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  1. This Auction will end Sunday Aug 9th 10pm BST Bids in the last 12 hours extend the auction 12 hours Currency Accepted Coal up to 10cv Cubes up to 20 Diamonds 5/10/15 must cap damage to count as cap Final Patch - 400 cv Butterscotch - 250 cv Pointy Hats - 100 cv Celebracers - 100 cv Events must be trace (events traced to kilted will not be accepted I reserve the right not to sell if I am not happy with the final bid Current High Bid A. Winner Sesar - 200cv B. Winner Garou - 200cv C, Winner Disney - 100cv D. Winner MrRandomGuy - 20cv A 83x Leather T boost Chest B. 88x Tower Damage Leather Helm C. 76x Tower Damage Mail Gloves D. 81x Tower Damage Leather Chest
  2. Fortunately I didn't get any crashes, I just sucked and lost a few times through my own incompetence xD Thanks for the event :) Merry Junemas! http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197980328457
  3. CorpseEsproc


    Pristine - Glacier + 140cv = 195cv
  4. CorpseEsproc


    Pristine - Glacier + 120cv = 175cv
  5. CorpseEsproc


    Pristine - Glacier + 90cv = 145cv
  6. CorpseEsproc


    Pristine Glacier + 65cv = 120cv
  7. There was a buyout so this had ended thanks
  8. I want to auction these ++ chain gloves Accepted currencies: - Diamonds 5/10/15 - coals up to 5 cv woth - cubes events can be discussed The auction will run for a week I will also take offers for buyout Corpseesproc on discord I reserve the right to not sell the item if I am not satisfied with the final bid and end the auction early if I get an offer I am happy with thank you.
  9. Thanks for the contest :) http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197980328457
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