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  1. Thank you for the contest. https://steamcommunity.com/id/grumpygrover
  2. As of right now, there won't be any updates for DD1, but DD1 Redux is going to receive updates and currently does has Custom Tavern Selections in the Options menu.
  3. Edit: I forgot to add a steam profile link. https://steamcommunity.com/id/grumpygrover/ Thank you for keeping the game alive when I only played a couple weeks back around the winter of 2011. It was really nice to come back years later and find a strong community for the game. I'm grateful for that. 12 days and so 12 nice things to say (with a lot of referencing to the DDrng Discord server): 1) @Moose is a good sport about being pinged. I mean he loves to be pinged. 2) Everyone in #dd1-help-chat is very helpful. 3) Everyone in #general is very helpful 4) Actually everyone is pretty helpful. 5) The ongoing memes and emotes are enjoyingly ridiculous. (I suppose #1 falls under this technically) 6) I can cheat and not have something nice written for number 6, right? 7) Weebs are cool. 8) People not in #weeb are cool too, I suppose. 9) The community is good-hearted. I remember when I started playing again, I had no idea what I was doing. I'd browse people's shops, and once in a while, someone will take their time to help me out or help gear me up. It was really welcoming. I remember one time, Son Goku recommended me to join the DDrng Discord server to get an item I had on checked to see if it was hacked. I posted it in the #general chat. Immediately everyone said it was hacked. Tavernkeeper got 1 item richer that day. Everyone was nice to me though. From there I learned a lot of things. I'd post a lot of questions and people were really patient with me. There were a lot of things about the game that I had no idea about or that information available elsewhere was outdated. Although I farm mostly solo, it was nice to be in a community with others and also see people having fun together. People went to lengths to help me out and I appreciated it greatly. And it wasn't just me that felt this. A lot of people that I would help out after I got a bit more established would also mention how the community as a whole was very welcoming and generous. They found the culture a bit odd (but very refreshing) compared to other games they had played. I could probably keep typing about this longer to make this section a lot more lengthy in this dry humor, but I'll stop here...well after I tell a story that has no relation to this post and topic at all. When I was a bit younger at the age of 19 and still in university, I went to a barbershop. It was normally a one man shop but now the barber had taken on an employee. He was busy doing another person's hair so he had his new employee take care of me. My hair wasn't too hard to do and it's nothing fancy, so it doesn't take too long nor much effort to cut my hair. Now the new employee started to chat with me right away. She was very friendly and I chatted back. There was the usual topics like what I was up to and other typical things. Me being a business major with finance and information systems, liking sports, playing video games, volunteering, and just going to University of Washington. She talked about how she was 25 and wanted a boyfriend. Things got really awkward from there with the way she started to touch my head and hair. Not sure what to do when someone has a pair of scissors and stuff right next to your neck. At this point, the haircut was around the 10 minute mark and only halfway done. And the haircut became a lot slower from here going forward. So yes, there was some awkwardness about her talking about what I thought about her and so on with me trying to be as polite as possible without offending her, being the sharp scissor lady and all. She floated around questions and scenarios asking things like what I liked in women, what did I like about her, how would a nice date be like, if that nice date could be with her, what if she was my girlfriend, etc. etc. etc. She then said that she was just messing with me, which relaxed me a bit. She then went into detail talking about her boyfriend that also attended the University of Washington. Her boyfriend was also a business major. He was an avid gamer, played sports, did volunteer work, and such. I was getting a bit suspicious about this, but then she said her boyfriend was 24. Alright so she definitely wasn't doing some weird thing then since I'm 19. I couldn't be that guy then. Good she's just someone that likes to mess with someone else. I can appreciate that, as awkward as it was. She talked about her boyfriend some more about what a great guy he was and such. Went on about him. She then asked me what my age was. I said I was 19. She said that my age isn't supposed to be 19; it's supposed to be 24. And commence super awkwardness again but at a much higher concentration. So long story short, the haircut took 40 minutes to complete and I didn't come back for about a year. And now to disguise the story more into this post. I remember some times when people would just hand me items worth cv and such just to help me out. Yes, I do think the DD1 community is great. 10) I kind of like you guys and gals. 11) I wish you all holiday jubilations. 12) Have a joyful Christmas. Blessings to you all and keep safe out there. Also remember to give your trans portal guns to Son Goku.
  4. Bonjourno


    Sesar: 35cv on H
  5. Selling stuff. Below are 2 links to the items available for purchase. Builder List: https://imgur.com/a/RWFtlsE Non-Builder List: https://imgur.com/a/3rNhRPx I won't be able to do trades until around Sunday or Monday. Post a reply to this thread with whatever item you wish to buy. First come, first serve. When I see it, I'll update the picture with your name under it. I added a carrot sign in the comments to make it clearer that the price is to the image above, not below. Examples for posting what you want to buy: "C and 17" "E, G, 20" R V 8 9 Thanks for dropping buy (<- so punny).
  6. Bonjourno


    Auction ends Sunday, November 29, at 9pm Eastern Time. Bids in the last 12 hours will extend the auction on the particular item by 12 hours. Minimum reserves are displayed. Accepted Currency (Events must be traced): Up to 5cv in coal at 8:1 Cubes up to 5cv Diamonds (5/10/15) Small Diamonds (1cv for below defined triple cap / 5cv triple cap of rate, damage, & range / 10cv quad cap) Up to 5cv for non-triple Up to 10cv total Amplifiers - 60cv Ancient Plume - 50cv Black Magick - 30cv Celebracers - 160cv Cracker - 100cv Devil's Pool Skimmer - 35cv FPC - 450cv Gaia's Last Gift : 70cv Greater Magicite of Wind - 100cv Lumen - 35cv Maelstrom - 20cv Mask of Legends - 50cv Memoriam - 50cv Ocean - 50cv Pointy Hats - 150cv Rainmaker - 250cv Rockshatter - 100cv Salem - 25cv Waterfall - 45cv Item Check done by Escev and Moose (Escev GOAT & Moose 2nd MVP) B: Current bid: Manyu - 110cv Bid made during last 12 hours Ends Monday, November 30th, 9am ET ************************************************************************** C: Current bid: Dova - 65cv Bid made during last 12 hours Ends Monday, November 30th, 9am ET **************************************************************************
  7. Could you up them in open and post their upped images? I want to see how high they go in damage, but I don't know how to math honey spears.
  8. Which type of enemies are doing that? Is it the mini-ogres that do that? Mini-ogres will slip by minions fairly easily unless the minions are stacked really close together. It's hard to get the exact spacing right. For the big ogres, I just test the space to see if my character can slip through. If my character can't, then the bigger ogres will take a bit of time to slip though. They end up slipping through though if they get enough time to keep trying to squeeze through, but that usually takes a while.
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