tower stats) are related to facts about Curious George Using Monk stats with hero boost at 5,000 Hdmg and 3,966 AB2: DPS on the Tavern dummy is 11,197,000. Each shot is 7,464,667, but the monkey has a choke point in the shooting animation that has a forc
  13. The concept is a "melee" weapon for huntress. Super slow speed, but the bullets come out from the tip of the humorously over-sized 12 gauge sawed-off shotgun. 273.15 Kelvin = 0 Celsius, which is a reference to the freezing point of water (the freezing point of popsicles vary depending on the recipe). There is also 273 on the hidden tower damage and hidden tower range stats, just because it is nice to have it uniform. The large HHP is because huntress needs more health if it's going to be up close and personal. 38 for reload speed is in reference to the 38g weight
  14. Bonjourno


    Auctioning this helm. It includes a hidden bonus of +5 to charm and flex. Events are priced higher than market price as I prefer events over diamonds and coal. The item in ranked: Upped in Open with set bonus to show the 107x Hero Damage (it remains not upped in ranked): Auction Rules: This auction will be ending on Wednesday 26th August at 11:00 PM EST. Bids in the last 12 hours will extend the auction by 12 hours on the specific item to prevent sniping. There is a hidden reserve. For events valued 100cv and above but
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